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Not all the violins are made the same. Some of them are simply better than others. What makes the difference is the materials they are made from and the overall production process that is used for the crafting. Therefore, we have better violins that produce a distinctive sound and make the violin playing more interesting. Here is our selection of the best violins that can be your best music companions. Whenever you need a perfect violin sound, go for these options.

List of Top 10 Best Violins in 2021

10. TLY Acoustic Professional Handmade Violin

TLY Acoustic Professional Handmade Violin

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This violin is made of high-quality materials that include maple on the back and on the side plate. Maple is well-known to be among the best materials for violin crafting, and it is all with a good reason. Maple is durable and it allows many modifications, which are necessary in the process of producing. Therefore, many manufacturers use this kind of wood in the production.

In this case, we have the quality material and important violin parts that make a real difference. Chinrest, bridge and solid wood fingerboard are all made with attention to detail, which is incredibly important in violin playing afterward. Young students and people who admire violins will find it easy to play this violin, because all the parts are made equally good.

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Hard case, violin bow, shoulder rest, strings and rosin included
  • White pine panel
  • 1 Year Warranty

9. New 4/4 Black Acoustic Violin

New 4/4 Black Acoustic Violin

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If you are looking for an affordable and solid violin, go for this violin made by Teekland. You’ll find it incredibly good for all types of playing. However, it is best for beginners who still learn the basics and prepare for more complex pieces. This violin is a 4/4 full-size variation with composite wood pieces. The whole violin is made of this kind of wood, which makes it solid in the sound and diverse in notes.

On the other hand, the additional parts like tailpiece, fingerboard and chin rest are made from plastic. These are not of the highest quality, but we can still consider this violin as the best companion on the journey of learning and applying new rules in playing. For this reason, we recommend it to all the beginners who discover the world of violin playing.

  • The composite wood used for production
  • Additional parts made of plastic
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Produces quality sound

8. Kaizer Violin Acoustic

Kaizer Violin Acoustic

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This one is America #1 violin setup. And you can see why. It has quality grade spruce top and maple back, which is a good combination for excellent sound. You will also find a molded case to carry the violin in a convenient way. It is made of durable plastic, so it can withstand the harsh conditions. The advantages don’t end here. The violin contains genuine horsehair bow with the quality combination of hairs. It adds a distinctive pleasure while playing.

At the same time, we have other wooden materials beside maple and spruce, and each of them has a special meaning. The combination is made to provide excellent conditions for quality playing. The manufactures gives lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that you get an excellent violin.

  • The material comes from sustainable forests
  • Spruce top and maple back
  • Lightweight tailpiece
  • Genuine horsehair bow
  • 45-day free trial period

7. Stentor 1500 Violin

Stentor 1500 Violin

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With this violin, you get supersensitive strings and an outstanding sound. It is all packed in a hand crafted spruce top and solid maple back. The sides are also made from maple, which gives an additional quality. When you look for a good balance between the price and the quality, this violin could be a good choice.

The laquer finish gives the shiny appearance, and the manufacturers paid special attention to this feature. As a result, we have very smooth brown color that is protective and beautiful at the same time. You also get the padded backpack bag for easy carrying around the town. When we take into account all the features, we can say this violin is worth of attention.

  • Brown finish for better protection
  • Solid spruce top
  • Quality hardwood chin rest
  • Super sensitive strings for more control

6. PIXNOR Violin Toy Mini Music Violin

PIXNOR Violin Toy Mini Music Violin

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This one is ideal for a gift. It is not recommended for serious violin players who want to get a professional sound. In this case, we have an ideal gift for a kid or someone who wants to learn the basics. The violin has four strings made from quality steel, so the sound is very good. Most manufacturers produce quality violins, but the result is not always good. Here, we get a good violin for kids and beginners.

For the better control, the violin is made from plastic, and a kid will find it easy to hold it and play it. The more lightweight the violin is, the more control is possible. That’s why the PIXNOR makes this kind of violins. Your kid will be satisfied with the easiness of playing this violin.

  • A very lightweight body
  • Ideal for kids and beginners
  • Brown color for a good effect
  • Tuning is easier and more convenient

5. ARTALL 4/4 Full-Size Handcrafted Acoustic Violin

ARTALL 4/4 Full Size Handcrafted Acoustic Violin

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The basswood body in this violin will provide some great quality. Most violins that are made from this wood are well-known as the quality ones, and this is the case with this violin too. You’ll get a very graceful sound that is distinctive and unique. With all the good characteristics of this violin, we can say it’s a good investment.

Have you ever wondered how it would be if your violin was blue? Now, you know it. This violin has a blue finish that captures the listeners’ eyes. And ears too. Once you show up with this violin, everyone will certainly notice you in the room. There’s no option to remain unnoticed with this artistically crafted violin. In the additional accessories package, you get tuner, hard case, strings, bridge and rosin.

  • Great bright blue finish
  • Genuine horsehair bow
  • Easy installation of the elements
  • Complete starter accessories

4. Windsor VIOLINSK44 Violin Super kit

Windsor VIOLINSK44 Violin Super kit

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If you are looking for a real kit that is perfect for beginners, go for this kit. You’ll find everything you need for the first step of the learning journey. The package includes a tuner, a bow, a stand and spare strings. In addition, you get a fully padded violin case with some great durable characteristics. You can easily carry it around with complete confidence.

The violin is very well crafted with attention to each detail. We have a full sized violin made from quality wood and solid construction. The back is secured with the special layer of lacquer finish, which is especially good for the overall sound. Once you start playing this violin, you’ll see it is a good investment. There’s no better investment in a full violin kit than this one.

  • A full-size bow
  • Complete accessories included
  • Sensitive strings provide better sound
  • Perfect for a gift or first-time players

3. Bunnel Premier Clearance Student Violin

Bunnel Premier Clearance Student Violin

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This violin is a serious one! It is not another violin made for beginners or kids who learn to play. It is a violin with quality manufactured materials and special kinds of sound. Most students used to play on this violin as part of the learning programs at music schools and universities. Bunnel series is quite popular among professionals, since the quality is exceptional and long-lasting.

Materials used here are high-quality spruce and solid maple. It is all covered with oil finish for better protection, which also adds more “spice” to the sound. You’ll hear some interesting notes that are part of only this kind of violins. We all know each violin is different, and this one is completely exceptional. With the good materials and special attention to details, the violin provides a rememberable experience.

  • Highly rated customer service
  • A distinctive sound
  • The final assembly and setup made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

2. Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student Violin

Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin

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For the price of this violin, you get a very good product that can last long and provide a special sound. Crescent is well-known to be a manufacturer with solid reputation. It’s because they produce very good violins. What makes this violin different is the whole package you get here. Beside maple back and spruce top violin, you also get a bow, a carry case and a digital e-tuner. It is all packed to provide great support for the first-time users.

The product is well-balanced and all the additional accessories add more value. Whenever you need a good balance between the price and the functionality, this product is made for you. Go for this violin if you start playing with basic rules. You’ll find this violin very interesting. It will be clear why it is so popular among users who learn to play this instrument.

  • Maple and spruce used in production
  • 4 fine tuners are quality made
  • Great for beginners
  • E-tuner, case, bow and rosin included

1. Mendini 3/4 MV200 Solid Wood Natural Varnish Violin with Hard Case

Mendini 3/4 MV200 Solid Wood Natural Varnish Violin with Hard Case

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Look no further! You’ve found an ideal violin for beginners. It is not our statement, but the statement of numerous users who have already bought the violin. They all say the same. It is the most suitable violin for kids who learn to play for the first time. They’ll find it ideal for many reasons. The violin is made from hand-carved spruce and maple back, which is incredibly useful in most situations. These kinds of materials are widely used in production, but not all the violins provide the same sound.

This violin gives a special feeling when playing and it is noticeable from the first play. When your kid or someone who starts playing the violin, they will be thrilled with interesting sounds and special flair in the notes. The violin is simply made to give the most effective notes that are different and pleasant to hear. You also get 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you can be sure you can repair it if some defects occur. However, we are sure this violin will be your companion for a long time.

  • Maple fingerboard
  • Lightweight hard case
  • 1-year warranty against defects

What To Look For When Searching For King of Violins

When you search for a quality violin, pay attention to the materials they are made from. Search for rosewood, spruce, maple or sandalwood, as these materials are the best for a good sound of the violin. At the same time, consider the additional accessories you get in a kit. A good hard case will be ideal for transport, while the chin support is equally important. Extra strings and rosin are positive additions.

A good violin is part of carefully crafted manufacturing process, and that’s why the manufacturer plays an important role in buying decision. Go for well-known and reputable manufacturers who are in the business for a long time. This way, you ensure the durability and long-lasting quality of the violin.


We presented you the best violins you can get for affordable prices. Some of them are better than others, but each of them is here for a reason. If your budget is limited, go for the cheaper variants. On the other hand, if you want to invest some more, you can get some really quality violins. All of them are the best in their price range. Whichever violin you choose, you can be sure that your musical journey will begin with a good companion. Get your perfect violin and make some amazing sound.

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