Top 10 Best USB Audio Interfaces Reviews in 2021

Music producers and audiophiles have been greeted with a few innovations in recent years. This has therefore given them a much more easier and efficient way to produce music and also create something unique. It is recommended that you obtain the best audio interface that money can buy. However, it is not something that can be achieved without research, time and patience. Below are the Top 10 best USB audio interfaces reviews in 2021.

List of Best USB Audio Interfaces in 2021

10. Presonus Audiobox USB

Presonus Audiobox USB

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If you’re a traveling musician or podcaster on a limited budget who mostly counts on software apart from other mics or instruments, but your computer has a USB and not FireWire, then the Presonus Audiobox USB is the perfect recording interface for you. Presonus Audiobox USB works with almost any PC or Mac and not just the latest models.

The Presonus AudioBox USB features two dual-purpose front-panel input channels with each having high-quality microphone preamplifiers and 2 combo microphone or instrument inputs. It also has one channel-trim control with 0 to +35 dBu microphone gain range for effective audio capture.

9. Novation Audiohub 2×4

Novation Audiohub 2x4

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Novation’s single audio interface has carved its own niche with inclusion of the 3-port USB 2 hub. This will boost the number of ports found on the host computer by two. The reason for this kind of modernist connectivity is because it is squarely aimed at the electronic musicians instead of the instrumentalists. This has also been made even clearer by its 2 phono inputs. As such, you will not be plugging your mic or guitar into this interface without using an intermediary device of any kind.

The Novation Audiohub 2×4’s combination of clear usage proposition, ease-of-use, stellar audio quality and USB hubbery make it a great model if its configuration actually suits your requirements.

8. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

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The Scarlett 2i2 will make your recordings sound just as you want them to be. It features two combination inputs that consist of Scarlett mic preamps which are natural-sounding. It also has line level inputs as well as the latest instrument inputs that lets you to simply record anything, be it serious hot guitar pick-ups or anything else that you want.. You can connect to professional studio monitors or raise the volume and enjoy yourself thanks to the two quarter inch balanced jack outputs.

Its gain controls for each individual input, a headphone amp and a large Monitor dial for raising or lowering the volume are some of its other features. A USB 2.0 connector as well as stereo outputs is found at the back of the Scarlett 2i2. The package also has a set of Mac and PC effects plug-ins which are for polishing your sound.

7. Steinberg UR22 MK2

Steinberg UR22 MK2

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Steinberg UR22 MK2 provides a very high-quality audio. You can also observe your performance in real time without any latency. Furthermore, 2 class-A D-PRE mic preamps offer a clear and detailed sound thus making it perfect for capturing a lively and natural vocal performances.

6. Akai EIE Pro

Akai EIE Pro

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Akai EIE Pro feels solid and also has 4 inserts so that you can be able to add more hardware effects to the signal path. Other important features of the Akai EIE Pro include 3 bonus USB ports that also serve as a hub, and MIDI I/O. It has Rocker switches that enable you to change the types of input amid Mic/Line and Guitar sources, while the phantom power can be switched on in two’s.

It features analogue VU meters that are not only useful but they are also nice to look at when the sound is open and bright. If you are looking out for more inputs but you do not want to spend much, then the EIE Pro could be your answer.

5. M-Audio M-Track Plus MK2

M-Audio M-Track Plus MK2

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The M-Track Plus ideal for any user. The interface is versatile and accommodates any input, be it an electric guitar or a professional condenser microphone. It features a durable metallic case that can withstand the rigors of the road thus making it ideal for on-the-go musicians.

4. Tascam US-2×2 and US-4×4

Tascam US-2x2 and US-4x4

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In case you want your interface to appear rugged or utilitarian, you either need the US-2×2 or US-4×4 which undoubtedly fits the bill. They are available in either 2-in/2-out or 2-in/4-out options. The models feature aluminium cases and removable side panels that position the controls in your direction.

3. Mackie Onyx Blackjack

Mackie Onyx Blackjack

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Rugged is the word that will spring to mind when describing the 2-in/2-out Mackie Blackjack. It has a sturdy metal chassis and also feels like an ideal piece of studio gear for any musician. Given that the USB Audio interface comes from Mackie – a well-known company with a good reputation in the music industry – this isn’t a surprise at all.

Mackie’s experience in the industry has also been applied on the 2 high-quality preamps. In addition, you can plug in instruments and mics. A handy monitoring dial on this USB interface means that you can also record with zero-latency just by sending the signals straight to the speakers.

The USB-powered Blackjack is also a joy to use because it sits nicely on the desk and angles all its controls towards your end. This might be the cheapest USB Audio interface in the market but it’s a high-quality product that you should purchase.

2. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

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This is an entry-level to the mid-range interface which gives you 4 analogue input or outputs, MIDI In and Out and a digital I/O. The Komplete Audio 6 can be used to record both mics and instruments. It is also built to last for a long time thanks to the high-quality construction materilas. This is the best option if you are planning to take your music making setup to another level. The big volume has a lovely knob on its top.

It also comes with a great software bundle that include Komplete Elements, which gives you instruments and effects that are worth 3GB, the Cubase LE 6 DAW and the Traktor LE 2 that specifically targets Deejays.

1. Roland Tri Capture

Roland Tri Capture

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The Roland Tri Capture is the new leader of its class. It is a unique and compact audio interface that is designed for vocal and guitar recording, personal and mobile recording as well as streaming-internet applications. TRI-CAPTURE is easy for you to mix, control and monitor a wide range of signals thanks to its mixer-like design and the dedicated front-panel controls

The Roland Tri Capture is pocket friendly, has an easy-to-use interface for either guitarists, vocalists or other musicians. Roland Tri Capture is also great when it comes to video production, web streaming, and also creating podcasts with a unique LOOP BACK function.


It is highly recommended that you acquire the best audio interface that your money can buy with a specific musical style if you are a musician who wants to move your music to another level. Before buying an audio interface you have to familiarize yourself with its most important features as well as the best models available in the market. After doing so, you can purchase one that specifically matches your desires. The above USB Audio interfaces have been proven to work and they will certainly prove to be a worthy purchase.



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