Top 10 Best Grease Guns in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Lubricating your equipment, motor vehicles, and machinery is a very crucial exercise as it determines their durability. The more often you lubricate, the better. Grease is one of the most commonly used lubricants. It helps reduce friction which in turn lowers the tear and wear of metal surfaces thereby giving your machines longer life. However, how well you apply, the lubricant largely depends on how you do it. The best and most precise way of doing it without wastage is by use of grease guns. But how well do you know them?

Below is a review the best grease guns in 2021

10. Powerbuilt 940798 Grease Gun

Powerbuilt 940798 Grease Gun

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If your work involves working with oil products, then you understand how hard it is to maintain a grip of anything in your hands. However, the Powerbuilt grease gun solves that problem by providing a user-friendly handle that is rubber coated to enhance grip and leverage. Also, the pistol-like handle design allows you to operate the gun in an upright position hence improving on comfort. It also comes with a 12-inch flexible hose and an extension with a coupler to enable you to reach the farthest areas of your equipment. The canister is aluminum coated for durability. When it comes to power and performance, the gun utilizes 14 oz of cartridges and delivers a working pressure of 4500 psi. The pressure enough to grease all your equipment including the heavy machinery.

The short hose limits the performance of the gun since it does allow access for far to reach areas. Also, some units will have grease leaking from multiple parts which can be frustrating.

9. Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun

Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun

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The Plews was made with absolute simplicity in mind. While most grease guns are hard to set-up and use which can be very disappointing, it is not so with the Plews. Despite its small size, this handheld gun is capable of giving 6000 psi working pressure and makes use of a 14-ounce cartridge which is easy to load. When it comes to precision of applying grease, this gun is the best. With it, only specific points of a grease fitting will be lubricated hence very efficient.

When put under pressure the coupler may start to leak and so are many other parts of the gun. Its fragile nature makes it vulnerable to breakage and malfunctioning.

8. CARBYNE Grease Gun

CARBYNE Grease Gun

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Weight is an important factor when it comes to selecting a grease gun as it determines how long you can work with it. The lighter the gun, the more the work you can accomplish with it. The Carbyne is lightweight as it is made of an aluminum barrel, but it delivers up to 4500 psi working pressure. That power makes it ideal for heavy equipment and machinery. If you value comfort, then you will love the ergonomic T-handle. Also, the handle is made of non-slip rubber which provides a firm grip on the gun giving you the advantage of being able to vary the speed of cartridge changes. The air bleeder valve helps eliminate air pockets and locks for efficient performance.

It is tough to load the grease gun if the spring refuses to stay compressed and if the T-handle refuses to lock. Also, with some units, leaking is a major problem.

7. Oregon 26365 Grease Gun

Oregon 26365 Grease Gun

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If you are looking for a grease gun that will help lubricate your chainsaw and extends its life, then consider the Oregon. It is made to reduce friction and improve performance by preventing premature wearing out of the guide bar noses. The Oregon comes with preloaded grease that you can use in various ways on your chainsaw. It has a spring pump that helps you with a clear distribution of the oil and a steel fitting for getting grease deep into the bearings of the chainsaw bar noses. Also, the clear body gives you the levels of remaining lubricant so that you can plan for the next replacement appropriately.

The Oregon is fragile, and a simple fall damages it beyond use. For some units trying to pump the grease out without success is frustrating.

6. Workforce Mini Grease Gun

Workforce Mini Grease Gun

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As for the Workforce greasing gun, working conditions do not matter. You can use it anywhere under any circumstances and it will still serve you perfectly. The cast head is heavy duty hence durable, and so are the follower spring and rod for smooth and consistent priming. With enhanced performance and efficiency, you get value for your money. Using the 6-inch extension, you get easy access to the hardest areas to reach.

The hose tip may hold tightly to the grease fitting which causes damage to your equipment. It lacks clear instructions on how to load and prime which can be frustrating if you have limited knowledge of grease guns.

5. Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun

Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun

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Judging by its size, you may be tempted to disregard the Astro, but it is sturdier than you can imagine. And if you are bike lover, then this is the grease gun for you. Besides being lightweight for convenient use, it also comes with a needle nozzle that is easy to handle. The small size makes it easier to operate with one hand and lubricate mechanisms of air trolls that have grease type fittings. When it comes to lubricant holding capacity, it holds up to 3 oz of easy to load grease.

Sometimes bringing the grease gun to prime or pump out grease is completely impossible. You might also experience leakages which are annoying.

4. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

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The GreaseTek is excellent for all your lubricating tasks. It features a dual-position greaser loader which means you have multiple positions to use the gun. Also, it comes with an 18-inch hose and extension pipe both with couplers to help you lubricate even the hard to reach grease fittings of your equipment. If you struggle with keeping a grease gun in your hand, consider it the end. With a knurled barrel and pistol handle, you have the firmest grip to work with. The plunger is designed in a way that enhances priming and loading of grease, and with it, you can deliver up to 1 oz per 40 strokes.

While most units work well some will not work due to being defective or failure to follow set-up instructions. Leakages also are common that lead to wastage of grease.

3. DEWALT Grease Gun

DEWALT Grease Gun

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If power and high performance are what you are looking for in a grease gun, then consider the Dewalt. It has a motor that delivers up to 10,000 psi and pumps 5.0 oz per minute hence perfect for greasing heavy equipment and motor vehicles. The gun is powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery capable of running 16 cartridges per charge giving you peace of mind when working. A 42-inch flexible hose gives you access to the narrow and hard to reach parts. Even where your vision is limited due to low lighting or hidden places, the Dewalt has an LED light which will assist you in accessing such parts. It also has a pumper filter screen which prevents your pump’s mechanism from clogging. You no longer need to worry about dirt while greasing since your gun is protected.

If acquired while defective, the gun will not function at all. Some units also have grease leakages which result in loss and dissatisfaction. Also, the gun can be difficult to set up and use if you are limited in its working process or if you do not understand the manual instructions well.

2. Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Grease Gun By Drake Off Road

Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Grease Gun By Drake Off Road

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Durability is of great concern when purchasing a grease gun, and the Lincoln guarantees you that thanks to the rugged cast pump head. Also, it has a hardened plunger that fits precisely preventing clogging and grease wastage. The heavy follower spring when you pull the trigger helps eliminate air pockets hence smooth priming and grease pumping. The gun boasts of a jam-proof mechanism handle and delivery of up to 7500 psi. Also, with check valves being easily accessible, cleaning the tool becomes easier.

If you do not follow the instructions carefully, the gun may refuse to prime or pump. Any attempt to open the screws may result in further damages. Sometimes if left unused for long, the trigger gets stuck.

1. Lumax LX-1152 Grease Gun Black Heavy Duty

Lumax LX-1152 Grease Gun Black Heavy Duty

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For style and comfort, the Lumax takes the design of a pistol as well as a contoured hand grip. The grip provides a firm grip and the convenience of operating by one hand beside being oil resistant. When it comes to power, it delivers 7,000 psi and an output of 4 oz hence high performance. With this pump, you have three options for loading grease. You can either use a cartridge, suction or grease pump depending on your preference. Accessing narrow and hard to reach areas is enhanced by the 18-inch flexible hose. To prevent irregular grease discharges, the gun has air bleeder valves for releasing trapped air. When you are not working, you can make use of the lock to prevent grease from leaking.

Sometimes even with proper sealing, you will still have grease leaking from the gun. Also, at times getting a full stroke is difficult and you have to do a half one which is not sufficient.


What to Consider When Buying a Grease Gun

  • Type of Grease Gun

Before making a purchase, you should consider the kind of gun that you want depending on the purpose it is meant to achieve.

• A lever gun is the cheapest, and all you need to do is pull a lever which in turn creates the required pressure to pump out the grease. It is excellent for light applications
• A cordless gun is powered by batteries and can be used anywhere besides being easily portable.
• A hand pump requires you to pump the gun which helps build up air to get a prime.
• A pistol grip is for single hand operation and is easy to use.

  • Ease of Use: A good grease gun should be easy to set-up, handle and use. It should also be comfortable to use.
  • Amount of Lubrication: Depending on your purpose, you will be able to determine the amount of lubricant you need which will then influence the choice of greasing gun.
  • Warranty: An extensive warranty indicates the confidence of a quality product by the manufacturer. Therefore, you should go for that one.
  • Specifications: For you to be able to determine which greasing gun best suits you, you should look at the technical specifications of each. After that, you will be able to pick one that meets your needs.


Despite machines being non-living objects, they still require continuous care and maintenance for better performance and durability. Not only does lubrication increase efficiency, but it also saves you money that would have otherwise be used in repairing or replacing a defective part of the equipment. Get a good grease gun from the above reviews and give your equipment or vehicle a new and long lasting life.

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