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Regardless of how cozy a bouncy seat or swing is, babies always like being cradled in your arms. However, toting your baby around all day is not really feasible unless you’ve got arms of steel and several minions to do your tasks daily. That’s exactly where baby carriers come in handy.

Getting a baby carrier is a necessity. This is the only gadget that will let you do your own things, hands-free as your baby relaxes against you. It also gives your arms a break and it can easily sub in for the stroller, especially if your baby gets upset when he can’t see you or you have to navigate in crowded spaces like stadiums and airports. As a result, it is important to purchase a great baby carrier in case you want to move around with your child. Below are the top 10 best baby carriers in 2020.

List of Best Baby Carriers in 2020

10. JPMBB PhysioCarrier

JPMBB PhysioCarrier

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The newest baby carrier from JPMBB, the PhysioCarrier is a soft structured baby carrier that’s extremely comfortable to use. There’s an opening at the back of this carrier that can be zipped up or down so as to ventilate the back of your child. The JPMBB PhysioCarrier also features meshed head support that allows for ventilation and the parents to see their baby when covering his/her head.

Although the main baby carrier is suitable from four months, it can still be worn with newborns with the extension pack.

9. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

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Boba WrapBoba Baby Carrier is free of buckles, snaps or straps. It’s also easy to take it on and off because you simply have to tie the material snug up against your body.

The stretchy fabric on the baby carrier allows for the perfect fit each and every time. It can also be washed and dried quite easily. The model can also fold down into a suitcase or diaper bag as conveniently as a pair of pants or a shirt. It is also supportive of the child’s hips and spine. This ergonomic design is very important for your baby. There’s also a two-shoulder design so that you’re equally distributing the weight of the baby.

8. Baby Bjorn Carrier One

Baby Bjorn Carrier One

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The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One distributes the baby’s weight around the hips. It has also been tested and acknowledged as being hip-healthy carrier. The baby carrier is also anatomically designed so as to adapt to all the changing needs of the growing baby without increasing the pressure to your shoulders or back. It also has a very unique function that will allow you to safely move the baby from the front to the back while still in this carrier.

Having been made from 60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester and with a 100 percent cotton lining, this baby carrier is free from any hazardous substance.

7. ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

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As its name suggests, the ergo baby carrier is made with the ergonomics in mind. The baby carrier has soft and padded shoulder straps as well as a back support that will keep your spine from feeling the stress associated with carrying your baby.

The child’s weight will also be evenly distributed between your shoulders and hips. As such, your child will sit in a natural and comfortable position as you move around.

6. Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier

Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier

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This is the first infant carrier from the all-terrain pushchair professionals Mountain Buggy. The Juno Baby carrier can be used from the child’s birth up to four years.

The Juno is designed to give your child the ideal ergonomic posture. In addition, it has extra storage pockets to store all her essentials. The baby carrier also has a compartment at the front part where you can place your hands and cuddle the baby. The model features an integrated sleeping hood as well as a pocket for storing, small soft items.

5. Bushbaby Premier Back Baby Carrier

Bushbaby Premier Back Baby Carrier

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The Bushbaby Premier Back Baby Carrier enable you to carry your child on the back from six months up to 4 years. The baby carrier can pack down flat for travelling, is adjustable for varying adult heights and it distributes the baby’s weight quite well. The Bushbaby Premier Back Baby Carrier is ideal for any parent who likes to venture off on the walks. However, it’s important to note that this model can only be carried in one position; at the back.

4. Thule Sapling Elite Baby Carrier

Thule Sapling Elite Baby Carrier

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Thule is a popular name that’s familiar to most people thanks to their range of storage products, automotive carriages, roof bars, cycle carriers, roof boxes and the like. However, they also offer great baby carriers at affordable prices. The Thule Sapling Elite baby carrier is suitable for babies from 7kg to a massive 22kg.

The baby carrier comes complete with an adjustable hip belt and back panel, child viewing mirror, roomy hip belt pockets and removable backpack, mesh pockets, load stabilizer straps, hydration reservoir sleeve, sunshade, dual access as well as removable stirrups. All these features make the model both convenient an comfortable to use when you want to move around with your little one.

3. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

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This well-known and classic baby carrier has a lot of benefits to offer. The model comes a wide range of great colors both mesh and cotton materials.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier is also specially-designed to support the small baby’s neck, spine and head appropriately. It is also well-suited for small babies and newborns and it will hold up over some time as it’s well-made and extremely durable.

You will have the choice to carry your baby inward towards your chest or outwards toward the world. This feature is great because, just as it is the case with adults, babies also want different things at different time periods. A nap might call for inward positioning whereas a walk through the neighborhood might require the outward facing position.

2. Stokke MyCarrier

Stokke MyCarrier

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This is a multi-directional baby carrier that’s ergonomic and comfortable both for the baby and parents. The baby carrier is made from organic, approved material meaning it certified free of any harmful substances.

The MyCarrier baby carrier is also acknowledged as being a hip-healthy carrier and medical experts. This baby carrier is suited for babies aged 3 years and below. It also supports 2 carrying positions, (front and back).

1. Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini

Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini

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The Beco Gemini is baby carrier is certainly one of the best carriers in the market. The model is ultra-versatile and has some great features. As with the BabyBjorn Miracle and Ergobaby, it also has the waist support for weight distribution and maximum comfort.

The crisscross design at the back/shoulders is also easy for some parents to manage as compared to the buckles that are found on other baby carriers.


Baby wearing is a good practice to keep your baby happy and to help in building a strong bond between you and your little one. Infants usually love the snug hold of being carried on the chest while toddlers often love being carried on the back. The above carriers will allow you to keep the baby close and content while still leaving your hands free to execute other tasks.

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