Top 10 Best Car Mount Holder Reviews in 2020

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, including the periods we spend in the car. We use them to play music, for navigation, and of course for making calls. In order to abide by hands-free laws, which in fact are for our own safety, a car phone mount becomes essential. With the recent release of the iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 compatible car mount kit becomes a necessity for many Apple customers around the world. The following top 10 list looks at the most compatible iPhone 7 car mounts in 2020.

List of Best Car Mount Holder in 2020

10. Alpatronix 3-in-1 Universal Charge & Dock Station

Alpatronix 3-in-1 Universal Charge & Dock StationCheck it on Amazon

The Alpatronix 3-in-1 car mount is a very practical solution for any smartphone, including the Apple iPhone 7. It features a car power outlet to USB charger, with two USB slots, so that you can also charge something else while charging your phone. Connected to the car power outlet stick is a 360° rotating and adjustable goose-neck phone holder. The phone holder itself incorporates a clamp to hold your phone firmly, while you can either charge it, use it for navigation, or make calls with it. This mount comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. It is a great product, but it is unfortunately not recommended for automobiles with a horizontal power outlet. It is only recommended for either vertical, or up to 45° angled power outlets.

9. Nite Ize Car Mount Kit for all Types of Phones

Nite Ize Car Mount Kit for all Types of PhonesCheck it on Amazon

The Nite Ize mount kit is a one of a kind smartphone mounting kit, suitable for all types of phones, including the iPhone 7. It takes magnetic car mount designs to a new level with its intuitive, yet highly stylish and iconic design. Docking your phone to the dashboard mount is simple and effortless, and the magnetic power is strong enough to keep your iPhone 7 from falling off during quick turns, speed bumps or even potholes. Installation is simple, just attach the flat, circular magnet to the back of your phone, and the mount to your dashboard, and that’s it.

8. TechMatte MagGrip Magnetic Air-Vent Car Mount

TechMatte MagGrip Magnetic Air-Vent Car MountCheck it on Amazon

This magnetic car mount from TechMatte is very simple and also very affordable. Based also on magnetism, it uses a magnet on the mount base to hold any device on which its metal plate was attached to. It comes with two metal plates, a rectangular and a round one, which must be attached to the back of the phone with adhesives, in order for the system to work. It’s extra simplicity of being able to be attached to your car’s air vent makes it a very flexible car mount, that can be easily transferred from car to car.

7. Mpow CD Slot Universal Car Mount

Mpow CD Slot Universal Car MountCheck it on Amazon

This product from Mpow is a cradle-type car mount that is installed in your car’s CD slot. The reason for CD slot installation of car mounts is because of convenience. The area where most CDs are located is usually more convenient for the driver to access the phone, than to have your phone on the dashboard where it might be cumbersome to use. The device is sturdy, and can be adjusted in any direction. The cradle holder is also designed to tighten around your device so well that nothing else but the press of the release button can set it free.

6. Zilu CM001 Car Phone Mount

Zilu CM001 Car Phone MountCheck it on Amazon

The Zilu CM001 is a sleek, yet versatile product, because it can be mounted practically anywhere. It has a 360° ball that allows it to tilt in any direction, and this makes it able to be mounted in any place, including car dashboards, the fridge, bookshelves e.t.c. It is made from premium quality rubber and very durable plastic, which makes it a very sturdy product that will last its owner for many years.

5. TechMatte MagGrip Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount

TechMatte MagGrip Magnetic CD Slot Car MountCheck it on Amazon

The second car mount in this review from TechMatte, this one is meant to be installed in the CD slot of the car, for your own convenience. The installation is simple and quick, and its magnetic strength is enough to hold tight to your phone in situations like quick swerves and potholes. This TechMatte mount holds the fifth position in this top ten list.

4. The Easy One Touch 3 from Car Mount from iOttie

The Easy One Touch 3 from Car Mount from iOttieCheck it on Amazon

iOttie’s Easy One Touch 3 is an extraordinary piece of equipment, when compared to other car mount systems. The Easy One Touch is universal, and can be used to hold almost any sized device. It features telescopic arms that enable it to be mounted in a wide variety of positions, while its sticky-gel pad allows it to be mounted securely on any surface, but still be easily removed. Additionally, the cradle-like holder will lock and release the locked device with just the push of a finger.

3. Easy One Touch Car Mount from iOttie

Easy One Touch Car Mount from iOttieCheck it on Amazon

This second Easy One Touch device from iOttie is much simpler than the first one, yet it features the same one one finger push system for locking and releasing a device. It also features iOtties’s amazing super sticky gel that can stick to virtually any surface, and is infinitely reusable. It also comes with a 360° adjustable angle, and can either be mounted on a dashboard or even on the windshield, facing down.

2. Mpow Magnetic Air-Vent Car Mount

Mpow Magnetic Air-Vent Car MountCheck it on Amazon

An air-vent type of magnetic car mount, this one in position 2 is both very simple to use and also very affordable at $6.99. Although not suitable for very heavy phones or tablets, this device from Mpow will work well with just about most other phones, including the iPhone 7. Installation is simple, and also requires the attachment of a thin metal plate on the back of your device, which enables it to stick tightly to the car mount.

1. Wuteku Magnetic UltraSlim Dashboard Mount

Wuteku Magnetic UltraSlim Dashboard MountCheck it on Amazon

The number #1 car mount for the iPhone in 2020 is the Wuteku Magnetic Dash Mount. It is ranked number #1 because of its practicality, its magnetic strength and its lovely design. It can hold on tightly to even tablets like the iPad mini, although you would need two mounts for anything larger. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, but it is so cool-looking that you are guaranteed to never want to let it go.


Car mounts and phone holders come in a wide variety, and most times, it’s personal taste that determines what a person will eventually buy. The different car mounts in this review each have their pro’s and cons, so if price is not much of a consideration, then the Alpatronix on position 10 or the Easy One Touch 3 on position 4 could be it, else the Mpow on position 2 would be a great buy. If you, on the other hand, want something that simply works well, while being stylish and cool looking, then the Wuteku on position #1 should be your choice.




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