Top 10 Best DJ Controllers Reviews in 2021

DJs previously had to do their work with real turntables and a mixer, but things have changed since the 1980s. The current DJ controller is an electronic marvel, with some of them having functions too numerous to count, while others are minimalist systems. No matter for whatever purpose you might be needing a system, there is always one that is perfect for you. A brand like Pioneer has been around since the early days of the DJ turntable, and continues to manufacture DJ controllers till this day. Additionally, many other companies have joined the market, developing and offering a large amount of products, which makes it more difficult to make a choice. This review will take a look at the 10 best products available, making your purchase decision therefore, easier. Enjoy with top 10 DJ Controllers in 2021.

List of Best DJ Controllers in 2021

10. Denon MCX8000 DJ Controller and Standalone Player

Denon MCX8000 DJ Controller and Standalone PlayerCheck it on Amazon

In position 10 is this marvelous machine from Denon. It is obviously quite pricey with its $1,300 price tag, yet there is a reason for it. This DJ controller can work without a laptop or any other form of computer, because it has a built-in DJ Engine from Denon. It also includes its own software, a 4-channel professional digital mixer, two displays for music selection and additional infos, and the Engine could even be used in playback mode, by connecting it through USB, to a computer. The MCX8000 also has velocity sensitive pads, and other controls, and it is built into a solid metal construction. For a professional DJ system without compromise, this set is truly worth considering.

9. Hercules DJ-Control with Adjustment By Infrared Technology

Hercules DJ-Control with Adjustment By Infrared TechnologyCheck it on Amazon

On position 9 is this dual deck DJ controller from Hercules DJ. It is a USB control system for either Macs or PCs, and features an impressive and trendy design. It also features Adjustment By Infrared (AIR) control, which makes it possible to mix on the system, without physically touching any controls. It also comes with DJUCED, a DJing software for mixing, beat matching and lots more. Finally, its jog wheels are pressure sensitive, and it has two audio outputs, one for a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) and 1/4 inch (6mm) headphones.

8. Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ ControllerCheck it on Amazon

This is the first Pioneer in this review. Pioneer has been in the DJing business for quite a long while, and their products continue to be loved, even today. This controller features dedicated buttons for Serato Flip. Its four channel controllers are also optimized for use with Serato DJ. The jogs are large and made from aluminum. The control pads are back lit with different colored LEDs so that you instantly know which mode the system is in. This DJ controller is a professional equipment, and so has even much more functions that will take some time to learn.

7. Hercules USB DJ Controller Perfect for Serato

Hercules USB DJ Controller Perfect for SeratoCheck it on Amazon

This Hercules controller features large DJ CD style jog wheels. The jog wheels also feature LEDs to show you the position of the cue and playback speed, making you focus more without looking at the computer screen. It also features AIR control, so you can do some amazing stuff.

6. Gemini G2V DJ Controller

Gemini G2V DJ ControllerCheck it on Amazon

This DJ controller is enclosed in metal, and comes with all the controls that you need on a professional level. For its price, it really offers a lot, including a 24-bit audio interface, a 2 channel mixer with 3 band equalizers each. It also features a balanced XLR and RCA master outputs, touch sensitive jog wheels, and very flexible midi mapping.

5. Numark DJ-2-Go Portable Controller

Numark DJ-2-Go Portable ControllerCheck it on Amazon

Numark is another well known name in the DJing industry. This controller is specifically for the very mobile DJ, who doesn’t have enough space for standard sized mixing decks. The system can work with almost any midi capable software, and is great for djay, Traktor and VirtualDJ Pro. It features a cross-fader, control buttons and jog wheels, all compactly set up.

4. Behringer CMD-STUDIO DJ Controller Deck

Behringer CMD-STUDIO DJ Controller DeckCheck it on Amazon

In position 4 is this Behringer machine with a rather unique look and interface design. It features large jog wheels, illuminated control pads, and a 4 deck controller with a 24 bit USB audio interface. It also comes with a voucher for Deckdance LE DJing software, and is compatible with all popular DJ software like Serato Scratch Live, Traktor, and Ableton Live.

3. Hercules DJ Universal Controller

Hercules DJ Universal ControllerCheck it on Amazon

This piece of equipment from Hercules DJ takes DJing to a whole new level. It features two decks with all the necessary controls, including 2 pressure sensitive and capacitative, metal jog wheels. The whole system is also very lightweight and portable, with back-lit controls and speaker and headset outputs. What sets this system apart is that you can control it from almost anywhere, with anything. You can control it from a laptop, smartphone or on the mix deck itself. All you need is a bluetooth enabled device, and you can take your fun to a new level.

2. Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Portable Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Portable ControllerCheck it on Amazon

On position 2 is this beautiful set from Pioneer. It is a very popular DJ controller, given the quality of Pioneer products. It offers you the chance of enjoying the DJ experience, as authentically as possible. This can be seen from its large, low latency jog wheels, and its pads, knobs and faders, which have been optimized for Serato DJ. Whether you are DJing for the first time, or a seasoned pro, you will find this deck’s intuitive interface very pleasant. Also for being a Pioneer product, its nice price landed it on position #2.

1. Numark Pro Mixtrack DJ Controller

Numark Pro Mixtrack DJ ControllerCheck it on Amazon

If you need a professional quality DJ Controller, then you will want to carefully consider this system. With a high quality audio interface, back-lit rubber pads for loops and samples, and a copy of Serato DJ Intro, you can be sure that you are getting a great deal. It also includes 16 dedicated controllers for effects, and an advanced jog wheel system. You will also get to download the Numark Remix toolkit, which is worth $200, for free. With all this and more, including its affordable price, this Numark is the number #1 product in this review of the best DJ controllers for 2018.


There are quite some differences between different DJ controllers. Some people usually get used to the products of one company and then they stick to it. So, making a choice is a personal thing. If you want the overall best product, then the Numark on position one is it. Else, if you have enough cash to play with, then the Denon on #10 or Pioneer on #8 could be worth looking at.


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