Top 10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2021

Artificial Christmas trees are not the plastic monstrosities that companies used to manufacture. The techniques employed in creating them have advanced so remarkably that you’d be hard-pressed to know they were not real.

The Christmas tree is one of the most crucial decorations of the end-of-year festive season. If you have a limited budget, you should consider the cost-effective, reusable and beautiful artificial Christmas trees, which look exactly like the real deal.

This article provides a guide on how to go about purchasing these decorations. It also offers recommendations on the ten best artificial Christmas trees in 2021.

Reviews of the Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2021

We recommend the following top-rated artificial trees for your Christmas celebration.

10. Lightshare LED Blossom Tree

Lightshare LED Blossom Tree

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Are you fed up of the needles from artificial trees shedding throughout the Christmas season? Well, the Lightshare LED Blossom tree is the ideal alternative. With the plastic flowers on the LED lighting, you can keep your home looking beautiful with less hassle.

Also, these LED lights help you make energy savings and last much longer than the typical Christmas lights. Moreover, this tree can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features:
  • It’s a cherry blossom tree with brown branch and clear flowers
  • Has warm white LED lights
  • Features 24V UL certified adopter safe with minimal voltage
     Pros      Cons
  • LED lights meet the requirements of brightness and save on energy costs
  • The branches can be bent to any shape and pattern
  • Not sturdy

9. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Blanket 24″ Tall

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Blanket 24" Tall

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There’s a class of people that never want to go all out on Christmas trees. At times, the tons of branches and lights can be slightly overwhelming. Are you looking for a toned-down Christmas tree that still makes a statement of the holiday season, the Charlie Brown is your remedy.

With its not-so-branchy stature, Charlie Brown is great for homes that have a contemporary and minimalist design. The only drawback is that the blanket that it comes with is of low-quality.

Key Features:
  • 24 inches tall
  • Comes with Linus’ blanket
  • Requires some assembly
     Pros      Cons
  • Minimalist design
  • Cheap
  • The material used in making the blanket can be improved on

8. KING OF CHRISTMAS Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree

KING OF CHRISTMAS Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree

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The key highlight of the King of Christmas is its snow-dusted bristles that adds a touch of winter wonderland to your festive décor. The branches of this 7-foot Christmas tree have been hinged to three metallic center pieces for a quick assembly.

Sadly, this tree has very few branch tips. But, overall, it’s a great buy if you don’t mind the fewer tips.

Key Features:
  • 7 feet tall and 30 inches wide
  • Available in hinged sections
  • Includes a metal tree stand
     Pros      Cons
  • Made of flame retardant material
  • Quick set up
  • Stable base
  • Limited number of branch tips

7. Kurt Adler Pre-Lit Point Pine Tree

Kurt Adler Pre-Lit Point Pine Tree

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If you are looking to decorate on a budget, the Pre-Lit Pine Tree by Kurt Adler fits your bill perfectly. With a height of seven feet and a girth of 46 inches, this tree fits well without overwhelming the room.

It has about 1026 tips, giving you a full and realistic look. Also, the Kurt Adler comes with 350 multicolor lights; hence, saving you time from buying extra lights. On the flipside, the stand is rather cheap and flimsy.

Key Features:
  • It’s a 7-foot pre-lit artificial tree
  • Has 1026 tips and a 46” girth
  • Includes metal stand
     Pros      Cons
  • Affordable
  • Easy assembly
  • Good overall size
  • Stand is low-quality

6. GKI Bethlehem Lighting Green River Spruce Christmas Tree

GKI Bethlehem Lighting Green River Spruce Christmas Tree

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GKI Bethlehem offers the benefits of realistic branches and gorgeous lights, all at an affordable pricing. This Christmas tree has a slim design, weighing 2.6 pounds. Thanks to its petite profile, GKI is the perfect choice for homeowners constrained by space.

The GKI Bethlehem is one of the few Christmas artificial trees that is manufactured using PVC. PVC is highly-recommended for artificial trees because it’s flame-retardant. Also, this tree has about 35 clear mini lights.

Key Features:
  • Has a height of 24 inches and a diameter of 20 inches
  • Made of PE and PVC material
  • 10-year limited warranty
     Pros      Cons
  • Features accented leaves and tiny pine cones
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Only comes with white lights

5. CHEERSON Premium Christmas Pin Tree

CHEERSON Premium Christmas Pin Tree

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Standing at seven and a half feet, the Cheerson Premium Christmas tree is full of branches that make it the ideal addition for any room. It comes with a metallic stand that provides ample support in the event that you want to add ornaments.

Cheerson comes in three hinged sections that are fairly simple to assemble. In fact, most customers were pleased with how easy it is to set it up as well as disassemble.

Key Features:
  • Has a height if 7.5 feet
  • Comes with 1346 branch tips
  • Steel-made stand
     Pros      Cons
  • Conveniently sized for indoor applications
  • High-quality metal stand for support
  • Disassembles into three hinged sections for an easy set-up
  • The branch tips provide sufficient room for additional decorations
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

4. Homegear Deluxe Alpine Xmas / Christmas Tree

Homegear Deluxe Alpine Xmas / Christmas Tree

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The Alpine Christmas tree by Homegear is perfect for all that festive cheer. In case you have a limited budget but would still like that Yuletide feel then Homegear Deluxe is just the Christmas tree for you.

It stands at 6ft tall and has about 700 branch tips. The Homegear Alpine Xmas weighs about 9.6lbs, which is pretty lightweight if you want to move it around. Unfortunately, it comes with a plastic stand that is not all that durable.

Key Features:
  • Height 6f, width of 3.25 ft
  • 700 tips
  • Needle: PVC and green in color
     Pros      Cons
  • Weighs just 9.6 lbs for easy portability
  • Easy assembly
  • Plastic stand not as durable as steel

3. Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

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Your colleagues, family members and friends would have to get a really close look to discover that the Balsam Hill White Spruce is an artificial tree. But, what we liked most about it is its bushy look with a generous number of needle tips.

Moreover, the White Spruce comes with its storage bag. This way, you can readily store the tree and use during the next Christmas season. On the flipside, you may take eternity to arrange the branches in place.

Key Features:
  • Measures 6.5 feet tall
  • Fitted with PE True Needle tips
  • Has about 1854 branch tips
  • Backed by a 10-year tree and foliage warranty
     Pros      Cons
  • Offers a realistic look
  • Free of tree allergens
  • Advanced branch detailing
  • Expensive

2. Best Choice Products Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

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Occasionally, it’s not such a bad idea to go back to the basics. The Premium Spruce Christmas tree by Best Choice Products is pretty simple and standard-sized. The seven and a half hinged tree consists of easy-to-decorate branches. These branches are covered in about 1346 tips, giving them a full-body and genuine look.

On the flipside, a few people are usually skeptical about investing in artificial decorations. But, once you set all the pieces in their right places, you will love how beautiful the Premium Spruce looks.

Key Features:
  • Comes with a sturdy foldable steel stand
  • Can disassemble into three hinged sections
  • Measures 52 inches by 52 inches by 7.5 feet (height)
     Pros      Cons
  • Versatile
  • Has a simple, stable design
  • Foldable steel stand
  • The top section lacks hinges

1. National Tree North Valley Spruce Tree

National Tree North Valley Spruce Tree

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At seven and a half feet, the North Valley Spruce is our top pick for artificial Christmas trees. Like most of the trees manufactured by National Tree, this décor item is hazard-free and does not result in any unpleasant body reactions.

North Valley comes packaged as three sections that are easy to put together. It also features a thin profile, which makes it suitable for limited spaces. Also, the tree has hinged branches for easy assembly. The only limitation is that it’s high-priced.

Key Features:
  • Is 7.5 ft. tall with a 52-inch diameter
  • It’s pre-strung with 550 UL listed clear lights
  • Features a hinged construction and spare bulbs, fuses and a metal tree stand
     Pros      Cons
  • Manufacturer offers 5-year warranty
  • A ton of spare accessories
  • Easy assembly
  • Expensive

Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Nothing can compare to the delicious pine scent that comes from actual Christmas trees. But if you’re looking for easy maintenance and minimal hassle, the artificial Christmas tree is your best bet. Here are the factors to account for when shopping for artificial Christmas trees.

  • Consider the Height: Artificial Christmas trees are made in a range of sizes and shapes, and this makes it easy to find one that can fit in your home. But, it’s always wise to take measurements of the space where the Christmas tree will go to.
  • Pre-lit or not: Pre-lit means that the artificial tree comes fitted with lights. These types of trees are a money-saver as you won’t have to purchase extra décor lights separately.
  • Branches: While some artificial trees have long needles, others will only have short stubs. Usually, most people prefer medium-sized branches. You may also want to invest in attachable branches that allow you to decide just how full the tree will be.


Not everyone prefers artificial Christmas trees. However, if they are your cup of tea, it stands to reason that you should invest in ones that are attractive, of premium quality and functional. For the best décor, consider the artificial Christmas trees in our review.

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