Top 10 Best Wide Angle Car Dash Cam in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Car dashboards cameras are used nowadays for various reasons. With these accessories gaining popularity among many motorists, it’s ideal to get one which gives you wide viewing angles. Moreover, these cameras are usually enabled to perform video recording, thus suitable for security, legal proceedings and documenting touring trip.

For an excellent recording, it’s always ideal to look for a camera which supports large angle of viewing and memory. On the other hand, a large display is another consideration to allow better watching experience even before downloading data into the computer. To eliminate doubts when purchasing a dashboard camera, honest and reliable reviews are essential. Below are the top 10 best wide angle car dash cams reviews in 2020.

Here are the top 10 best wide angle car dash cam reviews in 2020

Dash Cam,EVASA 3.0" 1080P 150° Wide Angle Metal Shell Car On Dash Video with Night Vision,G-Sensor,WDR,Loop Recording Dashboard Camera RecorderBuy on Amazon
Oldshark Dash Cam, G13 Car Recorder, 3.0" 1080P 170 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera with Sony Sensor Night Vision, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, WDR (Upgraded GS505)Buy on Amazon
Veoker Full HD 1080P Car Dash Cam 170° Wide-Angle 4" LCD Dashboard Camera DVR Video Recorder Dual Lens Front+Rear with Parking Mode,Night Mode,Loop Recording,G-SensorBuy on Amazon
Dash Cam,AuKing S3 Mini Full HD 1080P Car Camera with 168° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Park MonitorBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera for Cars, 240 Degree Wide Angle Driving Recorder DVRBuy on Amazon
Anker Roav DashCam C2, FHD 1080p Dash Cam for Cars, 3 Inch LCD Screen Driving Recorder, 4-Lane Wide-Angle Len, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Night Mode, Motion Detection, Car Charger, No Wi-Fi or AppBuy on Amazon
Vantrue N2 Uber Dual Dash Cam-1080P Inside and Outside Dash Camera for Cars 1.5" Near 360° Wide Angle Lyft Dashboard Cam w/ Parking Mode, Motion Detection, Front Camera Night Vision EffectsBuy on Amazon
YI Smart Dash Cam, 2.7" Screen 1080P60 Full HD 165 Wide Angle Front Dashboard Camera Car DVR Vehicle Recorder with ADAS, G-Sensor, Phone APP, WDR, Loop Recording - GreyBuy on Amazon
Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD WiFi Car Dash Cam 2.4" LCD 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with WiFi, 32GB Card, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop RecordingBuy on Amazon

10. Dash Cam and EVASA 3.0” with Wide Angle

Dash Cam and EVASA 3.0” with Wide AngleCheck it on Amazon

Looking for a dash cam that records perfectly at night with the help of the HDR? The dash cam and Evasa is a 1080 full HD with 30 fps and a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees wide that captures all the crucial details as you drive.

The good thing: It comes with a HDR for enhanced night vision which helps to capture all the nigh activities as you drive along.

What we did not like: The mounting suction cup is cheaply made. The video quality is not at par.

Key Features:
  • The HDR which is a unique feature which aids in night vision. The camera is adjustable to the night hawk mode which aids in capturing even the smallest details.
  • The camera has a high resolution with a 1080p and a large angle for viewing at 150 degree. The display is 3.0 ideal for capturing all the details.
  • The camera has an emergency lock accidents file. The camera has the capability to auto mark the current footages incase of vibration or event is detected.
  • This camera is designed with a safety and durable metal shell from Novatek for durability and stable performance. The camera protects all the collected data from freezing. The zinc alloy shell dissipates heat and collisions increasing the cameras performance.
  • The camera is very easy to set up. Simply mount on the windshield and just connect to the cable. The camera automatically goes from off to when the engine is ignited.

9. OldShark G13 Car Dash Cam 3.0

OldShark G13 Car Dash Cam 3.0Check it on Amazon

Experience a super reliable partner with stable performance and super night vision. The camera auto tunes and can even record when a vibration is detected.

Good thing: The camera features f1.6 aperture lens. The lens aid the camera to capture the best videos that are clear and high quality.

What we did not like: The video quality is a bit blurred.

Key Features:
  • The camera is the upgraded GS 505 for excellent night videos equipped with Sony IMX 323 sensors for perfect videos.
  • The vides are clear and rich with the help of the wide and dynamic range of technology of 1080p
  • Equipped with aperture lens of f1.6 for wide angle viewing.
  • Comes with a free Micro SD of 16 GB
  • Durable and designed with metal frame that disperse heat from the circuits.
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8. Veoker Full HD 1080P Wide Angle Car Dash Cam

Veoker Full HD 1080P Wide Angle Car Dash CamCheck it on Amazon

The Veoker is one of the best models of dash cam in the market. Featuring a 170 degrees wide range, this camera will definitely capture a wide area.

The good thing: The G sensor. The auto accident detection will lock automatically and save videos in case of disruption to your vehicle.

What we did not like: The videos are not crystal clear. The camera also has some black spots on the display.

Key Features:
  • HDR for super night vision to capture smaller details and proper night vision.
  • The G sensor locks and automatically save the video that the camera detected when disrupted.
  • The camera records in 1080p for clear and perfect videos.
  • Loop recording for automatic recording of videos when the SD card reaches capacity.
  • The parking mode helps top record any activity subjected to the car when it is parked.

7. Dash Cam, AuKing S3 Mini Full HD 1080P Car Camera

Dash Cam, AuKing S3 Mini Full HD 1080P Car CameraCheck it on Amazon

The Auking cam is among the best camera in the market today for cars. It is equipped with a collision detection and a built in G sensor that detects any motion in the vehicle and records it.

The good thing: The dash cam is 1920*1080 p and 30fps that captures quality pictures and videos

What we did not like: The camera has poor instruction and unable to read the SD card.

Key Features:
  • Loop recording e which enables new videos to be recorded even when the SD card is full.
  • Parking monitoring: records the vehicles disturbances when it is parked.
  • Built in G sensor that will locks the video data automatically.
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6. Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dash Cam – Ultra HD 1440P Front

Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dash Cam - Ultra HD 1440P FrontCheck it on Amazon

The Z edge camera features has an image sensor and a processor that captures crispy pictures and capture high quality videos with the help of the 1920*1080p an 30fps per second.

The good thing: The 470 mAh enables the camera to record for a straight 30 minutes when the engine goes off. The camera is a dual camera.

What we did not like: The images are not a crisply clear as advertised. The camera is also hard to mount on the car and it’s rather expensive.

Key Features:
  • The camera is dual. The camera records the front and the rear view.
  • WDR technology which works well with low light
  • Comes with safe guards that are automatic. The camera records even when the vehicle is not moving.
  • The dual lens are well designed to stay hidden recording the front and the rear in HD.

5. Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera

Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual CameraCheck it on Amazon

The Pruvee dash cam comes in a discreet design that you mount on the windshield and stay concealed from other people. This is one of the best feature in a dash cam.

The good thing: The camera takes a 320 degrees rotate and 120 degree angle for viewing which covers a wide area to capture even minute details.

What we did not like: The camera resolution is too low at 720p *480p

Key Features:
  • The camera captures videos and images with 720p and 480 p resolution.
  • The camera rotates at 320 degrees and 120 viewing angle.
  • The dash cam automatically works when the engine start and stops recording when the vehicle s engine is off.
  • The loop interval recording even when SD card is full. It manages to overwrite.
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4. Roav by Anker Dash Cam 4-Lane Wide-Angle View Lens

Roav by Anker Dash Cam 4-Lane Wide-Angle View LensCheck it on Amazon

Do you wish to have a large viewing angle as you drive? The 3 inches screen display with a total night vision is ideal for any motorist.

The good thing: The advanced sensors which captures images and videos in 1080p. The night hawk enables the camera to capture night mode clear photos and videos. The camera is shock activated such that the camera will record ant videos near the vehicle even when it is parked.

What we did not like: The video is poor quality with imminent recordings. The design is flaw. The customer service seems not to be responsive quickly. The exposures cannot be adjusted.

Key Features:
  • Total at night vision. Captures and records well at night thanks to the Nigh Hawk.
  • It all weather perfect. The steel frame disperses heat from the internal circuits
  • It is equipped with f2.0 lens aperture with 5 lens elements for wide capturing of videos.

3. UPGRADED the Vantrue N2 Duals Dash Cams with -1080P Fronts and Rear duals Lens

UPGRADED the Vantrue N2 Duals Dash Cams with -1080P Fronts and Rear duals LensCheck it on Amazon

For the people who are extra aware and keen on the road, this is the right dash cam to get. It is equipped with dual camera on the front and the rear to capture all what is happening on the roads.

The good thing: the emergency and gravity lock. The G sensor detects any kind of collision and records it.

What we did not like: The camera keeps on turning on and off. Fails to work properly. The screen is so small. The gadget does not hold power for long.

Key Features:
  • The camera has a dual recording mode. The dual lens are top class and records with f2.06 with the front and back facing cameras.
  • The camera has a near 360 degrees solution for ultra wide view age.
  • The audio recording and the dual parking mode which records even when the vehicle has been parked. The seamless loop allows the card to overwrite other videos when the SD card is in full capacity.
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2. YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

YI 2.7" Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard CameraCheck it on Amazon

The camera has a high efficient video encoding H264 that guarantees crisply clear and clean videos in high resolution. The camera has a video processor for perfect video encoding.

The night vision is a clear indicator that the camera will work well at night.

The good thing: The camera has a65 wide angle lens for full 3 lanes coverage. It can comfortable monitor three lanes well. The camera has the advanced driver assist which is the most advanced feature in dah cams for visual recognition.

What we did not like: The camera zooming function is not effective. The camera keeps on turning off and resetting itself. The camera does not have the parking mode functionality.

Key Features:
  • Features the advanced driver’s assistance system for visual recognition and safe driving.
  • The emergency controls feature which is enabled by the in build G sensor. The camera save the image and video automatically when disrupted.
  • The images are in high definition. The camera has a 1920*1080p resolution for clear images and videos.
  • The camera features a 165 wide angle that reduces blind spots and obtain a 3 lanes video coverage.
  • It features an f1.8 apertures and a 3.0*3.0 m high sensitive images that guarantee perfect night vision.
  • The screen is 2.7 LCD TFT wide screen.

1. Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD WiFi Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K UHD WiFi Car Dash CamCheck it on Amazon

The camera delivers more pristine photos than any other dash cam with recording reaching up to 2160p resolution and 24fps. The resolution so far is the highest among the dash cams.

The good thing: The camera captures images with a 2160p resolution which guarantees pristine and crispy clear images and videos. The camera can connect to the Wi-Fi and you can connect to your smartphone. This allows you to share videos and photos with friends. The camera is easy to install.

What we did not like: The camera is not really clear considering the 2160 p resolution.

Key Features:
  • The camera records in ultra HD and captures photos and videos in 2160p resolution at 24 fps. The camera works well with all lightings by adjusting the exposures for better images.
  • The camera has an inbuilt Wi-Fi. You can send you family and friend the videos and photos.
  • The loop recording. The camera is able to record in intervals. When the SD card is full, the new images will automatically overwrite.
  • The G sensor capture and stores the videos in case of any collisions.
  • The ultra-viewing is 170 degrees with a wide lens.
  • The camera is in a very discreet kind design. The V1 is well hidden and the surrounding people will hardly notice the dash cam.

Factors to consider when selecting the best wide angle car dash cam in 2020

Before going for a dashboard camera, it’s always ideal to check some of the qualities which ensure you get the best experience. To enhance smooth selection, here are some of the factors to look for.

  • Viewing angle: This is the most important factor to consider when you are selecting the best dash cam. A dash cam with a small viewing angle, restricts your ability to record. Cams that feature about 140 degrees viewing angle, are ideal since they are able to record a wide angle. However, these cams display small images.
  • Image Quality: One requires to be vigilant when they are choosing the best cam so as to select the one that will offer images of high quality. A dash cam that has a high camera resolution of 2560*1440 and 1920*1080p is the best. This means that these cameras have a high resolution to capture and record crispy clear videos.
  • Storage capacity: An ideal dash cam needs to have a large storage capacity. Therefore when purchasing a dash cam go for the one that supports over 16GB memory card.
  • Budget: When you are purchasing any gadget, price is determinant. The same is applicable when you are purchasing a car dash cam. There are cheap models, but they tend to have poor lenses which affect the recording of contents. Still, a dash cam does not have to be extra expensive. It is important to get an affordable gadget that meets your requirements.
  • Parking mode: An ideal cam should have the ability to record when you are parking. This is an important feature which will allow the cam to record even when your vehicle is not in motion. This helps you in case of an accident as you are able to make follow-ups. However, the camera requires to be hand wired to the electrical system of the vehicle or equipped with internal battery.


Getting the best wide viewing dash cam is important for your security. Whether the car is parked on in motion, this must have product is ideal to car owners.

The best overall dash cam is the Y2.7 full screen camera with a 165 viewing angle. The camera comes with a 2.7 LCD TFT widescreen that captures all the activities.

The camera still has an f 1.8 apertures which is the highest in the industry that guarantees excellent images and night vision. We hope that this guide of our top 10 best wide angle car dash cam reviews in 2020, will help you to make the right choice.





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