Top 10 Best Overbed Table Laptop Carts in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

There are a ton of reasons people get overbed table laptop carts. Some people just want a workspace while in bed, others want a workspace that can be moved, and still others want a workspace that won’t cause their already hurting back to hurt even more. Whichever group you belong to, you’ll agree that these moveable workspaces offer more convenience than can be quantified – and yet that’s what you’ll be reading hence forth.

The focus will be on some of the factors you’ll need to take into consideration before choosing your cart – like the size, adjustability, purpose and design, material used to make it, and perhaps the most important factor, what it will cost you. The second part will focus on the highest rated carts, so just sit tight and read on. If you already have a specific design in mind, just skip to the review section, otherwise start in from the very beginning.

List of Top 10 Best Overbed Table Laptop Carts

10. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed, Bedside Table With Wheels

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed, Bedside Table With Wheels

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Suitable for both hospital and homes. This overbed requires very little pressure to be adjusted to a higher or lower height, so grown ups or kids can use it. As soon as you adjust it to your desired height, just lock it in, so that it remains stable while you work. It has swivel casters, so its very lightweight.

The surface is made of walnut wood grain laminated top to prevent items from rolling away while you’re working. It comes with two locking wheels, so you can move this about in various rooms.

  • Height adjusts from 28″ to 40″
  • Steel is heavy gauge, chrome plated
  • Swiveling casters are 4″
  • Made with walnut wood grained and laminated
  • Table top dimensions: 30″L * 15″W * 0.75″D

9. Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top, Overbed

Drive Medical Non Tilt Top, Overbed

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Stay traditional in this sturdy non-tilt overbed. Even though you can’t tilt the table to whatever direction you want, you can adjust the height by lowering or raising the adjustment handles until it suits you. It’s base is “H” styled and comes with a 2″ swivel caster for easy mobility of the overbed.

Note that this overbed has a weight limit of 40 lbs, which is quite generous, but not enough to risk too many heavy items without risking damage. It comes partially assembled, but during assembling, try not to take it apart – specifically don’t take out the bottom screw.

  • Has a 2″ swivel caster
  • Weight limit is 40 lbs
  • Table top dimensions: 15″D * 30″W * 28″W
  • Height adjustment limits – 28″ to 45″

8. Vaunn Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table

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Practical and very easy to use overbed that, like most Vauun products, can be used at home and at the hospital. It a two-part table top, with one part able to rotate 360 degrees. So you won’t have to hurt your back by staying in an upright position for long periods of time. The other table meanwhile, stays rigid, so you can keep your food, drinks or other stuffs you won’t want to fall.

Heavy-gauged steel used in making the base has a powdered finish so it lasts longer. Height adjustments are easily done with just one touch. Both of the table tops can be tilted, but you have the option of keeping one side stable.

  • Maximum weight limit is 50 lbs
  • One touch height adjustments from 28″ to 47″
  • 360 degrees tilt.
  • Has two part table tops
  • Table top dimensions: 30″L * 15″W (for the large) & 7.5″L * 15″W

7. Carex Overbed Table, Flat Rolling Bed Table

Carex Overbed Table, Flat Rolling Bed Table

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Need to work while confined to the bed? This carex Overbed offers a unique flat and sturdy surface for writing, reading, eating or just plain working. This can be used with a chair as well as with a bed. The table top is plastic, which adjusts to suit right or left handed folks, while the base is made from polypropylene. It has four swivel caster that allows you to move the overbed about.

It’s so adjustable, the height can be reduced to slide right under the bed, so it’s great for those with confined spaces. The table is non tilt though so take note.

  • Weight limit is 50 lbs
  • Height is adjustable from 28″ to 42″
  • Overbed is designed to slide under the bed
  • Table tray is non tilt and plastic, measures 33″L * 16″W
  • Comes with 4 swivel casters

6. Invacare 6417, Overbed Table With Auto Touch

Invacare 6417, Overbed Table With Auto Touch

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Inspired by the models of hospital furnishings Invacare is most famous for, this overbed has an auto-touch spring loaded locking handle which allows you to adjust the height from 29″ to 45″. The table top is made from nonslip walnut, wood-grain with a laminated top and a molded edge to prevent accidents on sharp corners.

This particular model was initially designed for hospital stay – so its recommended that you check with your healthcare provider before ordering – however, there’s nothing stopping you from using this when you’re no longer confined to the bed.

  • Non-tilt table top is made of walnut wood-grain, which has been laminated
  • Height adjusts from 29″ to 45″
  • Table top measures 30″L * 15.5″W

5. Medline Adjustable Overbed, Bedside Table With Wheels

Medline Adjustable Overbed, Bedside Table With Wheels

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Made of molded composite, this overbed is a perfect alternative for those not to keen on wood and perfects wood finishes – which can crack and peel with time. The edges are curved, so won’t hurt even if you accidentally run into it. Plus the molded composite material used to make it is extremely easy to care for daily.

It has a hammertone H powder coated base and a standard table tray measurement – not too big, not too small. Can be used both in the hospital and at home with a chair as a workspace.

  • Height adjusts from 30″ to 42″
  • Table tray has a max weight limit of 50 lbs, and measures 30″L * 15″W
  • Table top material is molded composite with no sharp edges

4. MedMobile Tilt Top, Overbed Table With Laminated Top

MedMobile Tilt Top, Overbed Table With Laminated Top

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Tilting surface ensures you have an incredibly versatile workspace. It can be tilted in either direction, i.e front or backwards. You’ll need a four-inch clearance for this overbed to fit under your bed. Even though the top tilts, it does not swivel but moves wholly as an entire unit.

Non skid laminated covering means your stuff won’t be rolling off whenever you keep them on the tray. Caster wheels seem a bit small for the table top size, but other than that, it’ll serve you well while confined to bed.

  • Adjustable height, from 28″ to 45″
  • Table top measures 24″L by 16″W
  • Needs 4″ under bed storage clearance
  • Weight capacity limit is 22 lbs, so meant for very light items

3. Soges 31.5″, Adjustable Mobile Lap Table

Soges 31.5", Adjustable Mobile Lap Table

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Made in the US, this Soges overlap table is made from white marble, has arguably the highest weight capacity at 80 pounds. The particle wooden material has a high glossy finish that will look aesthetically pleasing in any room. You’ll need to assemble this at home, but all the tools you’ll need are included in the package with instructions, so it shouldn’t be too bothersome.

It has an easy to move wheel design, but the welds are a bit sharp, so be cautious while you’re assembling it. Very sturdy but non-tilt lap table.

  • Max weight limit is 80 lbs
  • Adjustable height 27.5″ to 34.6″
  • Table top measures 31.5″L by 15.7″W
  • Made of particle wood with white high glossy finish

2. Ebuynar Adjustable Overbed Table Laptop Carts

Ebuynar Adjustable Overbed Table Laptop Carts

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Multipart overbed allows you to work in style. Both of the table tops are fitted with side ledges to prevent items from falling off the table top whenever you tilt it. Because it has a tiltable work surface, you can use this from any angle, whichever is most convenient for you. It can be used both on the bed and with a chair, you just need a 3″ clearance.

The cart works great for both left and right handed users, and can be used while you’re in a standing position.

  • 360 swivel tilting for main table tray, and 180 tilting for the other side one
  • Height adjustable from 23.62″ to 37.4″
  • Needs 3″ clearing

1. UNICOO Height Adjustable Overbed Table Laptop Carts

UNICOO Height Adjustable Overbed Table Laptop Carts

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This wasn’t necessarily designed with an invalid in mind, more like for students. It’s can be used both as a cross bed and as a reading desk or even a standing workstation.

It’s made from wood and has four 2″ big carpet wheels, so can be moved easily on any type of surface. Suitable mattress size requires are from twin to king size.

  • Cross bed made of wood
  • Adjustable length 51″ to 92″
  • Adjustable height 21.6″ to 41″
  • Has 2″ carpet wheels

What To Consider When Choosing Overbed Table Laptop Carts

● The Size

Bigger is not always better. So first, you’ll need to think about how portable it is, if you will need to move around the house a lot – shout out to those with kids – plus does it have wheels? You’ll also need to know if the desk surface can contain all the work you usually do at home.

Is it just big, with large useless features and small usable space? Point is, just don’t carried away by big piece of furniture. Furniture that fold and unfold into larger workspaces are pretty cool, cause then you can use them in both large and confined spaces. Look out for the capacity – in terms of weight – as well, usually the more the better.

Also, try and take the space you have into consideration before buying. Measure the size of your bed and the area you’ll be stowing the cart away when not in use, since you presumably don’t want to bump into your overbed while you’re sleeping.

● Adjustability and Flexibility

While furniture are usually designed to stay in one place, it won’t hurt if you can adjust it every once in a while. What if a person shorter than you wanted to use your workspace, should they be subjected to straining themselves? And just because its an overbed, should you be restricted to just one position – I’m sure you’re aware that that has its own set of problems. So for your overbed table laptop carts, you’ll want something that doesn’t confine you to just one position.

● Purpose And Design

The more ergonomic, the better. This should actually be your second consideration. Why do you need the workspace? What type of work do you intend doing with it? Laptops strictly or do you need to stow some of your books close to you while you work as well – ergo, do you need shelves? If you’re old enough to have experience back pain, you’ll want something that doesn’t cause anymore, so watch out for ergonomic over beds table tops.

● Material Used

This is more of a style and quality preference. You can either get wooden or metal overtops, each will have certain advantages over the other. Meanwhile within a certain type of material, take wood for example, you’ll find those with better quality than others. If you’re conscious about the chemicals you may be exposed to, you’ll want to know what type of finish is used, or not used, on your wooden overbed table laptop carts.

● Your Budget

It all boils down to what you’re willing to spend. All of the features discussed above come at a cost, eco-friendly finishes will be more expensive, ergonomic furnishings that relieve back ache will also cost you a turn. Basically the more features, the higher your budget should be. But of course, this is the 21st century, so it’ll be possible to find something within whatever budget you have.

Having seen all these, let’s move on to those most beloved by customers far and wide.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how cool overbed table laptop carts may look like, it all boils down to you – what do you intend using it for? What’s your style preference? What’s your budget? Answer all these questions and you’re halfway towards getting your overbed. Which is your favorite?

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