Top 10 Best Laptop Stands in 2020 Reviews | Guide

Laptop stand have continued to gain popularity over the past few years as more people find new uses for laptops. From the lecturers to students who use laptops in classes, laptop stands come in handy by helping to position your laptop at the desired place. These stands usually come in different designs and sizes thus it’s up to the laptop owners to select a stand that perfectly matches all their needs. A good stand should properly elevate the laptop’s height to the preferred height and then keep it stable. In case you’re planning to buy a laptop stand, then these top models should serve as a guide to help you shop wisely. Here are the top 10 best laptop stand reviews in 2020.

List of Best Laptop Stands in 2020

10. Quik Lok Free Standing Laptop Stand

Quik Lok Free Standing Laptop Stand

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This laptop stand has a wide range of versatility with the adjustable heights for extra tall as well as short users. Its tray leaves adequate room for the external keyboard and a slide-out tray for the mouse. The design might not as fancy as the other stands but it’s quite heavy duty durable at the same time. It also allows for a 360 degrees swivel movement for easy access to the laptop and customized use. Standing desks have continually become popular and mainstream lately as many people transition into the healthier work lifestyle.

9. Cooler Master U2 Plus Laptop Stand

Cooler Master U2 Plus Laptop Stand

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This laptop stand was designed for the avid computer users as well as gamers and people who usually run heavy programs on their laptops. Laptops do deal with tremendous heat stress which might shorten its longevity. This laptop stand not only supports the machine but it also serves as a cooler. The laptop stand is also fitted with 2 fans that can be moved around so as to focus on the machine’s hot spots. These fans are light-weight and inaudible when using your machine. The fans are normally connected to the laptop using a USB cable and they come to life after you’ve plugged the USB in the machine.

8. FURINNO Adjustable Vented Laptop Stand

FURINNO Adjustable Vented Laptop Stand

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The FURINNO Adjustable Laptop Stand is a stylish model that’s made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The laptop stand has a 30 pounds weight capacity. It also incorporates several cooling holes for maximum dissipation of heat. It can also be adjusted both in angle and height. This stand is adjustable to the height of between 11.25 and 22 inches. The stand also folds down to allow for compact storage. The FURINNO Adjustable Laptop Stand fits different laptop sizes up to 17 inches. It will therefore provide you with a strong hold for the laptop on the angle that you’ve adjusted it to. This feature will allow you to watch videos from the laptop or type more comfortably.

7. Targus Ergo M-Pro Laptop Stand

Targus Ergo M-Pro Laptop Stand

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As its name suggests, the Targus stand is among the top ergonomic laptop stands. It’s a light-weight but sturdy stands that allows for as many as five tilt positions in the vertical position. As a result, you can position your laptop in the most fitting eye level while still maintaining a very comfortable posture. Furthermore, you can fold this laptop stand to a portable flat package that you can carry along with your laptop outside the work area or office. For added convenience, this laptop stand also has a document holder where you can store all your documents neatly. The stand supports laptops up to 17 inches screen size.

6. 3M Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stands (LX550)

3M Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stands (LX550)

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This is a very compact laptop stand with a small footprint so as to economize on the space. The stand comes in a lightweight plastic construction that weighs 1.4 pounds only. The laptop stand measures 8.6 by 6.2 by 8 inches and it can be adjusted to three different heights so as to offer a better view. The stand also incorporates cable management which will enable you to organize the cords in style.

5. Calico Design 51200 Laptop Stand

Calico Design 51200 Laptop Stand

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This is a rolling type of laptop stand that’s simply beautiful and functional at the same time. Enjoy mobility from one section of your office with this stand as you sip coffee (it has an in-built cup holder). The laptop stand also comes with the slide out tray for the mouse and a spacious bottom shelf to store your documents. The stand’s beauty is brought about by the tempered safety glass and wonderfully designed chrome stands. You can also adjust its height in five different positions. Its stylish design and solid craftsmanship makes it one of the best laptop stands that you can buy in 2020.

4. Seville Classics Laptop Desk Cart

Seville Classics Laptop Desk Cart

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Exactly best suited for the stand working situations, Seville Classics laptop stand is the ideal choice in these instances. It’s built with four rollers at the bottom for added convenience and you can move the stand anywhere in the office or at home with a lot of ease. Its height is also made adjustable which allows you to have the most suitable height that will fit with yours. With this laptop stand, you are assured of having a more comfortable posture as you work all day long.

3. Steklo – X-Stand for PC Laptop and MacBook

Steklo – X-Stand for PC Laptop and MacBook

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This laptop stand comes in a lightweight but sturdy aluminum construction. The stand provides great support and stability for 12-17 inch laptops. It can also be set at an angle or even be adjusted in height for excellent viewing angle and improved airflow. The stand can folds down to 6.3 by 1.5 inches for easy transportation while also providing compact storage and. It weighs 5.8 ounces only.

2. iMountTEK Laptop Table

iMountTEK Laptop Table

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With this versatile laptop stand, your machine is comfortable and conveniently supported on the lap so that you can use the laptop virtually anywhere without any discomfort. The iMountTEK Laptop Stand is easy to adjust and it also has many configurations and functionalities. It can also be adjusted almost limitlessly with the 360 degrees rotating legs. When you find a position that you’re most comfortable with, you can just lock the legs in the right place with the simple push button. Its tray is also fantastic and features a rubber stopper that will hold your machine in place. Its bottom part is conveniently curved and is a perfect place to hold your books and other documents.

1. Kensington Smartfit Laptop Stand

Kensington Smartfit Laptop Stand

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The Kensington Smartfit stand is a multi-functional solution for most of your workstation problems including the ergonomics. The model serves both as a laptop stand and a docking station with Ethernet and video. You can connect the laptop with the keyboard, mouse and external monitors without as many cables as you would normally do using its in-built cable management system. The main functionality of this ingenious invention is the smart-fit system that’s designed to raise the laptop to the perfect and best height for you. This is normally achieved by the smart-fit chat that features a wide range of differently sized hands in various colors. All that you have to do is placing your hand on this chart, choose the size that closely fits your hand size and then connect your laptop to this platform using a slot with the matching colour.


The above list shows the models that stand tall whenever it comes to laptop stands. They rank among the top laptop stands thanks to their flexibility, affordability and exceptional quality. These are indispensable pieces that will enable you to adapt well to the current high-tech world.




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