Top 10 Best Storage Coffee Tables in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Based on various usages and convenience people get a different kind of items for their home. Among the important things to get for your house, is a storage coffee table, due to its immense benefits. Coffee tables are a mini version of regular tables, usually designed to complement a sofa or couch. Basically, it can be used as a place to keep magazines, books alongside a nice cup of tea or coffee. Due to their small size, coffee tables are very portable and easy to carry from one place to another. There are a variety of tables manufactured from diverse materials for individual purposes. So knowing how to pick the best coffee tables for your use is vital.

List of The Top 10 Storage Coffee Tables 2018

Best Storage Coffee Tables 2018

Keeping all these points into consideration, let’s take a look at the top 10 storage coffee tables. Included are the limitations and benefits of each product, so you can quickly weigh the details yourself and decide among the listed products the best that suits your standards and needs.

10. French Country White Convenience Concepts Coffee Table

French Country White Convenience Concepts Coffee Table

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Sophisticated and dainty, this french country white convenience coffee table has a design that enables it to be a versatile pick for the interior of your home. The tabletop is beveled and looks perfect with classically adorned carved legs. These legs are strong enough to support the weight of the table. The bottom of the table has enough space for you to store your magazines and books for efficient organization.

It’s great when used as a centerpiece, and highly functional. This product is a beautiful table and comes at a great price as well. Regardless of how great it is, as a furniture piece, it is very low. This majorly is dependent on how low or high your sofa or couch is, but the standard average coaches are always taller when our side by side with this table.

  • Sturdy legs to hold up tables weight
  • Beautiful design with a classic touch
  • The tables bottom has sufficient space for storage

9. Winsome Wood Nolan Coffee Table

Winsome Wood Nolan Coffee Table

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Clean and crisp, the Winsome Wood Nolan storage coffee table has a classical touch to it which makes it the right match for your office space or living room. There is the shelf at the bottom that offers storage space for your decor and magazines. It’s tapered legs match well with the top of the table and there are gorgeous cutout designs on its legs.

With regards to the color of the table, it has a beautiful chic cappuccino shade. It’s very easy to assemble and shouldn’t take more than an hour. However, a major complaint of this table is its size. On an average, it’s usually very small. There are also is uses with regards to staining, which looks quite uneven. Asides from those, it is very inexpensive and a very practical option, if you are on a budget.

  • Ample storage space for decor send magazines etc
  • Assembling is very easy
  • Very classical in appearance

8. Expresso Furinno Coffee Table

Expresso Furinno Coffee Table

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Elegant and functional, this amazing coffee table is certainly a keeper. It possesses an appealing espresso color, and this enables it to be versatile. It can effortlessly be matched with your other furniture in your home. Manufactured using particle board, this table is durable for just lightweight items. To store additional items, it has bins which are non woven on its bottom shelf.

If you require a storage coffee table that will be effective for a small area of your office or in a tiny apartment, this product should be without hesitation the best pick. As an additional feature, it has round edges to hinder injuries and scratches. It’s a gorgeous table with a great tip design. If you take a look beneath, especially at the feet, it’d be easy to notice that it’s unfinished. Hence, you would need to place something underneath to restrict your floor or carpet getting scratched by the table.

  • Very versatile design
  • Can easily hold lightweight items
  • It has unwoven bins for storage

7. Zinus Deluxe Modern Studio Coffee Table

Zinus Deluxe Modern Studio Coffee Table

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The name of this product preaches its qualities. With amazing deluxe features which is life ample storage for item holding and an elegant finish. You can easily organize your magazine stack on a space designated on the bottom shelf. This makes it a decorative and functional piece simultaneously. You will definitely as well fall head over heels with its rich, deep, smooth wood grain finish that provides the table a very sophisticated touch. Even if you are not a lover of handy work, you have nothing to worry about because the table can be assembled pretty fast.

It’s quite obvious that the tables panels are very thin as they are manufactured using particle board. This becomes a problem for you want to place weighty items on it. However, the table should be just fine if you place lightweight items on it, that do not exceed a weight worth of 40 pounds. If you are on a budget it is a great pick as well.

  • Perfect with lightweight items
  • Smooth wood grain finish
  • Has ample storage for holding a variety of items

6. Carson Sauder Forge Top Lift Coffee Table

Carson Sauder Forge Top Lift Coffee Table

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You can effortlessly hide clutter by putting together various items in its enclosed storage. Take up the top for its additional storage, then bring it down in order to gently place your coffee cup on it. This is a great furniture piece, that can be utilized in your living room. The forge top lift coffee table can function as a tiny dining table or even used in your workspace. You certainly will not get enough of its top-notch quality table top with a finish of Washington cherry, deeply coordinated having design accents of wrought iron.

At first look, this coffee table is definitely a winner. However, taking a deeper look, you would find out that the table is manufactured using particle board alongside a laminate material that lacks needed thickness. Hence, in order to care for the product, you should never place a wet glass on its top with using a coaster to restrict the table top getting marked.

  • Manufactured with particle board and light laminate material
  • Versatile product can work as a dining table or storage table
  • Utilizes an enclosed storage

5. Oak Sauder Craftsman Coffee Table

Oak Sauder Craftsman Coffee Table

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There are a lot of things to admire about this gorgeous coffee table created by Sauder. It is certainly a great choice if you are on a budget, yet filled with the vital features you would need. It has a top lift for extra storage, and the table’s top is well made and heavy. With regards to its size, it’s a great choice for a sitting room with an average floor area.

The only issue with these type of storage coffee tables is in the assembly. It usually takes at least several hours to fix all its parts together. That is the average time it takes when setting up the table by yourself. Asides from that tiny flaw, it’s a great investment worth the spending.

  • Possess extra storage space in its top lift
  • Tabletop is well made and heavy
  • It’s size is perfect for the average living room

4. Chrome Metal Monarch Specialities Coffee Table

Chrome Metal Monarch Specialities Coffee Table

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You would love the outlandish design of this storage coffee table, which is great for all sizes and room kinds. It has a contemporary, clean rectangular design with a metal sturdy chrome as it’s base. The chrome material aids in the tables superb durability and strength. Regardless of where it’s placed, in your den, office space or family room, you can get certain it will be great with your space easily.

With regards to function and sturdiness, there are no issues with this item. But when it comes to the tabletop especially the part that is white, it has the tendency to get scratched easily. If you don’t take care with this coffee table, you will end up with numerous scratches on its top. This is why this product is very hard to maintain due to how delicate the top is.

  • Utilizes chrome sturdy metal for its base
  • Contemporary clean rectangular design
  • Very sturdy with delicate top

3. Olee Wood and Metal Storage Coffee Table

Olee Wood and Metal Storage Coffee Table

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This is an impressive pine wood eye-catching material utilized for the table top. It has a very natural elegance mixed with the stability the steel legs provide it with, ensuring it stays still. The item also has a tiny storage space underneath which is perfect for books, remote controls, and magazines. If you use simple tools in your home, you won’t have any issues in assembling it because it comes together perfectly by just placing the bolts.

It’s a very cute table with great height and item features. However there are issues with its boards, due to factory defects, some of them have damages. Which can easily be resolved by getting it replaced?

  • Small storage space underneath for magazines, books etc
  • Manufactured with elegant pine wood
  • Can be assembled easily with screws

2. Edge Water Estate Black Sauder Collection Coffee Table

Edge Water Estate Black Sauder Collection Coffee Table

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When you are in need of a gorgeous storage coffee table with a variety of functions simultaneously, this edge water coffee by Sauder is the perfect pick for you. It possesses a top lift for additional storage and surface for work, as well as a place to easily hide away clutter using this great feature. Regarding the table top, it’s strong enough to carry a variety of items like decor, magazines and picture frames.

This coffee table is simple to assemble. It only requires some minutes for It to be set. However, most of the parts fail tightly or snugly fit. Most sides have spaces, however, they are not noticeable or big ones.

  • Additional storage feature beneath the top lift
  • Can carry various items
  • Easy to assemble

1. Songmics Storage Vintage Coffee Table

Songmics Storage Vintage Coffee Table

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Great for managing various items or magazines and also acts well as a centerpiece, this storage coffee table manufactured by Songmics provides you true value for your dollar. This item is produced with reclaimed wood and is complimented with gorgeous metal accents that are customized based on your desire. It gives off a very rustic feel, which is perfect when It comes to function and aesthetics. The table had a shelf at the bottom for storing items and adding additional functions to it.

It’s a great table that fulfills the purpose for its creation. However, it has some little issues regarding its screw holes, as they are a little big which causes a loose screw fitting. This is an isolated issue though as the general consensus of this item is its awesomeness.

  • Manufactured with reclaimed wood
  • Gives off a vintage, rustic feel
  • Metal accents can be customized based on your desire

Storage Coffee Tables Buying Guide

Choosing the right coffee table for an office or home is quite an overwhelming process. This is because before you buy one there are some things you would need to put to mind. First, find out the size of the coffee table you prefer. Is it going to be too low or high for the sofa? Its size determines how well it will blend with your sofa, as well as in fulfilling its purpose.

You also need to put into consideration the specific purpose of the one you opt got. Would you require a coffee table which can store numerous items like decor, books, and magazines? Having more things to get organized on a table means it should be of a sturdy material as well as have storage features in abundance. Regarding production material, there are coffee tables manufactured out of bamboo, particle board, wicker, solid wood, and metal. These materials do not just vary in appearance alone but also in durability. Putting these points together will help steer you to the right coffee table.


Choosing the best coffee table for your office or home can be stressful. However, by following the guidelines listed in this review, you can easily make an informed choice and pick the best item that will serve you to the fullest. Keep in mind, the size, material used in production and storage space are the major features to consider when choosing storage coffee tables.

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