Top 10 Best Attic Ladders in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Attic ladders provide safe access to your attic, whether you’re going up there for maintenance work or using the attic for storage space. However, you cannot say that every attic ladder is the same. Here are the ten best attic ladders reviewed, and we’ll provide something for everyone based on your needs, home’s dimensions and the intended application.

List of The Best Attic Ladders in 2020

10. Werner Ladder, Model AA1510

Werner Ladder, Model AA1510

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Werner Ladder manufactured this attic ladder specifically for ultra-tight spaces. Note that it needs at least 28” of vertical clearance above the attic floor and 44” minimum of horizontal clearance from the ceiling opening. That is less than some of the ladders on this list, but these dimensions do rule out this ladder for some apartment dwellers.

The ladder is designed for fitting into attics and hallways; you’ll appreciate the feet that don’t mar your tile or carpet floor if you’re constantly pulling it down to access the attic. It works whether the ceiling is seven feet or ten feet above the floor. At the very top of the ladder is an “assist” pole, whether you’re shoving items into the attic for storage or climbing into the attic yourself.

The ladder itself is cheap. It can only support 250 pounds, so don’t try to use it if you’re too heavy or want to carry heavy loads up it. The major flaw in the design is that it can be hard to pull down in the first place.

9. Farko Brand LWN Basic Attic Ladder

Farko Brand LWN Basic Attic Ladder

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This is another basic, durable and affordable ladder. This particular model is designed specifically for rough openings 22.5” by 47”. It can fit ceilings anywhere from 7 and a half fee to almost nine feet tall. Noe that you can find other ladders by this manufacturer for the most common ceiling opening widths, so you can find an attic ladder by Farko that fits your attic access exactly. Furthermore, it comes already assembled and ready to install. Now there is no question on how to install the attic ladder or fear that it may come loose and collapse.

This attic ladder has an uninsulated particleboard hatch that you can paint to make it blend in with the ceiling. It has a spring-loaded opener to keep it closed when not in used. It has anti-slip coverings on the 13” wide treads. Unlike many of its rivals, it has a red metal handrail. Note that it can only support 250 pounds, including the person standing on it, so only install it where you need occasional access and don’t care about heat loss.

8. Louisville Ladder, Model S305P

Louisville Ladder, Model S305P

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The model S305P attic ladder is called the “Big Boy” because it can support up to 350 pounds. Whether you’re a heavier homeowner or regularly carry 50-pound boxes of items up into the attic, you need a heavier duty attic ladder like this. When you’re carrying that heavy load, you’ll appreciate the deep, reinforced steps. It opens smoothly and easily with one hand.

This ladder is specifically designed for 30-inch attic openings, and it is only good for eight to nine-foot ceiling heights. The company makes a different, less commonly available model for ten-foot ceilings.

This ladder comes with an installation kit. Some assembly is required.

7. Werner Attic Ladder, Model AH2510

Werner Attic Ladder, Model AH2510

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This attic ladder is designed for 25” by 54” openings. It is suitable for ceilings anywhere from 8 to 10 feet above the floor. It has an average price given its size and weight ratings. Where it stands out is the 375 load capacity, a little bit better than the average ladder in this category.

You get a durable aluminum ladder that won’t splinter or break if you let it slam shut. You can paint or stain the door to match the ceiling’s color. Unlike some ladders on this list, you receive excellent installation instructions. It is easy to install.

So why didn’t this ladder rank higher on our list? The ladder treads are rather narrow, and the handle is minimal. There isn’t really tread on the ladder steps, so be careful when you’re climbing on it. This is especially true near the top of the ladder.

6. Louisville Ladder, Model S254P

Louisville Ladder, Model S254P

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Attic openings come in a variety of widths; this attic ladder is designed for openings anywhere from 25.5” to 54” across. Attic ladders themselves can only reach so far down. This attic ladder is suitable for use in ladder openings anywhere from seven to nine feet above the floor. The attic is easy to install in almost any ladder opening. It has a convenient to use handle and basic slip-resistant steps.

This basic attic ladder is affordable. It is designed primarily to allow you access to the attic as required. It can only support 250 pounds, including the person standing on it, so don’t buy this ladder if you intend to be hauling loads up and down it.

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5. Telesteps 1000L Attic Ladder

Telesteps 1000L Attic Ladder

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This minimalist ladder is one of the more affordable attic ladders on this list. The telescoping ladder can be used with seven to ten-foot ceilings. It is OSHA compliant, so it is suitable for attic access points that are regularly opened by HVAC workers or pest control. The ladder itself can be opened at the touch of the release mechanism. The ladder is rated for 300 pounds, including the user.

The only potential issue is that you’re just buying the ladder alone; there is no attic door or installation hardware with it. Some of the other attic ladders on this list cost as much and come with an insulated attic door. Other attic ladders on this list come with all of the installation hardware. Understand what you’ll need to install this versatile attic ladder or use it to replace an existing ladder where you already have all the hardware.

4. Fakro Model LST 66875 Attic Ladder

Fakro Model LST 66875 Attic Ladder

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This attic ladder is designed for 22” wide by 31” long rough openings. One of the benefits of this ladder is the insulated attic door that comes with it. The R-value of the insulation is 5.2.

Like other upscale Farko ladders, the steel S links act as both supports for the steps and handholds for the user. The versatile ladder can fit ceiling heights ranging from seven feet to nine and a half feet.

This ladder is rated for loads up to 300 pounds including the user. The company offers a two-year warranty. One of the downsides of this product is how easily it is damaged during shipment; then it doesn’t open smoothly. The only serious concern is how narrow the ladder itself is, though that’s partially a reflection of the fact that it is designed for very narrow openings.

3. Louisville Ladder, Model AL228P

Louisville Ladder, Model AL228P

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Sometimes the attic access is more than ten feet above the floor. The Louisville Ladder model AL228P attic ladder is designed for attic access points ten to twelve feet above the floor.

This ladder itself is rated for loads of up to 350 pounds. This ladder is designed for 22” openings, though there is a version for 25” attic openings. It simply will not fit if the framed opening is less than 25 1/4″ by 62 1/2″.

The hinges are heavy duty. The steps are moderately wide; they’re about 3” deep. They have slip resistant tread on them. The ladder comes with a door cover that stays shut. Be careful not to be hit by the stairs as they swing out while you’re opening it.

The wood is of middling quality. Don’t hit the attic ladder or let it bounce when closing, it can break after repeated shocks. The ladder itself is heavy and can be hard to open by yourself. The package in which the ladder is shipped is heavy, and this makes it prone to damage during shipment.

2. Louisville Ladder, Model AA259GS

Louisville Ladder, Model AA259GS

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The Louisville Ladder model AA259GS is designed for a 25.5” by 54” opening. This is one of Louisville Ladder’s “elite” models. It is rated for loads up to 350 pounds. Yet this heavy duty ladder is cheaper than many of its rivals for the same weight class. It has gas cylinders instead of springs to gently close the door and prevent it from slamming shut, potentially damaging the door in the process.

This attic ladder can reach the floor whether the ceiling is seven feet nine inches or ten feet above the floor. It comes with an entire installation kit. It offers as much clearance width as possible given the opening size it is designed for. The “shoes” on the bottom of the ladder hold is securely and safely on any floor without marring it.

The only possible issue is that when the gas compression shocks come off or fail, you have to prop the attic door shut. If the hydraulic cylinders are damaged during shipping or the manufacturer merely says they were, you’re going to have trouble getting the warranty honored.

1. Farko Model LSF 66859 Attic Ladder

Farko Model LSF 66859 Attic Ladder

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Sometimes we want an attic ladder that significantly improves our safety and security, not just provides access to the attic. The Farko model LSF 66859 attic ladder is a steel scissor ladder.

This ladder has an insulated, fire proof metal door that resists fire up to sixty minutes. Whether your roof has caught fire from a lightning strike or there is a fire on the ground floor moving up, this attic ladder will help slow the spread of the fire between levels. The rest of the time, the attic access door is well insulated and prevents unconditioned air from leaking into the home.

This attic ladder can support up to 300 pounds, including the user. It is well balanced. One novel feature is the S-joints that serve as both links in the ladder and handholds when required.

It is designed specifically for 24” by 47” rough openings. Another model by the same company is good for 22” wide openings. The ladder length itself is adjustable; it can work whether the floor is seven feet or ten feet below the ceiling.

A Basic Buying Guide

First and foremost, you need to know the dimensions of the space where the ladder is going in. How large is the opening? Not all ladders can be adjusted to fit an opening two or three inches wider than the ladder is designed for. How far is the ladder opening from the floor? Some ladders have are flexible enough to work over a two-foot difference. However, a ladder designed for a seven foot six-inch vertical distance won’t work properly if the ceiling is seven feet away. This makes the dimensions the ladder needs to fit into the most important criteria for selecting a ladder.

Another issue is the load the ladder will be put under. Do not use a ladder rated for less than what you weigh plus whatever you may be hauling up the ladder. If you weigh 300 pounds or weigh 250 pounds and carry a 50-pound box up the stairs, it simply isn’t safe to go on a ladder rated for 250 pounds, while a 300-pound ladder is risky. In these cases, play it safe by getting a ladder that can carry 350 pounds.

Beyond these basic structural requirements, you can start looking for features like installation kits, insulation built into the door, guide rails and other “nice to have” features. If you value convenience, you’ll need to pay more for a ladder that comes with all of the above.


First and foremost, know the dimensions of the opening where the ladder will be installed, then buy a ladder that either fits that opening precisely or can be made to fit. Know how much space you need in terms of ladder width and step depth to be able to safely go up and down the ladder. Second, understand the loads you need to carry on the ladder, and don’t overload it. Third, know the little features that really make a difference, whether it is ensuring that the ladder is safe to use in all conditions or that your attic access point won’t ruin the insulation value of your ceiling. If you don’t want to be hunting for hardware to properly mount the attic ladder, buy an all-inclusive kit.

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