Top 10 Best USB Charging Stations in 2021 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

The use of gadgets is increasing every day. To power all these gadgets, we usually use a wide range of chargers. It becomes quite difficult at times to find an empty power outlet for charging our gadgets. All these problems can turn out to be a thing of the past thanks to USB charging stations. USB charging stations are designed to provide users with a plethora of charging outlets just from one station. This will ensure that any need of numerous chargers has been eliminated.

USB allows for connection of various devices like phones, tablets, memory disk, printers to mice for the sole purpose of sending information in between the components. There are 2 types of USB connectors: Type A and B. Type A USB connectors are essentially used to charge whereas type B is usually used to charge and also transfer data between 2 components. Nowadays, most devices that we use are usually charged through USB port. As such, a functional charger is imperative.

List of The Best USB Charging Stations in 2021

However, there are many USB charging stations that you can find on the market. This might create confusion in the minds of some people. To help such people, we’ve created a comprehensive list of the top-rated USB charging stations that you can buy in 2021. Therefore, read the article below carefully and then make smart choices.

10. Vogek 6-Ports USB Charging Station

Vogek 6-Ports USB Charging Station

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This is an amazing round charging station that uses the smart technology for identifying your USB connected gadgets. It provides the ideal charge of up to 6A. The smart charging technology, coupled with the multi-protecting safety system will ensure that your devices are protected from high current, overheating or overcharging issues. In addition, the charging station is compatible to 110 and 240 Volts thus making it perfectly-suited for use anytime, anywhere.

Any device with USB-powered systems can be charged fully using this station. It has been built using highly quality materials. Also, the charging station features anti-slip silicon’s bottom that will keep the station intact at any given place. There’s also an in-built LED indicator that indicates whether the USB hub has been connected properly to the source of power or not.

9. Skiva 84 Watts 7-Ports USB Charging Station

Skiva 84 Watts 7-Ports USB Charging Station

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This system has a total of 7 ports. Each port comes with a 2.4A output that’s more than the other standard gadgets. It also uses the StandCharger intelligence feature that detects the connected device and then supply the right charge depending on the device. All USB slots are also optimized for charging any gadget that uses USB cords for charging.

The standcharger feature is also quiet and lacks a fan. This makes it one of quietest and most efficient charging stations. This station also has protection features against over-charging and over-heating. This makes it safe for using even at higher voltages of 84 Watts. The station is compatible with input voltages of between 100-240V thus making it functional in any country.

8. RAVPower Quick USB Charger

RAVPower Quick USB Charger

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Here’s comes a USB charging station from one of the trustworthy names. It’s indeed a great deal for such an amazing USB charging station. RAVPower USB Charging Hub has 4 ports; one port is clearly marked as the Quick Charging 3.0 port and 3 additional USB ports that can deliver 2.4Amps each, thus resulting to an 8A total output.

The station is also outfitted with AC power cables, along with green LED lights that will light up when connected. This compact station is a great choice in case you like something that’s portable. It also has a silicon base that prevents it from slipping or sliding off your table or desk.

7. Satechi’s 7-Port USB Station Dock

Satechi’s 7-Port USB Station Dock

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With a total of 7 USB-slots, Satechi charging station charges up to 7 gadgets simultaneously. The station is compatible with cameras, smartphones, tablets and any other USB-powered device. Four out of the seven USB slots usually provide 5V/1A and the others provide 5V/2A thus making it compatible with several devices. The charging station also has the anti-scratch silicon pads that provide resting places for your devices while charging.

The USB cables are normally held by the Velcro straps. The straps will keep cables organized during the charging process. The station also has an in-built smart charging chipset that will recognize your gadgets and supply them with the right charge to keep them safe.

6. Simicore’s USB Charging Station

Simicore’s USB Charging Station

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This charging station has four (4) slots that hold four USB-powered gadgets. It’s also compatible with cameras, eReaders, headsets, smartphones, tablets and many other USB-powered gadgets. The USB ports have 2 fast charging 2.4 Amps outputs for those power hungry gadgets like tablets whereas the remaining 2 provide 1 Amps for smartphones. Every slot has the blue indicator that lights up when the device is being charged and it will turn off when the device is full. This will help to prevent overcharging the device.

This great USB charging station provides protection for your gadgets by detecting the device type and then providing the right charge. It also has a rubber base that provides a very strong grip that will prevent your devices from sliding. The technological advancements will provide protection from over-current, over-voltage as well as short-circuit.

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5. Jelly Comb’s USB Charging Hub

Jelly Comb’s USB Charging Hub

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If you aren’t a fan of that utilitarian charging brick appearance, then this charging hub will certainly suit you. It features an egg-shape and sci-fi aesthetic along with in-built blue LED light. There are a total of 5 ports. The 4 ports provide 2.4 Amps each while the remaining port supports the Quick Charge up to 3 Amps. The charging plug and cable are also attached and there’s a decent length that can reach adjacent outlets from desk height.

Additionally, you will be able to turn the LED lights off in case you would like to use the hub on a nightstand. However, to do this, you’ll have to use a pin tool that’s provided. It is quite fairly sturdy and the rubber grip bottom will prevent it from slipping. The station comes in 2 colors; black or white.

4. Unitek Adjustable Divider USB Charging Station

Unitek Adjustable Divider USB Charging Station

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If you’ve got a large family and you’re searching for the right charging station, then Unitek Adjustable Station is specially-made for you. This is truly a very powerhouse station that’s equipped with a total of 10 ports. All these ports able to deliver 2.4A output which ensure that your gadgets charge quickly.

Besides that, there’s also the LED indicator that will allow the users to know when it’s charging. Overall, Unitek Adjustable Station is an amazing device that’s worth investing your money in.

3. iClever BoostCube USB Wall Charger

iClever BoostCube USB Wall Charger

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Here’s a superbly compact charging solution that will plug directly onto the wall. It allows you to fold the plug making it a 2.44 by 2.44 by 1.12-inch model that’s perfect for traveling. The charging station has 4 ports; each port is able to deliver up to 2.4 Amps, but its total simultaneous output limit is 8A. the SmartID technology on this station will ensure that your gadgets are charged at the right rates.

If you are searching for a plug that can charge your smartphone, then BoostCube charger will be an ideal solution for you. It allows you to charge 2 electronic devices just by using a single plug. In addition, it is easy to use, fast and it can maximize on the charging efficiency. As such, your gadget will be charged fully within a short period of time thanks to their SmartID Technology. Also, there is a blue LED light that indicates when it has been plugged in.

2. Okra 7-Ports USB Charging Station

Okra 7-Ports USB Charging Station

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This amazing charging station comes with 7 powered ports. The 7 ports have non-slippery, anti-scratch silicon pads that will safely hold 7 charging devices. The station also has the 2 .0 Quick Charge feature that will allow you to charge gadgets up to 75-percent faster as compared to standard chargers. Another good thing on this station is the fact that it is optimized for charging all devices; Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, tablets, power banks MP3 Players, e-readers, digital cameras, portable speakers and other gadgets that usually use USB cords for charging purposes.

Your devices will always be protected from power surges, overheating and overcharging thanks to the in-built safety measures. This station also has the Smart IC chipset in all ports which will recognize your device and offer safe charge in an efficient way. When this station isn’t in use, you just have turn it off so as to save the charge.

1. Anker USB Wall Charger PowerPort 6 Station

Anker USB Wall Charger PowerPort 6 Station

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This is undoubtedly one of the best USB charging stations today. It is enough to meet people’s needs for busy households. When you buy this charging station, you get 6 ports, and the Anker’s VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies that will make sure that your devices are charged quickly without having to exceed the supported rates. The maximum power output on one port is 2.4 Amps, with a 12A total maximum output on all the 6 ports.

You will also get a long, removable and nice power cable with the Velcro strap for keeping things tidy. Anker PowerPort 6 is a durable, portable and efficient option. It features a functional design and there’s also a blue LED indicators that lights when it has been plugged in. The good thing about this model is the fact that you can always plug it in any port and receive up to 2.4 Amps.

USB Charging Stations Buying Guide

When planning to buy a USB charging station, always consider these important factors:

  • Form factor: The USB charging stations usually come in many different form factors. They allow you to choose between organizers, corded hubs and wall chargers. You should look at the available space on your office desk and the charging station size before deciding to buy one.
  • Number of available ports: This is among the most important features that you ought to put into consideration when buying USB charging stations. You should look at the total number of devices that can be charged at the same time on the USB station. You should choose a station with the same number of USB ports as your gadgets. Ideally, this count normally starts from 3 ports and it might go up to 10 ports.
  • Power output: Great charging stations ought to deliver the right power output to your gadgets to keep them safe from As such, it’s important that you look at the power output before making a decision to buy a USB charging station.
  • LED indicator: There are USB charging station that comes with LED indicators that will show you when the gadget is fully-charged. These are the best models to buy because your gadgets will be safe from overheating and overcharging issues.
  • Ismart technology: You ought to buy a USB charging station which is capable of detecting your device and deliver optimum charge for a quick charging process. This will also prevent your devices from getting charged at high amps than what they can normally hold.
  • Compatibility and portability: USB charging station ought to adjustable in between 110 to 240 V to allow you to use it anywhere you’re in this world. In addition, it should be light, compact and protect your gadgets from slipping or scratching when charging.


If you have ever fought with your partner, roommate or even parent over who will charge their phone next, then it is time that you buy a quality USB charging hubs. We all want access to that chance to keep our tablets and smartphones fully charged. A great USB charging station can plug into one power outlet and provide you with several USB ports.

We’ve made simplified the task of buying the best USB station for you with this comprehensive review and the buying guide. Therefore, if you are searching for an easy way for charging all of your electronic gadgets, then simply go ahead and choose any of the above-listed USB stations. These stations will certainly solve all your charging woes.

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