Top 10 Best Shoe Storage Racks Reviews in 2021

The first step to having a clutter free closet is to use a shoe rack. Many of use find it very easy to simply remove shoes after a hard day’s work and throw them in the closet. The piles of shoes are not only ugly; they can also be squished in the pile-up damaging them. Retrieving the shoes can be difficult and time wasting especially if you have many pairs of shoes. The most reliable solution is to use a shoe storage rack.

The best shoe storage rack will organize your closet making it clutter-free while at the same time protect your shoes and help you to dress faster. The number shoe storage racks brands are available in the market that differs in design, size, quality and price among other features. In this top 10 best shoe storage racks reviews in 2021, we look at the best brands and models that could be ideal for you. First, we will provide you with a buying guide to help your shop for your desired shoe storage rack.

List of The Best Shoe Storage Racks in 2021

10. Whitmor 20 Pair Floor Shoe Rack, White

Whitmor 20 Pair Floor Shoe Rack, White

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Whitmor’s 4-tier shoe storage rack offers the best solution for those who have up to 20 pairs of shoes but with limited storage space. Its vertical, sturdy design lets it fit perfectly in your closet under your hanging clothes. However, you can also use it on open spaces where shoes have the tendency to pile up such as garage or entryway.

This versatile shoe rack can store both male and female shoes from flip-flops to loafers to sneakers, to boots to heels and so on. It features durable resin construction. The rack is extremely easy to set up ad comes with an easy to follow user guide. You can assemble it in just 5 minutes without using any tools.

9. Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, 36-Pair, White

Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, 36-Pair, White

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The Whitmor over-the-door shoe rack allows you to neatly organize your shoes in some of the most unlikely locations. The rack allows you to store up to 36 pairs of shoes (both men and women shoes). Whitmor’s patented design ensures that each bar is able to flip up to create more space for the bar below. The result is that the storage rack can accommodate almost all types of men or women shoes.

The bars have a non-slip coating to help keep the shoes in place. The shoes will not fall onto the floor or over every time you open or close the door. The rack also features non-slip door pads to help stabilize the shoe storage rack thereby preventing scratches to the door. Whitmor over the door shoe rack is made from durable resin and coated steel. Assembly and installation are quick and require no tools. The only drawback is that it cannot fit any closet doors less that 24” wide.

8. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack

SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack

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SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack features compact and durable construction. It is made from strong and durable iron pipes, waterproof non-woven fabric tiers and high-quality polypropylene (PP) connectors. The shoe rack can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes at a time allowing you to keep your limited space like apartments or walk-in closets well organized and clutter free.

This shoe rack is designed to snap together to ease assembly. This also means you can set it up very quality without the need for any tools. The rack offers you the flexibility to split it up into 5-tier or 3-tier units to fit busy entryway or mudroom. Its 6.75” layer height fits sneakers, slippers, and normal heels but you can remove a layer to enable the rack to accommodate boots, high heels and even purses and other larger accessories.

7. ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Cube Organizer

ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable 15-Cube Organizer

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ClosetMaid 8983 gives you the opportunity to store your shoes as well as other household items neatly anywhere you deem necessary. It features 15 cubes each measuring 5.75in by 4.5in wide by 11in deep. This is sizeable enough to accommodate different types of men and women shoes. The assembled organizer is stackable thus providing additional storage space.

The ClosetMaid 8983 is made from laminated wood and very easy to assemble. You do not need any tools. It is made to work harmoniously with other 24 inches wide stackable storage organizers to optimize space usage. The organizer is CARB 93120 Compliant – Phase II. The only problem is its small size making it incapable of storing large shoe types.

6. Seville Classics 3-Tier Iron Mesh Utility Shoe Rack

Seville Classics 3-Tier Iron Mesh Utility Shoe Rack

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This 3-tie utility shoe rack from Seville Classics allows you to store up to 9 pairs of shoes in a convenient space. Its iron framed is capable of delivering stability and strength and is designed to fold flat for easy storage and transportation. The design also features mesh shelves to secure high heels and support up to 30 pounds per tier. The rack’s satin pewter finish ensures corrosion resistance in dry environments.

Another beautiful feature of the Seville Classics 3-tier is the fact that you can stack and interlock it with multiple 3-tier iron mesh utility racks for additional shoe storage. These are possible because of the removable mesh panels that allow the shelves to interlock or bridge. You will have to buy multiple units to enable the bridging and stackable configurations. You can bridge both horizontally and vertically.

5. SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Rack 4-Tier Entryway Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer

SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Rack 4-Tier Entryway Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer

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Made from 100 percent natural bamboo, SONGMIC Bamboo Shoe Rack 4-tier offers a unique and elegant way to store your shoes and other household items. This multifunctional rack is environmentally friendly and sturdy in design allowing you to store shoes, plants, bags and toiletries in your bedroom, entryway, bathroom, closet and balcony among other spaces. The rack’s 4-tier slated shelves ensure your shoes breathe from the gaps to prevent odor.

To accommodate high heel and larger accessories, you can just remove one layer. SONGOMICS bamboo shoe rack’s smooth and natural finish and rounded corners protect you are your children from scratches. Each unit comes with durable and antirust screws you can assemble and disassemble repeatedly without any negative effects. Tools for installation are also provided. The rack features two hollowed handles for easy handling.

4. SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack with Dustproof Cover

SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack with Dustproof Cover

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This high-quality shoe rack is constructed from selected high-quality steel tube, non-woven fabric and PP plastic connectors. It will offer you long term storage and organization system. The SONGMICS 10 Tiers Shoe Rack can store up to 45 pairs of shoes. It has side pockets for the storage of shoe brushes, keys as well as other sundries. The rack’s compact and space saving in design allowing you to maximize the use of your walk-in closet, garage or entryway.

This shoe rack has zippered cover to keep your shoes free from dust and away from view. The unit is designed to snap together for easy and tool free assembly. In case you have high heels, boots, purses or other larger accessories to store, all you will need to do is to remove a layer to accommodate them. The racks are available in different colors.

3. 24 Pairs Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench

24 Pairs Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench

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The 24 Pairs Shoe Rack Organizer Storage Bench is made from high-quality and durable polymer plastic to serve you for long. If you love collecting shoes, then you can trust this shoe rack to allow you keep them so you no longer trip over them in your entryway. It is ideal for storing men, women and kid’s shoes and boots in your closet, cabinet, hallway or entryway.

The shoe rack is a snap to assemble. You will need no skills, messy glue or cumbersome tools to assemble. It is constructed from high-quality steel that will neither break easily nor buckle or fall apart. Each row can hold up to 9 pairs of kid’s shoes and 6 pairs of adult shoes. The space between the shelves is 19 cm (7.48 inches) which is large enough to accommodate high heels and boots.

2. Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack

Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack

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This resin-wood composite shoe rack from Seville Classics provides you with a neat way to organize your shoes. It features durable steel iron construction while the shelves are layered with composite resin wood. This makes the shelves strong and able to hold up to 9 pairs of shoes weighing up to 30 pounds. The shelves are removable for easy handling and transportation. It also allows you to create room for larger household items.

The racks are stackable both horizontally and vertically to create more room for storage of other items besides shoes. You will need to purchase more 3-tier rein slat utility racks to enable this configuration. You can use the rack in different rooms including the kitchen, the pantry, the bedroom, the bathroom, the closet, the garage, the entry way and other areas.

1. Black / Chocolate Micro Fabric Shoe Rack Storage Organizer/ Hallway Bench

Black / Chocolate Micro Fabric Shoe Rack Storage Organizer/ Hallway Bench

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This nicely built, multipurpose shoe rack, storage organizer and hallway bench is one of the best you can get in the market. It can be used as a shoe organizer, hallway and bedroom bench featuring microfiber fabric seat upholstery cover on a black metal or wood base. The rack features two-tier shoe storage compartments. It is made for functionality and comfort.

It is very simple and easy to assemble coming with the necessary tools to enable you to complete the assembly in a manner of minutes. The rack measures 32 inches Width x 12 inches Depth x 19 inches Height. Some people who have claimed that a design flaw makes the crews used its assembly unable to fit the incorrectly drilled holes. However, this is an isolated problem as most units perform perfectly.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Shoe Storage Rack

Do not all yourself to be hoodwinked by the positive reviews of the sellers of shoe storage racks. You need to have enough information to make an independent decision when it comes to buying the best shoe storage rack for your home or apartment organization needs. Here are some factors to consider:

• Size of the shoe rack: The size of the shoe storage rack you purchase should depend on where you intend to use the rack. A good practice would be to measure the storage space then shop for a rack that will fit perfectly in the space. It should also depend on what you intend to store. Racks are available for different types of shoes. Larger shoes such as high heels and boots may require bigger or adjustable racks.

• Storage capacity: You should shop for a shoe rack depending on the number of shoe pairs you own. If your hobby is collecting shoes then you will need larger capacity shoe storage rack and vise verse. Large families may also have different shoe sizes. This will also affect the storage spacing.

• Maintenance: Shoe racks made of fabric require frequent washing because of their tendency to trap dust particles. Wooden or metallic racks, on the other hand, require low maintenance. When it comes to assembly, most brands simplify the process and include user manual to help you. Fabric shoe racks are more affordable and portable so choose them if you are ready for high-maintenance. Metallic or wooden racks are more expensive and heavier but they require very low maintenance.

• Ease of assembly: It would be expensive to hire the services of a professional to assemble for you a new shoe storage rack so you need to ensure you go for one that is easy to assemble. Luckily, manufacturers usually include user manual to instruct you on the assembling process.


In case you have been looking for a way to organize your shoes as well as other household items then great shoe storage racks like those ones reviewed below can help you. Furthermore, you can use the guide to lead you to the right direction so you do not lose out or bring home poor quality rack that will not satisfy your needs.



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