Top 10 Best Hot Tubs in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Hot tubs are big ticket items in almost every situation. However, price shouldn’t be your main criteria. After all, if it is cheap but doesn’t suit you or your body, it isn’t worth the money. Let’s discuss what you should look for in a hot tub before presenting a list of the top hot tubs on the market in 2021 so you can select the one that is right for you.

List of The Best Hot Tubs in 2021

10. SaluSpa Brand Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

SaluSpa Brand Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

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This is a top-selling hot tub because it is a spacious outdoor hot tub at an affordable price. There are a variety of accessories like beverage holders and head rests that fit this inflatable hot tub.

Major selling points include the fact that it can inflate easily on its own and that you don’t need tools to set it up. It has a decent water filtration system. The cushioned floor allows you to comfortably walk on it regardless of the rough ground underneath.

While the company advertises it as seating six people, expect it to hold four adults comfortably. This unit has a low-grade heater that can heat up the water to 104°F. While it has a heater, it will take a long time to heat up the water.

One of the downsides of this unit is that there really isn’t a warranty. If the pump breaks, you have to buy a new one. Some of the pumps leak, though this may not be a problem if you have good drainage on site and don’t mind the water loss.

9. Goplus 6 Person Hot Tub with accessories

Goplus 6 Person Hot Tub with accessories

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We’re recommending the slightly more expensive Goplus 6 inflatable hot tub package because it comes with accessories you’d otherwise have to buy separately. It comes with an insulated cover and lock; this allows the heated water to stay warmer, and it keeps young children out, as well. The cartridges are easy to replace. As a side benefit, it has a built-in hard water treatment system.

It is easy to assemble, and no special tools are required. This unit stands out for the carry handles that make it ultra-portable. If you want to move it to the location with the best view or shade, you can.

These units have a tendency to leak water and air, especially if dragged on the ground. The company provides one patch kit, but that may not be enough if it is being treated roughly.

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8. Symbolic Spas Outdoor Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

Symbolic Spas Outdoor Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

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This is an ideal hot tub for those who want hydrotherapy outdoors. This 2 person hot tub provides 2 “loungers”, allowing you to comfortable lay down against hot water jets. It has a powerful 1.5 horsepower pump. The ozonator keeps the water nearly sterile.

It is more expensive than average. It requires a 240-volt power connection. While it comes with the pumps, heaters and other items built-in, a hard insulated cover is sold separately.

There is a basic one year warranty on the plumbing and ozonator. The only issue with this model is that it isn’t as good on accessibility as other models on this list.

7. Alfi Brand Fire Hot Tub – OR Round Fire

Alfi Brand Fire Hot Tub - OR Round Fire

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We realize that some people need something different to meet their needs. For example, if you’re staying at a cabin off the grid, you may need a hot tub that doesn’t rely on an electrical connection to heat up. In other cases, you may want something to do with all your leftover firewood. That’s why we’ve put the Alfi brand fire hot tub on this list.

This quirky device has space for two adults. It comes in a variety of colors. Interestingly, it has beverage holders built into the frame. You adjust the temperature by lowering or raising the basket. It will take two to three hours to heat up. Water will circulate once it warms up.

Benefits of the unit include the ability to heat up the water and enjoy a hot soak even if the power’s out or the gas has been shut off and the fact that you can carry it with the four built-in handles. If you want to be able to soak in a hot tub above the cooking fire at the end of the day, this is the right hot tub for you.

The only downside is how small and shallow it is. You could enjoy a soak or take a hot bath in it, but you don’t have room for two people to truly immerse in it. Note that there is no water filter, so you’ll need to drain it between uses, especially if using it as a bath tub versus hot tub.

6. MSPA Luxury Exotic Relaxation and Hydrotherapy Spa

MSPA Luxury Exotic Relaxation and Hydrotherapy Spa

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This unit is one of the cheapest hydrotherapy hot tubs on the market. It can hold six people, but a single person can exercise in it, too. There are dozens of jets, and they’re all very quiet. The unit has a built-in heater. It can heat up to 104°F. The zip-up cover helps keep the heat trapped inside.

The MSPA brand hot tub is designed for hydrotherapy; this is the hot tub you want if the goal is hot bubble that provides relief for various health conditions. Note that it doesn’t have hard water jets necessary to work out tight muscles, helping conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. If you’re trying to relax and feel hot bubbly water to make it easier to “water walk”, then this is a fit for you.

If you’re looking for a true hydrotherapy hot tub, check out number 2 on our list.

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5. American Spas Brand 5-Person Hot Tub, Model AM-630LS

American Spas Brand 5-Person Hot Tub, Model AM-630LS

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This 5-person hot tub has a whopping 30 jets. Each jet is a sturdy, metal piece. It stands out for the LED lit “waterfall”. A side benefit is the ozonator that helps purify the water with ozone bubbles. This supplements the reusable filters that come with the hot tub. The hot tub requires a 240-volt power connection. The unit has a good heater. The downside is the cost.

This is one of the most expensive hot tubs on our list. Another issue is spotty customer service. If the pump fails or the heavy tub is damaged during transport, good luck getting help with it.

4. Essential Hot Tubs Brand “Integrity” Hot Tub, Model SS13150200

Essential Hot Tubs Brand “Integrity” Hot Tub, Model SS13150200

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This hot tub by Essential Hot Tubs is middle of the pack in terms of price. It is available in both brown and grey. It seats four people but is more comfortable for two people if they want to be able to stretch out.

A perk of this model is that it can be plugged in with a standard GFCI, 120-volt power cord. It comes with the power cord and water pump. The unit is shipped with an insulating cover you can secure in place with locking clips.

What’s the downside? There is no heater.

3. Essential Hot Tubs Regent, Model SS3040807003

Essential Hot Tubs Regent, Model SS3040807003

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This hot tub has everything you could want. There are 80 powerful water jets. It holds six people comfortably, while a seventh could squeeze in. Four of the seats have built-in headrests. There are Bluetooth compatible speakers built into it. Another perk of this model is the fact that the steps are included.

The heater is strong enough to heat the water even on a cold day. That’s aside from the insulated cover that comes with the hot tub.

The unit requires 240-volt, 50 amp electrical connections to work. The biggest issue with hot tub is the price tag. It is expensive. A minor concern is the fact that the access panel isn’t easy to reach.

2. AquaRest 2 Person Hot Tub, Model AR 300

AquaRest 2 Person Hot Tub, Model AR 300

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Whiplash, arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia or just hard demanding physical work all day can leave people with an actual need for a hot tub. The solution for them is a hot tub that provides strong jets of hot water in the right places. And for many of them, accessibility is an issue. For these people, the AquaRest model AR-300 hot tub is the ideal solution. At about 30” deep, it is something nearly everyone can climb into and out of.

The unit can seat two. More importantly, one person can lie down against a series of hot water jets. You can adjust the water jets as required. You could safely fall asleep in the executive reclining style seats.

The unit plugs into any standard 120-volt power plug. It does a decent job of maintaining its temperature.

What’s the downside? While two people can share it at the same time, be careful of your feet. Another issue is the relatively high cost.

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1. Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity “Plug and Play” Hot Tub

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity “Plug and Play” Hot Tub

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This hot tub holds four people. The points in favor of this model include an adjustable thermostat, adjustable jets, a convenient top-loading filter, and strong massaging jets. (There are a dozen of these jets.) The unit has insulating foam to help it keep warm.

It looks like it was made from poured stone, and it is made from durable resin. The company sells matching steps separately. The hot tub comes with a locking child-safe cover.

If there are problems, the manufacturer has excellent customer service. Unfortunately, that is somewhat necessary since parts like the pump are prone to breaking down.

This hot tub may ship in multiple boxes, and while connecting it to utilities is “plug and play”, it takes time or a professional to assemble.

What Should You Look for in a Hot Tub?

How big does it need to be? If you want a private hot tub for you and your partner, you can select anything that is literally big enough for you. If you want a hot tub for parties, you’ll need something larger.

Your goal is to experience a relaxing massage, you’ll want strong water jets located in the right places to deliver that experience. You want a general social gathering point, that doesn’t matter as much. If you want to use it for water exercises, you’ll want a swim spa to have enough space. Consider your environment. If you want to use the hot tub almost year round, it needs to have heating elements built in.

What do you want the tub to look like? One with wood paneling blends into the deck or the surrounding environment. Acrylic hot tubs look like sculptures, resembling porcelain. Roto-molded hot tubs with a plastic inner shell look cheap, but they are typically stand-alone units that don’t have to be hardwired. There are tubs that resemble concrete and stone, and these may be a good choice for blending into a garden or stone patio.


Understand what you need out of a hot tub, and you can find something that is right for you. Consider issues like infrastructure needs, space and accessibility before you buy one. Find what you’ll be happy with long term from our list of top ten hot tubs for 2018.

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