Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers Reviews in 2021

Automatic soap dispensers offer us a level of convenience and hygiene like never before. Not only are you spared the effort of having to press the dispenser yourself, or having to speculate how much soap you will be needing, the idea of being touchless limits the spread of germs. This is in fact one of the biggest advantages of touchless soap dispensers, because it not only curtails the spread of germs in the home, but it is also perfect for public places. We list in this review the top 10 automatic hand soap dispensers in 2021, and we hope that this guide will help you in making the right purchase decision.

List of Best Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers in 2021

10. AGE Hygiene Automatic Soap Dispenser

AGE Hygiene Automatic Soap Dispenser Check it on Amazon

The automatic soap dispenser from Age Hygiene is a stylish, yet quite functional product, designed to optimize your soap use. It features a unique design that sets it apart from the rest, including a brushed nickel body and a transparent 17 oz. (0.5 liter) tank. You can also easily adjust soap volumes according to your needs, and its motion sensor is precise enough, that you do not need to wave your hands in order to activate the dispenser.

9. Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser from Umbra

Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser from UmbraCheck it on Amazon

In position #9 is another stylish beauty. Also featuring a nickel body, this hand soap dispenser is available as well in red, white and black. It features a window on the front from where you can see the soap level of its 6 oz. (177ml) tank. Its dispense volume is fixed, but it’s neither too little nor too much. It also runs on four AAA batteries and will look absolutely fabulous in most modern bathrooms.

8. Cozi Kitchen Automatic Touchless Soap and Hand Santiser Dispenser

Cozi Kitchen Automatic Touchless Soap and Hand Santiser DispenserCheck it on Amazon

Featuring a brushed nickel body, the Cozi Kitchen automatic dispenser comes with four free batteries. It has a round and tall design which gives it a futuristic look and makes it a decorative item for any bathroom or kitchen. Its infra-red motion sensors are also quite intelligent and do not erratically dispense every now and then. It comes with a three month warranty.

7. GOJO Foam Soap Automatic Dispenser

GOJO Foam Soap Automatic DispenserCheck it on Amazon

Backed by a UL, CE and ADA certifications and a three year manufacturer’s warranty, this dispenser offers you professional quality throughout. It is well designed and able to fit into many places including kitchens, bathrooms, public buildings e.t.c. It can also dispense sanitizers as well as soaps, and its wall mount design makes it both more practical and highly adaptable. Coming from a company with over 50 years of research and experience with hand sanitizers, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also fully compatible with the 1200ml GOJO refill bottles.

6. GooQee Automatic Touchless Countertop Liquid Soap Dispenser

GooQee Automatic Touchless Countertop Liquid Soap DispenserCheck it on Amazon

The GooQee dispenser comes in a plastic case with shiny chrome highlights. It offers a chime function which when switched on, plays a song while dispensing. It works with any liquid soap, so you are free to use the brand of your choice. It is also set to dispense about 4ml at a go within 4 seconds, but if you remove your hands after 2 seconds, it stops as well, saving you soap. It does not drip, or cause any other kind of unsavory mess.

5. Secura Premium 17 oz. Soap Dispenser

Secura Premium 17 oz. Soap DispenserCheck it on Amazon

If you love unconventional designs, then this one could awaken you interest. The base is made from a black plastic with a chrome top, but its 17 oz. (500ml) liquid soap container is completely see-through. This presents the soap in an interesting light. The base is also water resistant, and dispensing volume can be regulated between 0.03 and 0.19 oz. The dispenser can additionally function as either a counter-top or a wall-mounted dispenser.

4. Svinz 15 oz. Automatic Dispenser with Chrome Finish

Svinz 15 oz. Automatic Dispenser with Chrome FinishCheck it on Amazon

In position #4 is the Svinz dispenser with its chrome finish and 15 oz. (450ml) frosted soap tank. The tank displays the soap level in a stylish way. The device is energy efficient and will last for up to 1 year with four AAA batteries. It additionally features two adjustable dispense volumes of low and high, an On/Off switch, and a low-battery indicator system.

3. OPERNEE Stainless Steel Automatic soap Dispenser

OPERNEE Stainless Steel Automatic soap DispenserCheck it on Amazon

OPERNEE’s dispenser is currently available for $25, which is 35% off its normal price. The simple and yet elegant stainless steel design puts this dispenser in a class of its own. It uses Japanese smart motion sensors and is completely waterproof. It’s dispensing volume can also be set to one of three optional levels and it runs on four AAA batteries. The package includes the dispenser and a user’s manual.

2. SimpleOne Silver Automatic Dispenser

SimpleOne Silver Automatic DispenserCheck it on Amazon

Also currently reduced from $59 to $24, which a 58% price reduction, the SimpleOne dispenser is a beauty to behold. It looks modern, stylish, elegant and even futuristic. It is also available in white and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. It requires four AAA batteries to work, and can last for up to one year on those batteries. It can be used with liquid soaps, kitchen hand soaps, shampoos and sanitizers. If you love style and elegance, then this is one great option for you.

1. SimpleHuman Brushed Nickel Automatic Hand soap Dispenser

SimpleHuman Brushed Nickel Automatic Hand soap DispenserCheck it on Amazon

In position #1 is the brushed nickel version of the SimpleHuman automatic dispenser. It uses a unique technology to dispense soap in as quickly as 0.2 seconds. The dispense volume can also be adjusted. This dispenser works with 4 AA batteries, is quite contemporary and elegant in design, and is also available in white and in black plastic colors. If you simply desire the most efficient and reliable automatic dispenser, then this is it.

Purchase Considerations for Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers

  • Durability: Durability is a good question to consider because although it hardly ever gets touched, plastics still degrade faster than brushed metals given certain weather conditions. You will also need to open it and change its batteries from time to time, and plastics simply wear out faster than metals.
  • Lathering: Another consideration is whether the soap delivered is lathered or not. Lathered soap simply contains air bubbles, but they feel better on the skin and help to reduce waste.
  • Adjustable Soap Quantity: Some devices allow you to adjust the quantity of the liquid soap that actually gets dispensed each time. This opens up a lot of possibilities for either those who want more soap or those who prefer less.
  • Design & Style: A good product should not only be functional and reliable, but should also look good. Style is important as well, as the dispenser really needs to fit into the interior decor, and not stand out like an odd or ugly piece.


All the dispensers in this review are great in their own respect, what differentiates them is their unique designs. If you are not looking for something decorative, then the GOJO in position #8 could be of interest to you. If you love unique designs, then the SimpleOne in position #2 or even the OPERNEE in position #3 could ring your bells. Else, for an all-round stylish, reliable and fast automatic dispenser, the SimpleHuman dispenser in position #1 is our recommendation.



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