Top 10 Best Kneeling Chairs in 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

We all have been told in several scientific journals that sitting for long is dangerous to the body. But still people spend many hours daily just hunched over their keyboard. For majority of people, they just find themselves spending many hours on the keyboard because it’s unavoidable work hazard. This has resulted to several cases of lower back problems among people. But the good news is that there is an alternative solution, which is buying a kneeling chair.

Kneeling chairs are crafted to help in correcting posture just by promoting a natural alignment of the spine. These chairs were founded in 1900s but there are those who are not yet aware of their existence and importance. This comprehensive article will highlight the features that you should for in the best kneeling chair and then list 10 best kneeling chairs that can be bought today.

List of The Best Kneeling Chairs in 2020

Today, there are various kneeling chairs on the market that makes it hard for buyers to select the chair that suits them best. We have saved you from the struggle by preparing for you a list of the best kneeling chairs you will find on the market today:

10. Office Star KCW778 Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters

Office Star KCW778 Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with Casters

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This kneeling chair has a solid wooden base that enhances sturdiness and stability. It’s constructed with memory foam on both the knee cushions and seat. The memory foam helps in offering a soft feel on your body as you seat on it. The memory foam also plays a crucial role in softening in response to the natural heat from the body as you conform to your desired shape to get maximum comfort.

The Office KCW778 kneeling chair is designed to ensure uniform distribution on weight on it. It has an elegant and amazing mahogany finish that gives it a beautiful look making it the best option for those in love with style. The elegant finish also allows it to perfectly fit with your office décor. Also, its casters are flimsy.

9. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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Ergonomic kneeling chairs help in adjusting your seat angle so as to lower your body. This helps in easing weight that could otherwise be left on user’s lower back like the conventional chairs. The Dragon kneeling chairs has a 90-degree seating angle. This seating angle is achieved by the help of the kneepads that prevent the users from tilting far forward while working on their ergonomic comfort.

The best thing about this brand is that, its paddings have a thickness of 3 inches, this makes it stand out among other brands on the market. The fabric of this chair has a mesh that makes it super cool. Its base is made of very heavy materials that allow it to hold a weight of up to 250 pounds. The chair can be adjustable from 21” to 28”, thus making to comfortably support tall people. The two caster wheel lock allows you to move only if you want to.

8. The SleekForms Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The SleekForms Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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These chairs has an easily reachable dial that is normally found under the seat. This dial allows adjustment to be made to up to 7” height and also 21” to 28” adjustment. The Sleekform chairs can comfortably withstand a maximum weight of 50 more than the competitor brands.

The Sleekform chair comes with black faux upholstery of mesh leather, its padding is dual thick and a steel frame. These features make it to perfectly suit tall people, who will automatically put more weight on the knees when using this chair. This chair’s seat cushion is angled at 90 degrees. The paddings are made of recycled material thus helping in environmental preservation.

7. The Khalz Kneelings Chair

The Khalz Kneelings Chair

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The Khalz chair has a good compact design that perfectly accommodate small frames. It’s made of steel frame that can withstand a maximum weight of 240 pounds plus a height of 6’2”. It comes with minimized contours that are good for those with shorter legs. The height of this chair is lower than other kneeling chairs.

In addition, the Khalz breathes. It’s made of mesh fabric that enables the cooling air to go to all pressure points; where the body comes in contact with the chair. The chair comes with an extra padding that provides additional comfort to the knee. It made of steel frame that’s long lasting.

6. Flash Furniture Mobiles Kneeling Chair

Flash Furniture Mobiles Kneeling Chair

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Flash Furniture is a common name when talking of kneeling chair. The manufacturer of this chair is known for making quality kneeling chair and thus you cannot go wrong with this chair. The Flash Furniture is an amazing kneeling chair.

This chair reclines utmost comfort when using it. It’s made to give support to the lower back when a person is seated upright and using it. The Flash Furniture chair has 2” padding thus making it suitable for kneeling sessions and long sitting. The chair can also be used at home as its back allows you to work, watch television and game. It gives 17.75” long knee rest.

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5. Boss Office Products B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool in Black

Boss Office Products B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool in Black

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The B248 kneeling chair has a good reputation when it comes to durability. The chair is durable because of its amazing feature that doesn’t wear out or break out easily after a long time of being in use. One of these features is pneumatic airlift that allows you to comfortably adjust your comfort zone and height by just pushing a button.

The B248 is made of a steel frame with a height of 26” and is crafted to last for a longer time. This chair is made of black fabric and is ergonomic. It urges your hips in the forward direction thus allowing you to have a good posture. The chair is affordable when compared to others.

4. Happybuy Woodens Kneeling Chair

Happybuy Woodens Kneeling Chair

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This chair is ideal for both office and home use. It’s specifically designed to correct posture. The Happybuy kneeling chair helps in positioning the hips to ensure redistribution of weight from the lower back. This helps to keep your spine upright and your backbone straight.

It comes with comfortable and thick polyurethane cushion foam that stays up after prolonged use. The foam ensures that the chair remain comfy at all times. The Happybuy kneeling chair can withstand a weight of up to 330lbs and its wood frame has a light weight. But the chair is still heavy compared to other brands. The chair is very stable and the user cannot topple over while using it. The only problem is its height as it’s not adjustable.

3. Giantex Kneeling Chair

Giantex Kneeling Chair

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This chair is suitable for the stressed students and the office workers as it gives relief to the back, shoulder and also neck. It reduces stress in the user’s body by redistributing weight from body spine and buttocks down to the knees. It comes at an affordable price though its construction works best for the average sized or smaller people.

The Giantex chair is made of double sponge cushion that offers support and comfort to the body. But at 2.8 inches, it loses its strength to support the body weight. This chair is made of beechwood that allows it to support a weight of 260lbs. It has a good semi-gloss finish that gives it a beautiful burnished look.

2. Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Designed

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair Designed

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The Variable Balans kneeling chair gives you a good range of the natural mobility as you work with it. It’s designed with a rocking base and a well contoured profile that plays a crucial role in promoting appropriate spinal alignment, reduce the upper body tension in the shoulders and the neck and also increase the flow of blood in your body.

This chair comes in various colors giving you a wide range of options to choose from depending on your office or home décor. It’s designed in such a way that it encourages good upright postures. This makes it to be among the best kneeling chairs available today.

1. VEVOR Ergonomics Kneeling Chair

VEVOR Ergonomics Kneeling Chair

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The VEVOR chair is know for its effectiveness is stress relieving. This chair ensures that you back is straight and properly aligned thus relieving you from the low back pressure. It has a beautiful look. It’s made of the beechwood with a good natural color shellac finishing. The VEVOR chair can be painted with any color without any problem. Its cushions are filled with the polyurethane foam and well covered by the microfiber fabric that’s known for being waterproof.

Even though it lacks a back, it can still support a weight of up to 330 pounds, and it weighs 12 pounds. When using this VEVOR kneeling chair, it will maintain your hips in an upright position. It’s ideal for office, home users and also college students. On buying it, it comes with user’s manual on how to assemble it.

Kneeling Chairs Buying Guide

As a buyer, below are the features you should look for before buying any kneeling chair:

Supportive design: A good kneeling chair should help it users in enhancing their posture, minimize the neck, shoulder and back pain, and also ensure that weight is redistributed effectively. As a buyer, you should therefore look for features like; does the chair have a slight forward tilt seat. This feature plays a big role in keeping lumbar straight over pelvis, so as to help in emulating the natural standing position. You should ensure that the kneeling chair you go for, the seat and the kneepad are not very far or too close. This will help prevent cramping and overstretching.

Comfort: People who buy kneeling chairs basically intend to spend several hours on them. Therefore, comfort should be their main consideration before buying them. As a customer, go for a chair with quite thick cushions. This is because thin cushions in most cases will cause discomfort if you use the chair for long. Also, comfort is also contributed by the material in which the kneeling chairs are made of. The foam should be light and airy but also dense enough. This will prevent the kneeling chair users from pressing hard into the chair’s hard frame.

Flexibility: It is not possible to find a one size kneeling chair that fits all people. Many tall people encounter problems while using these chairs. This is because majority of the chairs are built to accommodate average people. Therefore, it’s important to look for a kneeling chair with an adjustable height to help in avoiding awkward squeezing and the positioning as you try to find a comfortable position. A good kneeling chair should therefore have seat angle and seat height adjustment.

Capacity and Sturdiness: As a buyer, you should ask yourself this question; how much weight does my kneeling chair hold? This question is important because while using the chair, your whole body will be placed on the chair frame. You should therefore go for a chair that can withstand the pressure that comes with the added weight without breaking and causing injuries to you. Kneeling chairs made of wood have a light weight and thus good in maneuvering around, but they are not strong enough as compared to steel.

Maneuverability: Most people would love a kneeling chair that can be used in various situations. Therefore, it’s essential for any kneeling
chair to be in a position to maneuver. It’s thus advisable to go for kneeling chairs with wheels that can help in moving with that chair from one place to another.


Everyone whose daily works involve sitting for long needs a kneeling chair. Kneeling chair will give you the comfort you’re looking for. But to get the best kneeling chair that best suits your needs, you have to carefully go through our buyers’ guide and the kneeling chairs review.

Hope our review and buyer’s guide have given you a good idea of what you should go for when it comes to kneeling chairs. When you keenly follow our article, you will get the best kneeling chair that will suit both your needs and pocket.

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