Top 10 Best Tripod Dolly in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

A tripod dolly is an essential tool used by professional cinematographers to ensure a smooth and seamless movement of the camera. With the best tripod dollies, you can create excellent quality videos that are not possible with just a regular tripod. This is why if you want to make sure that all of your videos and homemade movies are flawless in terms of the camera movement, it makes perfect sense to invest in the finest tripod dolly wheels.

What to Look for in a Tripod Dolly?

Long and complicated moves for your shots require the help of tripod dollies for a smooth transition. You can count on professional results with this tool without breaking the bank. In fact, you can easily find a decently made dolly for under $40, although there are also those that go for about $60 or so. Still, it is not as expensive as having to contact a company that will handle the setup for you, which may cost at least $1000.

Considering the savings you can get from a tripod dolly, it is definitely worth using one for your films and video productions. The smooth handling makes a great difference even if your camera equipment is not as stellar as what the others use for their project.

There are universal features of a tripod dolly. For instance, this piece of equipment has telescoping arms and wheels on the dolly’s underside. Then, there are clamps on each arm, which keep the feet of your tripod safely in place. But the real difference lies in the quality of these features and additional components that separate one tripod dolly from the others.

Table of the Best Tripod Dolly in 2021

10. Glide Gear Tripod Dolly GW100

Glide Gear Tripod Dolly GW100

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What we love about this tripod dolly are the excellent quality track wheels that offer superior stability when moving the dolly around. These castor wheels can swivel at 360 degrees and provide a locking mechanism. In addition to the full swivel, you can also slide them freely in any direction within the housing of the wheel. Overall, the unit offers a secure and stable positioning for your tripod for a seamless transition.

This is a reasonably-priced tripod dolly that serves its purpose well. However, it is a little big, which may be an issue with smaller cars with less spacious trunks. You may also have to check the bolts connecting the pipes and make sure they are face down to prevent them from bumping the wheels.

9. Pangshi Tripod Dolly VX-600

Pangshi Tripod Dolly VX-600

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Anyone who aims to create professional-quality video productions can benefit from this tripod dolly with a heavy duty quality. Locking it is a breeze, and the wheels have a non-marring quality for ease of movement without causing damages to the floor. This aluminum dolly is lightweight for quick mobility. There are adjustable clamps that keep most tripods secure. For safety purposes, the foot-operated brakes have a fast action response that is easy to control.

If there is one thing that is not so impressive about this tripod dolly, it would be the lack of a case. This makes it tough to transport or carry the dolly around. A case would have been nice, as well, since that could prevent it from scratching up other items in the trunk en-route.

8. Magnus Universal Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly DWF-2

Magnus Universal Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly DWF-2

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It may look simple without the bells and whistles other tripod dollies have, but the Magnus DWF-2 has everything you need in a quality dolly. There are ball-bearing rubber and metal wheels measuring 2 inches with revolving assemblies for ease in movement. If you want to steer the tripod smoothly along any line, it is completely possible and hassle-free to do so. It is heavy enough to handle 33 pounds of weight, and there are adjustable clamps to secure tripod feet of any size. When it comes to mounting the tripod, it is a breeze to do so. This eliminates the stress in setting the tripod up common in other brands.

We appreciate the ease in setting up and using this dolly. On the downside, it tends to cause a little bump on surface texture. A practical solution to that issue is by putting rubber wheels to ensure a seamless movement.

7. Glide Gear Tripod Dolly SYL 960

Glide Gear Tripod Dolly SYL 960

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When it comes to versatility, this tripod dolly is quite impressive. You can make high-quality films using this tool as every transition turns out smoothly. It is also the perfect balance between heavy and light. The anodized aluminum alloy material used for this equipment is highly durable and lightweight at the same time. As for the weight capacity, it should be able to withstand as much as 35 pounds. The wheels perform well, with a full 360-degree swivel and the capability to slide smoothly within the housing by an additional 1 inch.

The wheels are quite impressive as there is no need to add lubricant to ensure the ease of movement. However, you may need to loosen a bit the center nut initially. It would have been better, though, if there is a break included on the wheels to keep them steady when needed.

6. Polaroid Foldable Universal Tripod Dolly

Polaroid Foldable Universal Tripod Dolly

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This tripod dolly is compatible with most brands of tripods. You will find it easy to lock the tripod in place while rolling it smoothly along a hard surface. The leg clamps come with dual adjustments, so this should keep the leg secured while providing a good distance along each arm’s length. This unit can support as much as 35 pounds, and there are locking and reverse levers you can operate using your foot.

We feel that the dolly is a little bit stationary. It could use some enhancements on the clamp design since it fails to provide a variable height adjustment for the tripod. Other than this small gripe, this dolly works okay.

5. COOCHEER 1 Aluminum Tripod Dolly

COOCHEER 1 Aluminum Tripod Dolly

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Simple, yet functional, this is an outstanding tripod dolly at a competitive price point. The polyurethane wheels are heavy duty and these offer a cushioned ride for your tripod. There are caster wheels that can swivel at 360 degrees, and you can expect a smooth and flawless transition no matter which direction you move the dolly. Locking the tripod in place is easy with just one step on every wheel. Once you need to pack up the unit, it should be very easy while providing a compact size for ease of storage.

Some users complain about the dolly’s incompatibility with some tripods. But as for its size and ease of use, this item is indeed worth the price you pay.

4. Professional Tripod Dolly From Camopro

Professional Tripod Dolly From Camopro

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You can rely on this tripod dolly to work well with several models of DSLR video and camera tripods. It is a breeze to adjust the dolly since there are two sections for the legs to offer maximum customization according to your tripod size. Made from aluminum alloy, this is a stable dolly. There are also locking wheels you can operate in a single step, which is perfect in fixing the tripod’s position and determining your preferred angle and height.

The wheels are excellent without a doubt. Very stable, easy to set up, and super reliable brakes. But one concern is the inability to break down the unit. This can be an issue if you have a limited space in the trunk or any storage space for this dolly.

3. CowboyStudio Heavy Duty Universal Heavy Tripod Dolly For Film FT9911

CowboyStudio Heavy Duty Universal Heavy Tripod Dolly For Film FT9911

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We have nothing but praises for this well-made tripod dolly that suits most tripod models. It is a basic dolly, yet works perfectly for our needs. It has a rugged quality that allows it to handle abuse, and you can easily tear it down or set it up at the same time. Transporting is quick and stress-free, too, because of its lightweight and compact design. To keep it from rolling unnecessarily, just activate the wheel-stop and the dolly stays in place.

There are so many things to love about this excellent tripod dolly for every videographer or photographer. It works for general studio purposes, and you will love the smoothness in every transition. Just be sure to check the mount of your tripod and this dolly is ready to go!

2. Dolica Lightweight Adjustable Tripod Dolly LT-D100

Dolica Lightweight Adjustable Tripod Dolly LT-D100

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Whenever you want to enhance the smooth movement of your camera or video, this dolly should do the trick perfectly. It is great for basic to professional tripods of various models. We love how lightweight it is, thanks to the aluminum construction. There are also foot-operated brakes with a fast-action quality, as well as a nice dolly handle for ease of transportation. The case included is a nice addition to this item, as well.

If you have a tripod that comes with a wider-spaced type of legs, this dolly may not be quite ideal. It is impossible to stretch the legs further out, so you need to check how wide your tripod’s legs are. But other than this, we can say confidently that this dolly is a winner.

1. Ravelli ATD Camera Tripod Dolly

Ravelli ATD Camera Tripod Dolly

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We are yet to find a tripod dolly as great as this one from Ravelli. It is the highest-rated dolly on most stores, and we are not surprised why. This dolly comes with rubber-surfaced large wheels for a smooth rolling action when used outdoors and indoors. There are adjustable locks on each of the dolly’s leg for ease of use and customization. Once taken down, the dolly fits nicely in a carry bag (included in the package) for quick transportation. Made from metal, this is a heavy-duty, yet lightweight dolly that’s perfect for the price.

We like the wheels of this dolly because of its stability and smooth rolling movement. But it is not exactly one that provides zero jitters. It largely depends on the surface of the ground or if there is debris on there. But as compared with other tripod dollies, though, this works well in terms of the beautiful camera movement and stability of your tripod.

When buying tripod dolly wheels, here are some features to look into

  • Arms: Tripods fit depending on how the telescoping arms spread out. You need a model that is just the right size to accommodate the tripod properly. Make sure that the arms also offer a stable space for your tripod when you move the dolly around. Do you need to bring the legs closer together for a better fit? This is not quite a great idea because this can result in a reduced stability.
  • Clamps: How secure are the clamps? This component keeps your tripod locked in place to prevent it from getting wobbly. Check the clamps and ensure the level of security they offer. But don’t go for those that seem too tight – tight enough to cause damages to the tripod legs.
  • Wheels: You want tripod dolly wheels made from the best material to keep the movement smooth. There are casters that offer a quiet and smooth movement when used indoors. But the downside of this material is its inability to handle concrete or asphalt. If you intend to use the dolly outdoors, you are better off with wheels that have a translucent and rubbery quality. They resemble the wheels in inline skates, which can stand up to a tougher outdoor material.
  • Weight: How heavy is the tripod dolly? Look for a dolly that is not too heavy or too light. Go too heavy, and this makes it a pain to transport and to move the dolly around. On the other hand, very light dollies lack stability. This impacts the smoothness of the movements, and that defeats the purpose of using this tool. Your best bet is a tripod dolly that is heavy enough for stability, yet light enough for ease in transportation.

Now that you know what to look for in tripod dollies, let’s head over to our top 10 reviews of the best tripod dolly on the market today. Below are our recommended products to help you make a smart purchasing decision worth your time and money.


Overall, we would say that the Ravelli ATD tripod dolly is our top pick among these ten great tripod dollies in 2021. This item is perfect for its price as it is a secure, stable, and moves smoothly for a professional quality video production. Most importantly, it should meet your budget as it comes with a reasonable price point with all the features you need without breaking the bank.

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