Top 10 Best In Ground Basketball Hoops in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Your love for the game is surpassed only by need for quality equipment. Otherwise you would have spent significantly less on a portable basketball hoop that rattles whenever a ball passes through the hoop, or really just passes close enough to it. Thanks to technological advancements, in ground basketball hoops that would have cost an arm and a leg decades ago are now widely available in various price ranges.

In this article, you’ll first be looking at some of the features to consider before choosing your permanent basketball hoop. Since these hoops come in various prices, it’s only important that we examine why certain features are more costly, and what features you actually can’t do without.

List of The Top 10 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops in 2021

#10. Silverback SB60″ In Ground Basketball Hoop, Adjustable Height

Silverback SB60" In Ground Basketball Hoop, Adjustable Height

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Incredibly innovative, this silverback model, unlike traditional in ground basketball hoops, features a unique mounting system that allows you unbolt your hoop if you’re changing your address. This is excellent because most people have to leave their beloved hoops whenever they move.

It has a crank actuator that allows height adjustments from 10″ to 7.5″. It features the standard break-away rims you’ll find on most permanent hoops, so it flexes when you dunk. The steel pole is powder-coated to mimic a “gymnasium” kind of performance.

  • Overhang is 2.5 ft away
  • Backboard – 5/16″ thick tempered glass
  • Rim Height Adjustability from 7.5 feet minimum to 10 feet max (in 6 increments)
  • Backboard Dimensions – 60″W * 33″H
  • 5 year warranty

#9. Spalding NBA In Ground, 54″ Aluminium Trim Glass Backboard

Spalding NBA In Ground, 54" Aluminium Trim Glass Backboard

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An affordable hoop system for those looking for great rebound but can’t afford to pay premium prices for professional hoops. It has the U-lift rim height adjustment system common with most spalding products. Overhaug is set 2 feet from baseline, which is half that of the professional NBA sports.

Note that even though it uses a steel frame, it is steel made with trim glass so it will withstand all weather conditions as well as the wear and tear from a regular basketball game.

  • Backboard Dimensions – 54″W * 32″H
  • Board Material – 1/4″ steel trim glass
  • Overhang – 2 feet away from baseline
  • Rim height adjustment – U-lift 7.5 feet to 10 feet

#8. Lifetime 71525, 54″ Shatterproof Backboard

Lifetime 71525, 54" Shatterproof Backboard

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Durable in-ground basketball hoop designed with high intensity, beginners in mind. The backboard is made with Makrolon polycarbonate so it’s on the extremely affordable spectrum. Suitable for both kids or adults just learning as its rim can be reduced to a minimum of 7.5 feet.

Rim is made with double compression spring, while the net is made with durable material to protect against all weathers. The package you’ll receive comes with all the tools you’ll need to get you started, so don’t be quick to get after-market products. Note, follow installation instructions carefully so that your pole won’t wobble when you start using it.

  • Board material – 54″ Makrolon polycarbonate
  • 5 year warranty
  • 3.5″ diameter round steel pole
  • Height adjustments – 7.5 feet to 10 feet

#7. Ryval C660 Basketball Hoop, 60″ Tempered Glass

Ryval C660 Basketball Hoop, 60" Tempered Glass

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Has a hot-dip frame so no need for reinforced joints since everything is welded together for a no-vibration play. This is as close to professional basketball hoop you’ll get within the 500 to 600 dollar range. It has a hung backboard, measuring 60″, made with 1/2″ thick quality tempered glass so the rebound’s incredible.

Hate it when your net ties? This hoop’s net has a continuous metal that runs right through the net so that not even fingers or the net itself can form rings. Adjustable handle is removal, in case you don’t want kids playing with it.

  • Comes with 4 rebar reinforcements
  • Board size – 60″ wide clear view tempered glass, 1/2″ thick
  • Rim height adjustment – 5 feet to 10 feet tall, with removable adjustment handle.
  • Overhang – 3 feet clearance
  • Comes with bacboard edge pad

#6. Pro Dunk Gold, 60″ Tempered Glass

Pro Dunk Gold, 60" Tempered Glass

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Attached to a 6″ square, (7 gauge thick) pole, this in-ground is sturdy even by industry standard. The backboard is made with high quality 60″ tempered glass and the maximum lift-assist mechanism for optimum game play, even for the youngest players. The rim is heavvy duty and comes with a dual internal spring back device, just like in standard gym.

Comes with a 1″ thick high impact padding for backboard, gusset and pole for extra safety. Height is adjustable to as low as 5 feet, for kids, up to the industry standard f 10 feet.

  • Board dimensions and material – 60″ tempered glass, 1/2″ thick
  • Adjustable rim height – 5 feet to 10 feet
  • Pole dimensions – 6″ * 6″

#5. Goalrilla GS In-ground 72″ Tempered Glass Backboard

Goalrilla GS In-ground 72" Tempered Glass Backboard

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Ultimate fantasy in-ground basketball hoop for professional players. Overhang is 4 feet from the baseline, just like in professional basketball. Tempered glass is 3/8″ thick, and the adjustable height is 7.5 feet to 10 feet, so primarily just for teenagers and adults.

Pole is 6 by 6″, and the rim is a high quality pro-style break-away rim which flexes under pressure, so great for grabbing while dunking. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty, even on the glass.

  • Board Dimensions – 72″W * 42″H, 3/8″ thick tempered glass
  • Pole – 6 by 6″
  • Overhang – 4 feet from baseline
  • Adjustable Goal height – 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Moveable in-ground anchor system.

#4. Silverback 54″, Tempered Glass With 5 Year Warranty

Silverback 54", Tempered Glass With 5 Year Warranty

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Has an additional layer of powdered coating, right at the base of the steel pole so that it isn’t susceptible to the moisture that comes from underground, so it won’t rust or corrode with time. Rim height is adjustable to a minimum of 7.5 feet, the pole and backboard are padded as an added safety measure for players during layups.

Overhang is about 2 feet away from the backboard, and the pole is measured at 4 by 4″.

  • Board dimensions – 54″W * 33″H tempered glass, 3/16″ thick
  • Rim adjustable height – 7.5 to 10 feet (in 6 increments)
  • Overhang – 2 feet away from board
  • Pole – 4″ * 4″

#3. Spalding NBA 60″ Aluminium Tempered Glass

Spalding NBA 60" Aluminium Tempered Glass

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Professional grade basketball system with 60″ by 34″ backboard which is 1/4″ thick. The pole measures 4 by 4 inches and is adjustable to a minimum height of 7.5 feet, adjustable with in a clock-wise motion.

It’s made of Spalding’s trademark heavy duty padded rims. You can play even just beneath the hoop since the backboard is offset by 2 feet from the pole.

  • Board dimensions – 60″W * 34″H, 1/4″ thick tempered glass
  • Pole dimensions – 4 by 4″
  • Adjustable rim height – 7.5 minimum, adjustable with Spalding’s U-lift tech.
  • Backboard is offset 2 ft from pole

#2. Pro Dunk Silver, 54″ Tempered Glass Backboard In-ground Basketball System

Pro Dunk Silver, 54" Tempered Glass Backboard In-ground Basketball System

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Pro Dunk’s silver model is designed for the entire family use, as a result, it has an adjustable rim height of 5 feet, so the little kids in your home aren’t exempted. The pole is made with heavy duty steel, measuring 5 by 5″ for stability.

Will fit really well, especially in a small driveway. Comes with a 1″ thick padding on the backboard, pole and gusset for player safety. Package contains a rust armor kit to keep your pole from rust and corrosion.

  • Backboard dimensions – 54″ wide, 1/2″ thick tempered glass
  • Pole – 5 by 5″, one single piece pole
  • Adjustable rim height – down to 5 feet
  • Needs just approximately 6 bags of cement to set

#1. Goalrilla GS54″ Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla GS54" Basketball Hoop

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This goalrilla model has an adjustable height rim to 7.5 feet, using a crank actuator. Its pole is coated with powder to protect it from the harmful effects of the weather.

The 54″ backboard is made with high-quality tempered glass. If you ever need to change your residential address, you just unbolt the pole and take it with you. The package comes with its own rebar and anchor system.

  • Backboard dimensions – 54″ wide tempered glass
  • Adjustable rim height – down to 7.5 feet
  • Pole has anti-rust powderd coating

Factors To Consider Before Buying In Ground Basketball Hoops

In-ground basketball hoops are all permanet fixtures, that means they all offer better stability than their portable and wall mounted counterparts. Here are a few points to keep in mind before choosing.

– Backboard

  • Size: These are usually the pieces that determine the cost of the entire hoop, as they usually determine the rebound. As a basketball player, it will be normal to miss shots every now and then.

Most at times even great players rely on rebound from the backboard for a successful shot. In professional basketball, the size of the backboard is 72″ wide and 42″ high. Obviously this weighs a ton, so tends to be on the more expensive side. If you’re just starting, or if the basketball hoop is for kids, you may not need to buy this. The most common dimensions are 54″ or 60″ wide. They give you just the right amount of space so that you can bank shots. Really, 72″ wide backboards are for the most advanced players.

  • Material: Up next, you’ll want to know the quality of the material used in making the backboard. Beginner level backboards are typically made with polycarbonate material, which is very light and durable. Unfortunately, because polycarbonate is so light and soft, it’s rebound is very poor.

Moreover, with time, you’ll find stains and discolorations caused by use and exposure to the elements.

If you’re more of an intermediate or professional player, you’ll want to get backboards made with tempered glass. This material is very hard, has good rebound, and won’t get discolored even after several years of use. The issue with this is that some backboards made with tempered glass are lighter, ergo cheaper. So if your budget is average, you should get a board with a relatively thin glass (1/4″ should do). The more expensive in ground basketball hoops have 1/2″ glass. A pro-athlethe backboard – those 72″ wide ones – will weigh about 100 lbs, and cost you an arm. But the awesome playing experience more than makes up for this.

– Overhang: That’s the distance between the backboard and the goal post. A standard NPA court has a distance of 4ft between the backboard and the baseline so that players can attack the rim well with crashing into the support pole. So if you want the same, you’ll want your hoop to come with a big overhang, which is a bit pricey. If you want something cheaper, get a hoop with a smaller overhang. This can actually be an advantage if you’ll be installing your in-ground basketball hoop in a very small space, so don’t sweat it.

– Rim: You don’t need to worry too much rims as most in ground basketball hoops tend to come with quality breakaway rims. They make rebounds shorter and reduce the impact of your shots. Moreover, they’re incredibly comfortable if you want to pull off a Michael Jordan style slam dunk and hang on to the rim. Your only major responsibility here is to ensure the springs, of the breakaway mechanism, are covered so that they last longer even while exposed to the elements.

– Pole:

  • Installation Support: You want your pole to be as sturdy as possible from the get go, so you’ll want to make sure you have a great foundation to begin with. Cheap basketball hoops usually come with a multi piece support pole. The bottom piece will be inserted in the 24″-ish hole you dig, then filled with concrete.

The problem here is that you have to make sure all the pieces align properly and are as stable as possible. You won’t get a do-over once its set in stone. The more expensive versions have an anchor plate which you can come back later and adjust if you want. Note that they usually require you to dig deeper (about 48″), so budget tons of cement.

  • Height Adjustment: You’ll only be concerned about this feature if kids will be playing basketball with your in-ground basketball hoop. The more expensive the hoop is, the lower the adjustments available.

– Your Residency: This is a no brainer, so just as a remainder, you still need to know if there are any legal restrictions to building a permanent facility in your neighbourhood. You don’t want to start digging and burst a pipe somewhere.

This all said, here are some of the best hoops in the market, all of which are rated highly by users.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in a permanent home, and need to play a good basketball game, a portable basketball system would frustrate you with every vibration from a rebound ball. In ground basketball hoops are great, and they come in different price ranges, meeting different player levels. Some even allow you unbolt the visible part of the basketball hoop in case you decide to move.

The point is, as long as you’re committed to your sport, you’ll always find a quality hoop you can play with.

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