Top 10 Best Electric Car Jacks in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Electric car jacks have come as welcome relief to many motorists who had to depend on the cumbersome and labor-intensive manual car jacks. One would argue that the hydraulic propelled versions are much better but they also require extra effort for pumping them. Yet other versions consist of various levers which are hard to operate.

The manually operated hydraulic and lever car jacks had additional problems. First, they could lose pressure or the lever could get overweighed leading to accidental drop and cause serious injuries or even death. Furthermore, the pressure and lever jacks need frequent lubrication which is uncomfortable in terms of cleanliness.

Electric car jacks do not present these problems. They are safe, portable, easy to operate and leaves the user clean. Since they are supplied by electricity, all you need to do is switch them on and off and you are good to go. In this top 10 best electric car jack reviews in 2021, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice if you are a mechanic, a driver or an automobile owner.

List of The Best Electric Car Jacks in 2021

10. Super’s Automotive Electric Car Jack

Super’s Automotive Electric Car Jack

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This Electric Car jack from Super’s Automotive is one of the most helpful accessories you can have as an automotive enthusiast. It is constructed from premium materials perfectly engineered to withstand years of abuse. Each unit has a built-in circuit breaker to cushion your vehicle wiring from overloading. The jack’s ability to carry up to 2000 pounds is provided by the 12V cigarette lighter adapter.

This product has not been on the market for long but it sure has many wonderful features that every automotive user will love. Its maximum carrying capacity is rather too low. If yours is a large vehicle that weighs more than 2000 pounds then the Super’s Automotive Electric car jack may not be a good option.

  • Automatic function saves time and effort
  • Built-in circuit breaker cushions from overload
  • 12-ft cord provides complete coverage
  • Motor is powered by 12-Volt cigarette lighter adapter
  • Maximum carrying capacity is 2000 pounds

9. Comie Electric Automotive Car Floor Jack

Comie Electric Automotive Car Floor Jack

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Another electric car jack worth including in our top ten best electric car reviews is the 1-1/2 ton (3300-pound) model from Comie. It features a lightweight design that weighs a paltry 11 pounds and comes with a nifty carrying case for easy transportation. With such capacity, the jack can lift most two- and four-door cars, sedans and even coups with ease. The jack is so convenient and easy to use that it is ideal for teens, seniors as well as mobility impaired folks.

This Comie car jack may be high quality but the manufacturers should work more on the speed of lifting because the unit is kind of slow. The cigarette lighter adapter may not have thick enough wiring to mitigate the effects of the powerful motor. So, it would be wiser to connect it directly to your car battery.

  • Optimal loading capacity is 3300lbs (or 1-1/2 tons)
  • Weighs just 11 pounds thanks to compact and lightweight design
  • Powered by the vehicles 12V cigarette lighter adapter
  • Versatile to work with most automobile types
  • The set includes battery clip for direct to battery connection
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8. Black Bull EJ212 Fully Automatic Electric Car Jack

Black Bull EJ212 Fully Automatic Electric Car Jack

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This 12 Volt Fully Automatic is handy equipment for roadside tire changes in the case of such an emergency. Powered by your car’s cigarette lighter, this 2000 pound (1 ton) will allow you to change your tires in simple and easy manner. All you do is plug it into the cigarette lighter of your automobile and turn it on. The EJ212 is lightweight and comes packed in a sturdy and compact carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

The biggest question most people have concerning this electric car jack from the black bull is whether it will be reliable over the long haul. Currently, there is no data to provide light to this question. Some units have a design flaw which freezes the stop switch. The problem is, however, easy to correct.

  • Compact size and sturdy design for easy storage in car for emergencies
  • 2000 pounds maximum carrying capacity with 5-inch to 14-inch lifting height
  • 12-foot supply cord with Push button controller plugs in automobiles cigarette lighter
  • Nifty plastic carrying case for easy storage and transportation
  • Lightweight design weighs only 11 pounds

7. Anesty Electric Scissor Car Jack. 2.5-Ton

Anesty Electric Scissor Car Jack. 2.5-Ton

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In case you are looking for a high capacity electric car jack for your automobile then you can check out the 2.5 Ton (5500-pound) model by Anesty. It is equipped with a permanently lubricated, heavy-duty 13-Amp direct current motor and rotating pawl. This scissor car jack comes with an electric impact wrench with two-pcs double-edged bushings. A built-in circuit breaker cushions your automobile wiring from unnecessary overload.

Although promoted as capable of using your electric cigarette lighter in the vehicle, the motor tends to be powerful. For that reason, there is always the risk of the cigarette lighter fuse being killed by the motor the moment you plug in. You can avoid this by using it with the car battery instead.

  • Huge 2.5 ton (or 5500-pound) maximum carrying weight with 5 to 16.5-inch lifting height
  • Set includes electric scissor car jack plus electric impact wrench with two-pcs double-edged bushings
  • Built-in circuit breaker protects wiring from catastrophic overload
  • Comes in a nice, rugged case for organized storage and transportation
  • 12-V cigarette lighter adapter with 12-inch cord reaches all parts of the automobile
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6. MarchInn 3.0T Electric Car Scissor Jack

MarchInn 3.0T Electric Car Scissor Jack

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MarchInn is popular for making high-quality products. Case in time is their 3-ton (6600-pound) electric scissor car jack. This powerful jack is fuel by your car’s 12V cigarette lighter adapter via a 12-foot cord that is long enough to allow you access all the areas of the car. Amazingly, this MarchInn electric car jack lifts your vehicle in less than a minute enabling you to change your car tire in just a few minutes and continue with your journey.

While it is a high capacity electric car jack, it may not perform well for heavy duty. Some users have complained that the device will not handle more than two pounds although other users claim to have used it with much heavier automobiles. Ensure you understand this fact before buying the jack or you will have lost your investment.

  • Works with 12V power outlet of your car and capable of handling up to 3.0-ton vehicles
  • Lifts a car to a maximum height of 17.7 inches in just one minute
  • Succinct, easy to use design with compact and perfect organizer case
  • Durable body made of high-strength steel
  • Safe, secure and stable structure that will resist failure even beyond its height limit

5. ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Car Jack

ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic Car Jack

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Do not confuse the ABN 3-ton electric hydraulic car jack with the older pressure versions that you had to pump manually. This unit is exceptionally powerful serves as the best machine for an automatic emergency lift for different automotive including vans, all cars, SUVs, and even trucks. It boasts of 6000-pound (that’s 3-ton) maximum carrying capacity with a lift range of 6 inches to 17 inches.

Like all hydraulic systems, there is always the risk of messy leaks. Although such leaks are rare with this ABN electric hydraulic car jack, you have to contend with such chances. However, that should not be a reason for you to shun buying this great electric car jack.

  • Includes built-in LED work light for nighttime emergencies
  • Maximum carrying capacity of 3 tons and lift height range of 6 – 17 inches
  • Universal with ability to use any 12V power outlet for all types of cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks
  • Easy operation through flip of two switches
  • A built-in safety device prevents jack from falling and maintains steady height even with no power
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4. Mophorn 12V Electric Car Jack

Mophorn 12V Electric Car Jack

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For those looking for a medium cost but excellently performing electric car jack, the Mophorn 12V 3 Ton jack is one of the best in the industry. It boasts of a lifting range of 12 to 45 cm and a maximum weight capacity of up to 6600 pounds. The kit also includes a compact and sturdy 100-Watt wrench making it easy to replace deflated or burst tire in less than a minute. It also comes with an electric inflator pump for even more roadside convenience.

It would be great if the manufacturer included a six-inch socket adapter. Such adapter is needed to stop the motor housing of the jack from pressing against the trailer when the tool is applied. Besides, a longer power cord would be helpful.

  • Innovative technology with top quality construction material
  • Works from the cigarette lighter of your car or you can clip it straight on to your car battery
  • Kit comes with a snuggly carrying case for easy transport and organized storage
  • The jack kit also includes compact 100w wrench and electric inflator pump
  • Very high carrying capacity and good lift range of 4.7 to 17.7 inches

3. Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Car Jack

Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Car Jack

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The 3500-pound capacity electric jack from Lippert is one of the best in class. So far, it makes it to our number one in our top 10 reviews for good reasons. For one, it features a unique, extraordinary design that is optimized for performance. With a simple flip of a switch, the 285318 Power Tongue will lift or lower your vehicle in no time. It features helical cut gears designed to eliminate noise and optimize operational efficiency.

Certain users have complained that the bolt holes on the machine do not align perfectly because they are of different pitch. Furthermore, the tool is slow but sure. It may operate more slowly compared to the other models reviewed here.

  • Four flashes LED lights provides incredible illumination while minimizing power consumption
  • Improved tube diameter is perfectly engineered to increase the capacity rating of the jack to 3500 pounds
  • Helical cut gears are meant to improve operational efficiency and reduce noise
  • Durability due to premium construction materials and enhanced rocker
  • Textures casing provides protection from cracks and chips
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2. ROGTZ Electric Car Jack 3 Ton Automatic SUV Lift Scissor Jack Car Repair Tool

ROGTZ Electric Car Jack 3 Ton Automatic SUV Lift Scissor Jack Car Repair Tool

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From a professional perspective and years of experience, I find the ROGTZ Electric Car Jack one of the best you can ever find in today’s market. Although a new release, the electric jack’s salient features speak for themselves. With a maximum carrying capacity of 3 tons, you can trust this jack to help in emergency situations involving all types of vehicles.

At this point, it is hard to say if there are any negative aspects of the machine since it is still new to the market. It requires additional testing to make an informed comment. Take time to check this unit out and I am certain you will love it.

  • Highly stable and safe due to heavy-duty steel design and sizable saddle and base
  • Maximum weight capacity is 3 tons while maximum height is 42 centimeters
  • Two-way power supply via either 12V cigarette lighter adapter or car battery
  • Ability to achieve maximum lift height in just 2 short minutes means high efficiency
  • Built-in flash LED light makes working at night easy

1. Husky 87641 Brute Electric Jack with Wireless Remote



Husky 87641 Brute Electric Jack with Wireless Remote

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The Husky Brute is one of the greatest electric jacks currently in the market. It presents 40-feet range and patented Smart Stop Technology that gives it a performance unlike the older car jack versions and even most electric versions currently in the market. The Smart Stop technology uses a planetary gear timing system to shut down the power supply to the motor before the nut reaches the hard-stop. This will eliminate any hard mechanical stop. With a capacity of over 45000 pounds, you can be certain this jack will take care of all your needs.

Despite its greatness, the jack needs a manual hookup. In other words, you will need to wire it directly to your car battery. As such you may need to connect the power through a 7-pin connector. However, the tools manual does not include instructions on how to do it.

  • Smart Stop Technology
  • A whopping 45000-pound carrying capacity
  • Smooth rolling ball bearings
  • Weather-protected switches
  • 3-sided LED lighting system

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Car Jack

I believe the reviews have been helpful but if you have a doubt regarding our choices then you can use our helpful buying guide. Here are the most important factors to consider in finding the best electric car jack.

  • The Weight Rating: It would be disastrous to buy an electric car jack only to bring it home and realize it cannot accommodate the weight of your car. This underscores the importance of choosing an electric car jack with a rating commensurate with your needs.
  • Material Used In Its Construction: In order to handle the weight of a car without bowing or bending, the electric car jack must feature strong and durable construction material. The best materials to look for include heavy-duty steel and aluminum. Other materials may also exist but they may be too expensive to afford for personal use.
  • Power Cable: Since all-electric car jacks are powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter or the car battery itself, it is important that the jack you choose has a cable long enough to access all parts of the car. Generally, the cable should not be less than 12 feet long. Longer cables will definitely provide you will a level of convenience and ease of use.
  • Presence of Accessories: You do not just need to lift and lower your vehicle to change tires; you also need other tools to allow you mount and remove the tire. High-quality electric car jacks usually come as a kit in a rugged or sturdy case. The kit includes the jack and other accessories such as inflater pump, compact wrench, and supply cords among others.


I guess you have benefited from our top 10 best electric car jack reviews. The ball is now in your courts. Take your time and check them out by clicking the link provided. Ensure you make the right decision based on the important features discussed as well as your personal needs. There is no need to depend on old age manual jacks that require effort and time to operate or rely on a professional mechanic to do a job you can easily accomplish by making this single, one-time investment.

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