Top 10 Best Buffet Servers in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

A buffet server is a tray, that is used when you want to serve a particular hot food. To serve hot and fresh food at parties and in restaurants causes trouble because food may get cool while reaching at the other end of the party area from one end. So this tray is equipped with a heat and temperature control system that facilitates the user to serve fresh and hot buffet.

This is just a tray to store the food and serve it to the guests without cooling it. By using this product you can keep the food warm throughout the party. Among a large collection of kitchen equipment and buffet servers, to get a better buffet server can be a tough task. However, you need not worry about it.

Here is complete buying guide for you along with top ten best buffets servers for the year 2018 review. Let’s have a review of buying guide and products.

List of The Best Buffet Servers in 2021

10. Nostalgia TSC15 Triple Slow Cooker Buffet Server

Nostalgia TSC15 Triple Slow Cooker Buffet ServerCheck it on Amazon

If you are looking for a top-ranked buffet server to use at home, then you should go for this product. The design of the product is super and innovative that has made it a highly desired product. The bottom of the product can be separated from the tray. The product is multi-purpose. It is made of high-quality stainless steel material. The rust-free use of the product ensures maximum life and performance of the product. The product is simple to use. Nutrichef is light in weight.

Although there are s many attractive features of the product, it is also not free from some drawbacks. The price of the product is high as compared to many other similar products. Users of the product have also reported about the poor performance of the product as the temperature control system is not efficient.

9. NutriChef 3 Tray Buffet Server & Hot Plate Food Warmer

NutriChef 3 Tray Buffet Server & Hot Plate Food WarmerCheck it on Amazon

This stainless buffet tray is outstanding is performance. The bottom of the product can be separated from the tray and it can be used for multi purposes. Nutrichef is designed for occasions and parties. The compact and light design is an eyecatching feature of the product. The large size facilitates you in easy handling of large quantities. 175 Fahrenheit is the maximum temperature. The heat-resistant capacity is also without parallel.

The food warmer system and handles of the product are not convenient. The removable containers of the product cause hindrance in the handling of the food in it. The price of the product is high as compared to many others. Users have also reported on its performance.

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8. NutriChef Hot Plate Warming Tray Buffet Server Food Warmer

NutriChef Hot Plate Warming Tray Buffet Server Food WarmerCheck it on Amazon

A two-in-one buffet server can be a good one, especially for occasions. This product with an adjustable temperature control system and removable 3 tray system is wonderful in performance. The 300watt heater of the product maintains the heat and keep the food warm. The rotary temperature control system has made a worth appreciating product. Three foot-power cord helps you in the handling of food.

The users of the product have made so many claims of the product. The removable food serving containers are trouble causing. The product is not a stain-resistant as the company has claimed. The stainless steel that is used in its formation is of poor quality.

7. NutriChef Hot Plate Food Warmer & Buffet Server

NutriChef Hot Plate Food Warmer & Buffet ServerCheck it on Amazon

The best kitchen appliance that is adjustable and easily accessible is this one, with a food warmer system. The product is compact in design and stain-resistant. The plug-in and food warming system of the product is very impressive for large events. The heating elements of the product are high-powered and wonderful. The size and capacity of this buffet server are large enough for occasions.

The temperature adjustment system is poor and sometimes it even deteriorates the food. The users of the product have reported that it is not a durable and reliable product. It is not easy to use. Its temperature control system is not good.

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6. Oster CKSTBSTW00 Buffet Server

Oster CKSTBSTW00 Buffet ServerCheck it on Amazon

The best buffet pan with heat-resistant handles and lids is an ideal choice for home use and also for parties. The heating surface of the product is 20 to 30 inches. It consists of a variable health control system that user can control when serving food. The temperature control system is also impressive. It contains a safe dishwasher pan. The pans are heat resistant,

The handles and lids are not heat-resistant and warm-up quickly. The product is cumbersome and uncomfortable. The power plug-in system of the product is risky as a power cord in very small. Power indicator lights not work for a long time.

5. Tru BS-325LR Slow-Cookers

Tru BS-325LR Slow-CookersCheck it on Amazon

One more outstanding buffet tray that you can enjoy either at for home use or in parties, is this one. The product is made of stainless steel and finish of the same metal is applied to it. The triple slower power system facilitates you in easy and timely preparation of the food. It consists of three independent temperature control systems. The lids are heat resistant and ensure maximum safety of the food during storage and serving.

The pot of the product is small and cannot store a large quantity of food. The food warming time of the product is also less. The removable dishes are cheap in quality and performance.

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4. Party Essential Buffet Tray

Party Essential Buffet TrayCheck it on Amazon

This 10/18 stainless steel buffet tray is a wonderful product that you can use to serve your guests on occasions and at home. The temperature control system of the product. The food and water pan of the water protects the food from spoilage during heating. There are 33 disposable pieces, including serving, spoons, plates and other appliances. It is a non-stick material made 33 piece party serving kit. It includes disposable pieces of forks, spoons, and tongs made of polystyrene. Its material is the string that facilitates in serving. It is made of aluminum.

The product is not good for many users. The performance of the product is unsatisfactory for so many users. The kit is not suitable for serving hot food at parties, barbecues, and other gatherings. The kit weighs about 9 pounds and is not easy to use and maintain.

3. Tru Triple Slow Cooker Buffet Tray

Tru Triple Slow Cooker Buffet TrayCheck it on Amazon

It is easy to use and portable slow cookers that keep your food warm to serve to a small gathering at home. Three oval removable stoneware sets with heating unit fitted with three setting controls- low, warm, and high. An integrated handle which remains cool throughout use and comes with the lid and serving spoons for an easy experience.

The weight of the product is just 12 pounds that is not ideal for many users. It is not easy to use, clean and store and all these things make it un-fit for parties. It is expensive as well.

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2. BELLA Triple Slow Buffet Server

BELLA Triple Slow Buffet ServerCheck it on Amazon

Fitted with three different controls for each dish is one of the champions in slow cooking wares. It is portable and lightweight and can be carried as well. It can serve up to three dishes at one time. It is safe and uses less energy than the stove. It comes with glass lids, stoneware pots and serving spoons which are easy to use, looks good and easy to clean up as well. The build in the model of lid, uses less counter space.

The material of the product cannot resist heat and warm-up the handles and lids. The price of the product is also very high.

1. Oster CKSTRS71 18-Quart Roaster Oven with Buffet Server

Oster CKSTRS71 18-Quart Roaster Oven with Buffet ServerCheck it on Amazon

It is a single serve Slow Cooker has a capacity of 18-pound turkey. Consisting of buffet server with 3 removable enamel-on-steel pans and lids, removable rack and roasting pan. The lid rest is for convenient and easily accessible serving. The lid is made of aluminum, stainless steel keeping it corrosion free.

This single control is not easy to use as multiple temperature options make it unfit for cooking various dishes. It is one unit product and the unit is not easy to clean as well. It is a sturdy piece weighing slightly above than 17 pounds that is disliked by many users.

Buffet Servers Buying guide

To buy the best buffet server is not an uphill task. The advancements in technology have made everything easy and accessible. Just like many other products, there are many things that need to be considered while buying the best buffet server. You should consider following things while making a decision.

  • Material: The material of the product matters a lot in the performance of the product. So when you are making a buying decision, make sure the material is of high-quality. It is because a poor-quality material will not only deteriorate the food but will also cause hazards to your health.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the buffet server represents the food handling capacity of the product. Its capacity must be according to the quantity of food that you want to serve and the event where you want to use it. It is obvious, that in large gatherings, the buffets, small buffet servers cannot work. The ideal buffet serves have a capacity of 2.5 quarts.
  • Multi-functional: A multi-functional buffet tray is best as its bottom part can also be used for grilling and together with its tray, it can be used to serve food. While buying a buffet server, you must make sure its multi-functional feature.
  • Heat control system: This is another feature of the best buffet server that you must consider while buying it. The heat control system helps you in easy handling of the food and it protects the food from spoilage. The heat sustainability must not be compromised.


All these buffet servers are best in all aspects. The features of the product are unique and wonderful. The use of these products will make you happy and you will have a new and wonderful experience. The size, capacity, price, and material of all these products is unparalleled. Although, there are so many buffets servers available in the market, but these products are best ones. I hope you will like them.

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