Top 10 Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Pets are adorable. For those of us who are pet lovers, we know how important they are to us. They are our best friends and companions even when everyone deserts us. Sometimes we want to be around them all the time. However, due to life demands, we are forced to leave them alone when going for work or other commitments that do not require the presence of a pet. If you had to do this once or severally, then you understand how horrible it feels. The good news is that with the following top 10 best pet cameras with treat dispensers, you can keep in touch with your pets from anywhere.

List of the Best Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser in 2021

10. Kittyo Wi-Fi HD Pet Camera

Kittyo Wi-Fi HD Pet Camera

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The Kittyo helps keep you connected with your cat all the time you are away from home through audio and video interaction. Besides allowing chats between you and the cat, the camera also allows for laser games. Every time you feel bored and want to have some playtime with your cat, just call it and when it responds, start the game. Every good behavior should be rewarded by tossing the cat’s favorite treat from the dispenser.

Failure to connect to the Wi-Fi is common. The absence of a power button inconveniences switching on and off when trying to establish a connection. Low resolution results in poor quality sound and videos, especially with long distances.

9. Automatic Cat Feeder – Webcam Feeder Food Dispenser

Automatic Cat Feeder - Webcam Feeder Food Dispenser

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If you continuously forget to feed your cat on time, or not sure whether you underfeed or overfeed it, this Automatic feeder is all you need. From any place at any time, you can watch over your cat swell as feed it. Feeding can either be manual or automatic depending on how you want it done. Besides feeding and watching over your cat, you can chat and keep it company with the built-in microphone and camera which makes it feel less lonely.
Connection to the Wi-Fi is weak, and some units do not function at all when far away defeating the purpose it was built for. The feeding as well may malfunction, and you may need to feed the cat by yourself.

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8. Antblocker Video/Audio Smart Pet Feeder and Camera

Antblocker Video/Audio Smart Pet Feeder and Camera

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The Antblocker supports a two-way video and audio communication which means you can chat with your pet freely. With it also, you can you can keep the pet well fed from any distance and decide the feeding time accordingly. Feeding can be manual or automated depending on your choice. The automatic feeding keeps your pet fed even when you are offline as the system keeps dispensing food at the set time up to four times daily.

The product description is not clear as it lacks the quick release feature as described. Without the compartments coming apart, cleaning the feeder is significantly hindered.

7. Jempet Petwant SmartFeeder Automatic Feeder and Camera

Jempet Petwant SmartFeeder Automatic Feeder and Camera

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While keeping in touch with your pet is essential, keeping it well fed is a priority. This suits you well if you spend many hours away from home working. The camera gives you an eye over everything that goes on around your pet while at the same time offering a large compartment to store food and treats. From where you are, you control the amount of food dispensed anytime just to ensure the pet gets optimum amounts only with each feed.

Some units have issues connecting to the Wi-Fi. Malfunctions in the food dispensing system give an undesirable result. Still, others come damaged and will not switch on even after plugging in power.

6. Pawbo Life Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Pawbo Life Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

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Whenever you are away, your pet may get bored. However, with Pawbo Life camera, you can play laser games with it from anywhere. The interaction is real-time thanks to the two-way audio and video capability through the Pawbo app. The 130-degree angle view and the four times zoom capacity brings everything closer, and you will not miss even the smallest detail of each moment. If the dog wins the game or behaves well, then you can reward it with a treat from the dispenser. Besides allowing eight users to connect with it simultaneously, you can also record videos and snap photos for sharing with friends and family.

For some Pawbo cameras, the connection is adversely affected by distance. The longer, it is the weaker the connection. For other units, establishing a connection is impossible rendering them unusable. Also, the camera has a low resolution which affects the quality of the video.

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5. Feed and Go Smart Pet Camera 2018 Model

Feed and Go Smart Pet Camera 2018 Model

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When you find yourself having taken longer than expected to come back home, worry may start to kick in. However, with this camera, you can interact and monitor your pet’s behavior from anywhere. The best thing about this camera is that you can feed your pet both wet and dry foods, dispense medication as well as treats remotely. Also, you can control its diet and feeding time.

The many trays pose a challenge to how they rotate. Malfunctions result in them not switching to allow the pet access food, or if they do rotate, the rotation is random and not according to how you would want it.

4. Pet Camera by PetChatz HD

Pet Camera by PetChatz HD

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Keeping in touch with your pet is the best way to show how much you care. With the PetChatz you can monitor your pet through the silent mode, and when you want to interact with it, you select the chat mode. Dispense some treats to reward or catch the attention of your pet by a click on your smartphone. If the pet looks anxious or nervous, the camera releases a relaxing and calming scent to soothe it to good moods. The design is safe for your pet as it has no corners or edges and attaches securely to the walls.

The camera is difficult to set up, and the instructions are vague. Long distances significantly compromise the quality of the audio and video making it hard to communicate with your pet. Establishing a connection to the Wi-Fi is sometimes tricky.

3. Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

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When it comes to keeping in touch with your pet, you want to see them as they are. The Petcube camera gives high definition real-time videos of your pet. The wide-angle view of 138 degrees ensures that you do not miss any of the pet’s activities. Also, the camera allows for up to three times zoom for you to see what your pet is up to. The built-in dispenser is compatible with a variety of treats, and you can dispense several of them at a time from any distance. The two-way audio ensures you hear everything going on with your pet and you can also talk to them giving a real interaction feeling. The camera also detects motion and sounds and sends notifications to you hence you an update on everything happening in your house.

Problems with dispensing treats are common with the Petcube. Sometimes it is hard to fling them, or the app will indicate no treats even when you have loaded it. Wireless connection also fails or is inconsistent at times.

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2. Petzi Treat Camera & Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Camera & Treat Dispenser

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Nothing will give you much joy than seeing your pet happy. You can achieve this by remotely giving it treats dispensed from the camera using the Petzi app. The app also allows you to connect to the camera which helps you monitor all the activities of your pet. Also, you can communicate with the pet to help it relax or keep in touch via the same app which sends high-quality audios. If you love sharing precious moments with friends and family, the camera will help you record best moments pictures of your pet which you can then share widely.

The camera is one way audio which means you can only speak to your pets but you cannot hear them. You can only know their mood through the face. The camera may fail to connect to the Wi-Fi and if it sometimes does the connection is not consistent.

1. Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera

Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera

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The Furbo camera is made for a fun-loving dog. All you need to do is fill the treat dispenser with over 100 pieces of your dog’s favorite treats and using the Furbo app on your phone play the game of toss and catch with your dog. The 1080p camera with a 160-degree wide angle of view records every precious moment with high clarity both at night and during the day. Using the camera, you can stream live videos of your pet which allows you to monitor its activities all the time. When the dog barks, it sends push notifications to you, and you can respond using the two-way enabled chat to calm it down. Besides having a dog selfie alert that notifies you when the dog is facing the camera, it has a person alert. If a person walks into the view of the camera, you will be able to know and act accordingly.

The bark detector at times picks other sounds apart from the dog’s bark which creates confusion. Failure of the Furbo app to connect or lose connection while in use causes the camera to be unreliable in such circumstances.

What to Consider when Buying a Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

  • Viewing Angle: The viewing angle should be as wide as possible to increase the area covered by the camera. Also, the camera should be able to tilt and turn freely to expand the coverage.
  • Two Way Communication: For you to be able to interact well with your pet, two-way communication function should be enabled. With this, you can talk to the pet and listen to it as well.
  • Resolution and Night Vision Capability: A great camera should have high resolution to enable you to see clear pictures and videos of your pet. The camera should also have night vision to enable it to function well at night.
  • Pet Games: Most if not all pets love playing games. If the camera has an installed laser point game, then you can play with it from anywhere and keep it entertained.
  • Sound and Motion Detectors: Since you will not be watching over your pet all the time, a camera with the capacity to detect motion and sound will work best for you. With it, you can keep track of what the pet is up to.


While you may love your pet very much to want to be with it all the time, you also need not miss out on the special things and moments in life. So go for the party, take a trip to your favorite places in the world and let the cameras do the watching for you. Not forgetting that even with the pet cameras on, you will still be able to keep contact with your pet while enjoying life to the fullest. Get one of the above and begin a life of happiness and fulfillment.

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