Top 10 Best Camera Jib Cranes in 2021 Reviews | Buying Guide

For professional photographers, the subject will feel at ease better when you’re using a jib crane to support your camera. Besides, it presents the opportunity to capture the subject from different angles. It’s going to be boring to capture it in the same angle even if it the subject does different poses. This item will go a long way in making you a very capable photographer in the future. When other people see your photographs, they won’t hesitate in doing business with you.

List of The Best Camera Jib Cranes in 2021

Good thing, Amazon has the best camera jib cranes reviews in 2021 and here they are:

10. Indy Jib Cinema Crane for DSLRs

Indy Jib Cinema Crane for DSLRs

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Don’t worry if your camera is a little heavy because this item can support cameras that weight as heavy as 15 pounds. Besides, everyone knows how heavy cinema cameras are nowadays. It’s completely safe too so nobody will get in an accident while making use of this item on set.

Due to it being powder coated, there’s no need to worry in the crane getting scratches. Hence, that means it will look great for a very long time. Also, it allows you to get great looks for your movies. After all, you won’t have many people buying tickets for your movie if it’s being shot from the same place. Best of all, it’s locally made.

Key Features:
  • the bearings are impregnated with oil which assures smooth movement every time camera is moved to one side
  • mounted at the center so there will be no difficulties in trying to move the camera to the middle

9. Papaler Aluminum Camera Mini Jib Crane

Papaler Aluminum Camera Mini Jib Crane

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For amateur filmmakers, this product is a perfect choice. There’s no doubt you’ll have a bigger chance of making a good movie when you use this item to capture your scenes. It can go as high as 210 cm and that’s really high.

The incredible bellhead design proves that the manufacturer made this product with the customers in mind. Those who already own SLRs won’t be disappointed with it as it can be used in a variety of ways. Best of all, the grip ensures it won’t slip from your hands. Imagine how disastrous you’ll feel if the camera suddenly slips from the crane. That would result in expensive damages.

Key Features:
  • strong versatility so it can be mounted at any tripod you can think of even though this item doesn’t come with one
  • made with an aluminum alloy which ensures it is portable and durable

8. Viltrox Professional Camera Jib Crane

Viltrox Professional Camera Jib Crane

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There are so many threading holes in this crane which also results in so many options for mounting. There’s even an adjustable sliding weight bar that proves it’s more useful than what it looks like. Of course, it can also be removed if you want to move the jib crane to another place.

No matter what type of shooting you plan on doing, there’s no doubt this item will support it. Also, it’s made of aluminum alloy so you can expect outstanding durability. That means you won’t need to buy another one for a very long time. Best of all, it can be extended up to 2720 mm which gives the director more options for the movie.

Key Features:
  • the package includes a number of things including a Nylon bag and a Nylon fastener tape
  • max load is 10kg which is perfect for cameras that are deemed too heavy for jib cranes

7. Shootvilla Studio Jib Video Camera Crane

Shootvilla Studio Jib Video Camera Crane

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There’s no need to worry about the crane suddenly going haywire since you’re going to manually control it. That means each movement of the crane is in your hands. The camera plate is shaped like the letter “L” which means the camera can easily be mounted on it. There’s even a mounting arm for those who want to put an LCD monitor on the crane. Besides, you’d want to make sure you’re getting the perfect shot for each scene.

There’s no question about the durability of this item as Shootvilla is known for delivering great satisfaction to their customers nationwide. That means you’re going to get an item you’re going to be stuck with for a very long time. Yes, no matter how challenging the shot may look, this item will let you capture it.

Key Features:
  • strong weight to achieve a great balance
  • provides awesome stability

6. Ashanks Camera Jib Crane

Ashanks Camera Jib Crane

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One jib crane that’s reliable for long-term use is this wonderful product from Ashanks. The manufacturer certainly outdid itself because this product not only meets expectations, it also exceeds it. One thing Ashanks brags about is that it has 8 holes which means you can put things like a wireless recorder or a microphone there. Speaking of holes, it has a lot of mounting holes too which means you can expect great stability.

There’s an extendable length that allows it to capture a wider shot. Even if you want to capture something at a miniature standpoint, that’s going to be easy using this item. If it’s one thing this item is good at, it’s making difficult things easier. After all, it provides users with a firm grip which means there’s no need to worry about accidentally letting go of the crane. How terrible that would be if that happens especially if the camera is currently rolling.

Key Features:
  • made of first-rate aluminum alloy
  • auto-tilt feature for fast outstanding results

5. Glide Gear JB4 Portable Jib Crane

Glide Gear JB4 Portable Jib Crane

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Due to a couple of mounting options, it’s quite possible to use two cameras at the same time. However, both cameras must weight a combined total of only 6 pounds. Glide Gear even slipped in a very useful bag in the package. Of course, this item would allow you to easily bring the jib crane to the next location of the shoot. There’s no doubt a lot of people are raving about how Glide Gear could manufacture such great items at affordable prices.

Another thing that’s great about this jib crane is that it can be folded easily. After that, you can choose to carry it from one place to another without exerting much effort. When you purchase this item, you’re ensured of using it for a long time since it’s made of machined aluminum. Best of all, the important parts are already assembled when you open it. The only thing you need to assemble are a few simple things but you won’t have a difficult time with that since everything is already stated in the instruction manual.

Key Features:
  • lifetime warranty
  • scratch resistant

4. Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Crane Jib

Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Crane Jib

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For those who have a Nikon or Canon DSLR, it would be a great idea to explore all the possibilities of using it. After all, they’re not exactly cheap items. Hence, one way to expand the opportunities of using it would be to use this camera crane jib.

Those who are worried about their heavy cameras can put those worries to rest because this item can hold up to 11 pounds. The manufacturer didn’t forget about the ability to carry the item. Instead of trying to lift it, they also provided a bag so you can conveniently carry it to wherever the next location may be.

Key Features:
  • the camera is mounted at the center which provides great stability
  • scratch resistant

3. ePhotoInc Portable Portable DSLR Mini Jib Crane

ePhotoInc Portable Portable DSLR Mini Jib Crane

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Despite its small size, this item can accomplish a lot more than what you’d expect it to. Since it’s tiny, it can be set up in a few minutes. As easy it was to set it up, it’s also easy to fold it back up to carry it to another location.

Those who have small cameras will absolutely love this item. It even extends up to 4 feet allowing you to capture scenes that are hard to take.

Key Features:
  • Cheap and high quality
  • Very smooth for shooting

2. ProAm USA Orion Jr Camera Jib Crane Tilt

ProAm USA Orion Jr Camera Jib Crane Tilt

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ProAm USA once again proves they’re a big-time player in this industry as they’ve made another awesome product. Apart from being assembled locally, there are no tools needed to assemble this jib crane. Obviously, that means you won’t have a tough time carrying it to the next location.

Thanks to the smooth steel bearings, you’ll have an impression that the product was designed with the client’s convenience in mind. Good news though, that’s exactly the case.

Key Features:
  • automatic tilting function ensures capturing the right shots
  • scratch-resistant powder coating

1. Imorden Camera Crane Jib Arm with Empty Sandbag and Carrying Bag

Imorden Camera Crane Jib Arm with Empty Sandbag and Carrying Bag

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This jib crane allows you to take any type of angle you want. Hence, it’s perfect for shooting not only films but music videos and commercials too. Yes, this product is worth every penny you pay for it. It’s not even that expensive for its price.

It even comes with an environmentally friendly bag. What’s good about the bag is that it contains pockets for the different accessories. You won’t need to try and fit it in the bag anymore. Yes, you’ll feel very convenient using this jib crane.

Key Features:
  • 3 types of camera mount
  • made of fiber

Considering Before Buying

A photographer needs to be careful since there are so many things to consider while looking at all the top 10 best camera jib cranes reviews in 2021. One factor would be the weight the crane can hold. It’s definitely not a good idea to invest in a crane that can only hold a light camera. Who knows? You may decide to invest in a bigger camera in the future so your crane must be able to support a big one. Another thing to consider is if it has a stand because you can put a lot of things there including an LCD monitor. That would be very useful because you’ll know right away if you’re taking a great shot or not. If not, it would be easy to adjust it if you can control everything manually. One last thing to consider is the amount of length it can be extended. Imagine how great it would be if you can capture shots you thought you wouldn’t be able to capture because of how wide you can extend the crane.


After looking at all these things, it would be best to check out your budget and buy the item that’s nearest to it. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a camera that’s too expensive especially if you’re not planning on using it often. It would be best to look at all the features of each item and see if you’re going to use them all. On the other hand, if you think you want to become an amateur filmmaker, then the product will be a great buy. Overall, this item will prove to be very useful if complimented with the right items.

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