Top 10 Best Permanent Hair Removals in 2020 | Laser Hair Removal

Shaving your legs has never been enjoyable. It is a chore which never goes away. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that women usually spend 72 days on average shaving. That’s around two months of our life dedicated to what’s also apparently one of the most hated beauty tasks. Worse still, over the course of our lives it’s estimated we usually spend 10,000 USD on the shaving-related products. However, be rest assured that there are much better long-term and even permanent solutions. And, you can even do it at home. The answer here is permanent hair removals.

There are close to 400 laser hair removal products that you can buy today. Most of these products are FDA cleared. As such, they are safe, and mostly use medical-grade and cutting edge technology which offers fantastic results. Regardless of your hair color and skin tone, there is always a product that will suit you. To make it much easier, we’ve reviewed the 10 best permanent hair removals to help you n deciding which one will suit you the best.

List of The Best Permanent Hair Removals in 2020

Let’s now look at the top 10 best permanent hair removals that you can buy today:

10. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

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Tria 4X is one of the best permanent hair removals on the market. The device is 100% safe to remove any unwanted hair from the body while at home. This hair removal system uses the same laser technology that’s preferred by the dermatologists. The device comes together with skin sensor designed for your safety. As such, you will be able to test the skin color and check its suitability before using it.

The Tria Removal Laser permanently disables hair follicles to stop any hair growth on your body for long-lasting results. It is even gentle enough for removing unwanted hair on your face, more so for women. Try this top-quality permanent hair removal and see the difference.

Key Features
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless Hair Removal System
  • Five Choice of the Power Levels
  • Faster than the other laser devices

9. DEESS hair removal beauty kit series 3 plus

DEESS hair removal beauty kit series 3 plus

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Deess iLIght 2 is yet another great IPL hair removal. It’s quite fast and features a 45-percent large lamp window. You will be able to averagely cover lower parts of your leg within less than 6 minutes. This is indeed one of the best hair removals that you can use at home.

This is extremely easy to use. The LCD display shows remaining flashes, the skin tone grade that was detected (in-built skin sensor) and 5 energy levels. Thousands of results have proven that 90-percent hair is gone permanently after 6 to 12 weeks of treatment. It also uses safe technology, it’s effective and offers almost painless operation.

Key Features
  • 3 in 1 hair removal beauty kit
  • Extremely easy to use
  • LCD Display for getting information

8. LumaRx Pro Hair Removal Device

LumaRx Pro Hair Removal Device

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LumaRx Pro Hair Removal ranks among the best choices in case you want to remove unnecessary body hair. The device uses IPL technology in removing hair. This is among the most efficient technologies for permanent hair removal and it’s the same technology that’s used by most skin care professionals. This is a very powerful, precise and effective hair removable solution right now. The LumaRx Pro user will experience up 94 percent reduction of any unwanted hair in just 3 treatments.

LumaRx promises that this device is developed by having safety of customers in mind. All LumaRx products, this product included have FDA approval. As such, it is safe for use when removing body hair permanently.

Key Features
  • FDA approved permanent hair removal
  • Replaceable Flash Cartridge
  • Safety Skin’s Tone Sensor
  • Five Choice of the Power Levels

7. Philips Lumea BRI956 Prestige Hair Removal

Philips Lumea BRI956 Prestige Hair Removal

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Philips Lumea IPL is yet another effective hair removal device right now. It’s a cordless machine. Also, it’s the first IPL hair removal in the world with the curved attachments for everybody area (a total of 4 attachments for underarms, body, face and bikini). You will require around 4-5 treatments so as to experience any significant hair free results.

Philips Lumea also uses the Intense Pulsed Light technology when removing unwanted hair. It is therefore safe for use on the face and body. Philips Lumea works effectively, safely and easily on different skin and hair types. It also works on the natural dark blonde, black and brown hair.

Key Features
  • Has integrated UV filters
  • Features skin tone sensor
  • EU declaration of the conformity to meeting safety requirements
  • Fast, Less painflul and Effective

6. Silk’n Flash and Go Removal Device

Silk’n Flash and Go Removal Device

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One of the main benefits of this hair removal is the fact that it’s effective on sensitive and small areas like the upper lip and bikini line. Most IPL devices are intended to be used on large areas such as the legs. Silk n Flash and Go is well-designed to be one of the most effective removals on smaller areas; a feature that sets this model apart from other options.

Also, individuals with light skin tones shall see high-quality results. This is more common with most IPL treatments. This removal requires regular use for a minimum of 3 months so as to see the end-results. In addition, it has the optional upgraded cartridge designed for longer life.

Key Features
  • Provides permanent results
  • It’s most effective to treat sensitive or small areas
  • Flash&Go brand has been approved by FDA
  • Works best on the lighter skin tones

5. Remington’s iLIGHT Hair Removal System

Remington’s iLIGHT Hair Removal System

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The Remington Pro Hair Removal is an FDA-approved device that uses similar technology as the one that’s used by professionals. The device uses quartz lamps that are safe for use on the face and body as well. Furthermore, using it may result in a permanent reduction of growth of hair by up to 94-percent.

The kit also comes with different treatments caps. One cap is designed for use on your body whereas the other one is used on the face. This key feature helps to keep the removal hygienic when used in varying areas. It also helps with comfort. The removal has the skin contact sensor that prevents it from getting flashed when it’s not used on a suitable skin.

Key Features
  • No downtime when charging
  • Has separate heads designed for use on body and face
  • Skin tone sensor which determines whether your skin is suitable for use
  • Works alongside the specially developed app

4. MONESAO MLAY T3 Hair Removal System

MONESAO MLAY T3 Hair Removal System

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This is yet another excellent IPL hair removal system. The system comes as a three-in-one beauty kit (a lamp for permanent Hair removal, one for the Skin rejuvenation and one for Acne Clearance). The system has UV filter, cool to touch pulses, safety skin toner sensor, 5 energy levels along with corded operation.

This hair removal is perfect for full body removal, including legs, back, bikini line, face, chest, arms and underarms. You will experience more than 75-percent hair ingrown in 8 weeks alone. The manufacturer also gives it a 2-years warranty and it can be used for more than 5 years for full body treatment with 300,000 flashes.

Key Features
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Easy to use
  • Has skin tone sensor
  • Full body treatment with 300,000 flashes

3. Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

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This is one of the few hair removals that combine IPL together with radio frequency waves. The end result is a long-term and effective hair removal for nearly all skin tones and hair colors. It features patented technology which results in effective, safe and face hair removal operation without any pain.

Based on studies that have been conducted by health expert, it boasts of the unique ability of reducing hair by 94-percent in 7 weeks. Also, unlike the other laser and IPL devices, Illuminage Touch removal is mains-powered which means that you do not have to wait for its battery to charge so as to start your treatment session. This will save you a lot of time.

Key Features
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Painless operation
  • Mains powered – there’s no charging time
  • Cartridges are replaceable

2. Braun Gillette Silk-Expert IPL 5001

Braun Gillette Silk-Expert IPL 5001

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This IPL hair removal is ranked among the fastest systems on the market. It is able to treat the entire leg in 8 minutes only. The device also achieves a permanent hair removal in just 4 treatments. As such, you’ll see progress quite quickly. The device is FDA approved to be used all over your body and face. You will also find it to be painless to use.

The developer of this device recognizes that skin tone varies between people and one different area on your body. As a result, they have given it skin tone sensors. This simply means that as you move the device across the skin, it shall modify treatment which it gives. This is better for you more so when compared to the other products that
frustratingly shuts off.

Key Features
  • Adaptive treatment for various skin tones
  • Fast treatment
  • Quicker results
  • No downtime when recharging

1. IPL850-LS220 Large Spot E Light Professional IPL Laser Hair

IPL850-LS220 Large Spot E Light Professional IPL Laser Hair

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The IPL-850-LS E-Light is the most sophisticated and advanced system in the market nowadays. With a staggering 50.4 Joules/ cm2 pulse and the 300 Jcm2 per second energy density, it is one of the most impressive systems available today. The device actually monitors total energy that makes it through your skin and also limits the energy to a certain pre-set value. The removal is also perfect for general dermatology procedures, wrinkle reduction, age spot
removal, hair removal and laser resurfacing.

Incorporation of the High-Frequency energy with IPL emission usually results in performances that are unparalleled. The permanent tattoo and hair removal can be achieved safely in less than half of the total treatment hours when compared to most regular IPL or laser procedures.

Key Features
  • Large Spots E-Light Flux Pro System
  • Rebuilds the collagen deep in your skin
  • Large 29mm Spots Size
  • Comes with the 100ml Serum C and IPL Scar Removals Treatment Gel Kit.

Permanent Hair Removals Buying Guide

There are many factors that should go into determining before deciding on which removal to buy. These factors include:

  • Skin Tone: Even though there has been several technological advancements that have made permanent hair removal systems to be viable for the darker skin tones, in case you have darker or olive colored skin, you should find a removal that’s FDA rated. Fair skinned women might use just any removal out of the box without any problems. Talk to a dermatologist so as to get some help in determining whether a hair removal system is appropriate for your skin.
  • Hair Color: Blondes might be having more fun, but whenever it comes to permanent hair removal, they’ve got a tough time.  Lasers have a difficult time to pick up light pigmentation of the blondes. As such, the systems aren’t as effective as compared to those other hair colours. On the contrary, in case your hair is black or brown, you should get fantastic results with nearly all laser removal systems.
  • Price: The upfront price tag of a removal system might seem to be shocking at first. However, when you compare the price to several trips by the doctor for treatments purposes, you’ll actually come out ahead. Ensure that you invest in a high quality system or else you will run the risks of ineffective removal and skin damage.
  • Ongoing Costs: Finally, there are many removals on the market with a relatively low initial price for setting up. However, they turn out to be more costly operating in the long-run since they need replacement cartridges after a few months. Based on how often you’re planning to use your machine and the expensive nature of replacement cartridges, you may be better off by paying more upfront for cartridge-free kits.


The important thing that you should remember when purchasing a permanent hair removal is the fact that every person is different. Whatever works for one individual might not work for the other person. While you might be capable of achieving permanent hair removal, quite often you’ll have to use top up treatments so as to maintain it. In addition, it important that you understand your hair type and skin type, and grasp the product that’s best suited for you and areas that you would like to treat. The next time that you go out shopping for a permanent hair removal, don’t hesitate to pick any of the above models as they’re all made of high-quality materials and guarantee ultimate performance.

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